There will not be any Illiana Antique Power Assoc. meetings for Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan. and Feb.  This will be the last newsletter for the year.  You will receive the next newsletter in March 2012 regarding the March meeting.  We’d like to take this time to wish all of you an “early” HAPPY THANKSGIVING, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A JOYOUS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!  Have a safe winter!



Hello to everyone,

     The first week of October has been beautiful and the farmers are really reaping the harvest!  Fun Day weekend was busy with a lot of work getting accomplished on Saturday.  Thanks to everyone who helped put up the ceiling in the school house, especially Shawn Byroad for helping with securing it.  Also to Don and Roger Evans for installing new electric wiring in it.  Saturday was a bit chilly and windy but Sunday was sunny and everyone enjoyed the delicious dinner.  Jim Lawhorn brought his new cider press and made cider, very tasty I might add, and John and Jessie Byroad made homemade ice cream, cold and very good.  We had several trains running and I got to ride with Steve Dye on his new train that he built himself.  Outstanding!

     It was nice watching Clayton Bodine operating the Big Minneapolis Steam Engine.  What a sight!  Move over Donnie, you have a new engineer coming on.  It was most enjoyable day for all.  Also, welcome to our new members.

     Mark you calendars for Saturday, November 5th.  For those of you that can help, we will be putting up Christmas lights and decorations in preparation for our Christmas in the Village on December 10th and 11th.  If you have any old lights you are not using anymore, bring them with you.

     There will not be any more monthly club meetings till March of next year, however, we will have soup, etc. on Saturday night December 10th following the Christmas showing.  Come and enjoy the night with us.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate!!



     Thank you to everyone for all that you do.   Tom Swanson





P.S.  I forgot to mention…if you’re interested in a Ford 3 Pt. Cultivator, submit a written offer to me.  Also, the wheat was sowed October 4th, thanks to Kevin Peterson, Peterson Seeds, for donating Pioneer Seed.   And, a last thank you to all who helped on September 17th when we set the windmill.  It was quite a project with plenty of helpers.

Doesn’t it look great as you drive into the show grounds?! 



Hi everybody!  Well, the beautiful fall weather and crisp morning air made a great backdrop for the billowing clouds of steam floating over the yards of the old Pine Creek & Western during our steam-up held in conjunction with “Fun Day 2011”.  Five engines were seen going through their paces all day.  Always welcome guest “Illinois” Jeff Large brought over his really neat little electric switcher and provided rides all day.  My “Crab” and John Young’s venerable old steamer saw some action as well as Clayton Bodine’s “Jolly Trolley”, which always seemed to have a full load of young’uns.  But once again the star of the show was Steve Dye’s spectacular new steamer which performed with “Swiss Watch” perfection.  Steve brought the “Whole Fam Damily” and all took a turn behind the throttle.  I was tickled to death to welcome new members Mark and Nancy Baker to the club, both are avid fans of the hobby who are, I’m sure, impatiently awaiting the completion of their new diesel locomotive this winter.  They promised me it would be polishing the rails come spring.  Well, the water tank has been drained and the equipment housed for another year, but……”Can spring be far behind?”  Till next time, don’t forget to “Keep a close eye on the water!”     Finny

Submitted by:  Finny Filchak



Our regular Rocky Forge meeting will be at Fowler Park, which is about 5 miles south of Terre Haute.  This is an IBA meeting hosted by the Wabash Valley satellite group.  The meeting will start at 10:00, but I would suggest getting there around 9:00.  Be sure to take items for Iron in the Hat and a lawn chair to watch the demonstration.  I do not know what the lunch provisions will be so check the October edition to see what to do for lunch.  I encourage you all to attend this meeting because I know most of you have never been to an IBA meeting and the Fowler Park shop is really special.  Be safe and enjoy the show.      Ted

Submitted by:  Ted Stout




Allis-Chalmers pioneered the use of rubber tires on farm tractors with its Model U.  Auto racing champion Barney Oldfield hit 64.28 mph on the track in a modified rubber Model U!


The Illiana Antique Power Assoc. would like to announce newest members Mark and Nancy Baker of Lafayette, In.   WELCOME!



HELLO from Tri-County Quilters,

We met at PV Fire Station on the 26th with twelve quilters present.  A lady we met at the power show was interested in coming to our meeting.  Her decision to spend time with us last month was good timing.  We had a carry-in with lots of food.  She brought her first quilt and, although it wasn’t finished, it was a beautiful thing.  She could teach us a few things.  She lives in Sheldon, Il. and it was an hour drive, so she left home at 7:00 A.M. Time change!  Our group comes from Crawfordsville, Kingman, Covington, Fowler and Williamsport.  We have a pretty interesting group.  We worked on our baby quilts for Riley.  Florence has found a church group in Fowler who gives away clothing for children.  The shop is called “Kids Closet”.  Since she donated all the fabric for our current project, she has decided to give hers to the shop.  We try to give to different places.  If you know of anyone in need, just let us know.  A friend of mine is painting her barn and is planning on painting a quilt block on the front.  I can’t wait to see it!  I think it’s going to be an Ohio Star.  I’ve decided to feature a quilt block every month next year.  The following month I will share the name.  Maybe I’ll try to research something about it,….. maybe!  Nothing exciting happened at the club and I didn’t spill anything.

Barbara had to press since she didn’t bring her machine.  I will write more in the spring!

Still in stitches,  Sophia

Submitted by:  Sophia Rosa



Member Gary Burnell has been in and out of the hospital and nursing home last month in Terre Haute.  The doctors have finally diagnosed him with rheumatoid arthritis and he is at home now on medication.   Get well soon, Gary!


Long time member Ivan Wann died on September 13th  at The Waters of Covington following a lengthy illness.  Ivan took great pride in farming and always had an outstanding garden.  He supplied the sweet corn for our Friday Night Dinner during one of our shows.  He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.  Our sympathy to all his



I’d like to thank my “roving reporters”:  Tom Bastin, Finny Filchak, Joan Fry, Sophia Rosa, Kenny Short and Ted Stoup for their articles throughout the year.  Good Job Everyone!  Thanks for your help……Anne Bodine


LAST REMINDER:  2011-2012 dues need to be paid!  Send $20.00 to Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr., Lafayette, In. 47905








             680 S. State Road 341, Hillsboro, Indiana

          (1/4 mile south of Hillsboro on SR. 341)


6:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.              Pumpkin Pie & Cider! 


See Doc’s new post & beam barn he has built filled with his antique tractors & equipment!  Doc has been collecting for several years and has quite a collection!



















As I was finishing the newsletter, I discovered Joan Fry had chest pains and was rushed to the ER.  Luckily, it was not a heart attack and Joan will be having further tests done.  She’s feeling better now with medication.  GET WELL, GIRL!!


And, thanks to Tom Swanson and Bob Folk, the clubhouse is “wearing” a new bright red paint job.  WOW!  Can’t wait to see it…..won’t it look great at the Christmas in the Village?!





WORK DAY – NOV. 5, 2011



DEC. 10TH AND 11TH  - 2011



NOTE:  There will not be a Christmas Party at Don and Christy

Bodine’s house this year.  Please attend the club’s Christmas in the Village!