FUN DAY!!!

Get your campers out and join us for a camping week-end at the show grounds on September 18th & 19th.  There’s a vegetable dinner planned for Saturday evening, so bring a dish to pass.  All other meals are up to the individual families coming to camp.  Fees for camping will be $10.00 per night to cover the electricity payable to the club.  RSVP: Kenny Short: 765-583-2991 or e-mail:   by September 14th so we have an idea on who will be camping and who will attend the dinner on Saturday.


Our annual “FUN DAY” is scheduled to be held on September 20th.  We will have a carry-in dinner at 2:00 P.M.  So, again bring a dish to pass.   The club will supply lemonade, ice tea and coffee along with our delicious freshly pressed cider.  We will be pressing apples from Covington’s Coffing Bros.  Orchard but if you have some apples (or pears) you’d like to have pressed, please bring them along.  Also, don’t forget to bring your own plastic jugs so you can take some home!  Come as early as you like (if not camping).....the railroad group will have the trains “fired up”!  Don Bodine will have his steam engine fired up as well.  If you have a hobby you’d like to share, bring it along to show us.  Ask a friend, bring “em along!  SEE YOU THERE!!!




Last month’s meeting was so well attended at the Rocky Forge building at Rainsville that we should do it again.  Let’s have even more participation this month.  It was fun black smithing or metalsmithing whatever we want.  Rumor has it that Gene H.  and Dominick A.  might do some of their metal slapping and copper work.  Maybe Peter would do a little cooperage and David C. has some tongs that need repair.  We could also blacksmith whatever meets our fancy.  Hope to see Dan Michael and family at this meeting.  Bring your own lunch, whatever sounds good (if it’s fried chicken, better bring enough to share).  Last month we ate in the blacksmith shop and as always the wind was blowing.  Bring a lawn chair, portable TV, refrigerator, small stove, air conditioner, foot stool and table.  (Might as well be comfortable!)  Bring iron in the hat and tell items (you all have bragging rights in this group).  Don’t forget your forge, anvil, tools and metal, iron in the hat, lunch and lawn chairs.  If someone would volunteer for a couple dozen fat pills (doughnuts) that would make it easier for me.  I will bring the coffee pot and all the coffee trimmings.  Jim H......I will even bring some tea bags and hot water maker.  See all of you on September 12th at the Illiana Show grounds.

Submitted by: Ted Stout



Just a “Quickie” this month.  If the rails of the old PC&W weren’t made of aluminum I’m sure they’d be quite rusty by now, at least as far as your’s truly is concerned.  Family “Honey do’s” and other interests have put railroading on the back burner, but I hope to rectify that very shortly with a “Steam-up” during “Fun Day”.  I’m trying to notify all rail club members to see what we can come up with, especially all engine owners.  The date this year is Sept. 20th.

Everyone is, of course, welcome to participate and ride the trains.  Till then, remember to “Keep an eye on the water”!

Submitted by: Finny Filchak



At the August meeting Dick Fontaine, Wayburn Norfleet and Don Evans we re-elected for another term of office.  Jim Cunningham was voted in as a new director. 

New officers for 2009 - 2010 are: President - Tom Swanson, 1st Vice President - Ed Grubb,

2nd Vice President - Kenny Short and Secretary-Treasurer - Doris Manlief

Next month’s newsletter will have a complete list of Directors.



On August 22nd, Birkey’s Farm Store of Williamsport, In.  held a Tractor Drive (along with other activities scheduled in the evening at the store) to raise money for expenses for their employee, Denny Davis who was diagnosed with cancer.  Approximately 150+ tractors drove out of the implement dealership headed for a stop over at our show grounds.  Several members of our club were in the drive.  We’d like to thank all club members who were on hand to help that day.  Joan Fry organized a delicious meal to serve the participants, Don Evans donated the drinks and Carolyn Swanson deserts.  Don Bodine had his steam engine fired up and Clayton Bodine gave rides on his “Jolly Trolley”.  Everyone had a great time and it was quite a “sight to see” the continuous line of tractors driving in and out of the show grounds!  THANKS AGAIN to all!!



A new fund program has been started to improve the show grounds.  Tom Swanson has generously donated $240.00 to start an account for future expenses to add buildings, electrical, water, etc.  improvements.  Anyone who would like to donate can send a check to the Illiana Antique Power Assoc., %Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr., Lafayette, In.  47905.   All donations are tax deductible.  Our show and grounds just gets better and better each year!



We’ve added a few new members since last month!  Dick Salts, Williamsport, In., Norm Pounder, Milford, Il., and Johnny & Nancy Tucker, West Lafayette, In.  WELCOME ABOARD!



Membership dues for 2010 were due at Show time.  If you have not already paid, please send a check for $20.00 to Doris Manlief.   Also, we’re still asking for e-mail address’s for the newsletter to cut cost on printing and mailing.  Send to:



In 1948, the one-millionth Farmall - an “M” rolled off the International Harvester assembly line.


Before standardization in 1927, tractor PTO’s had different-sized shafts, ran at different speeds and in different directions.


A suggestion was made at the August meeting to hold a “Drive Thru” Halloween or Christmas decoration theme at the show grounds open to the public.  We’ll have a short discussion at Fun Day to decide if there is any interest to do this since there is no meeting scheduled for September.


Please keep John & Deb Dillman’s granddaughter, Reagan in your prayers......

She has started her cancer treatments.  Again, Reagan is only 5-1/2 years old.


            MARK YOUR CALENDARS!               


CAMPING - SEPT.  18TH & 19TH     FUN DAY - SEPT.  20TH