The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be October 18, 2010 at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  Dinner will precede the meeting so bring a dish to pass.


DIRECTORS FOR 2010 – 2011:

Tom Swanson, Art Petty, Don Bodine, Kim Short, Don Evans, Dick Fontaine,

Wayburn Norfleet, Jim Cunningham, Ed Grubb, Joan Fry, Kenny Short and

Doris Manlief. 


A directors meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14TH AT 6:30 P.M. AT THE CLUBHOUSE.  At the September director’s meeting, there were not enough directors attending to have a quorum.    Please try to attend or contact Tom Swanson @ 765-762-2009  to let him know if you can not attend…..that way he can re-schedule the meeting. 

(Several directors have quite a distance to travel to the meetings.) 



At camping we had Jim and Doris Manlief, Kenny and Kim Short, John and Penny Carrell, Tom Bastin and John and Jessie Byroad along with the pets of the Carrell’s and the Byroad’s – Ladybug, Cricket and Toby.  A great time was had by all of us camping.

And then, there was Fun Day!  We had several people arrive on Sunday to have fun.

Everyone was glad to see Pam Evans out and about after her stay at the nursing home. 

There were several trains running though out the day.  Then, we had a great meal by the wonderful cooks in our club. (John Carrell cooked a delicious cabbage dish on an open fire at his camper.)  Along with the stories, it was great to see everyone that was able to come out to the show grounds.  (The weather turned out to be perfect even though the forecast predicted rain).  The next camp out will be inconjuction with Living History Day, which will be at the end of April or the first of May 2011.  Have a safe winter and don’t forget to winterize those campers!   Thanks to all who attended our Camping and Fun Day event.

Submitted by:  Kenny Short



The Bull Tractor Co. (1913-1918) motto was, “Does the work of five good horses and sells for the price of two poor ones.”





The group met at Ted’s shop on Saturday October 9th to prepare for the upcoming extravaganza of blacksmithing on October 15, 16 and 17th at Stout’s.  The event will include smiths from surrounding states and is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Indiana Blacksmithing Association.  At the event there will be encampments, motor homes and all sorts of overnight contraptions.  One family will be housed in an 18  foot diameter tee-pee.  During the weekend the blacksmiths will create a dogwood tree complete with leaves and blossoms for one of the senior, respected members to place on the grave of his grandson who was killed on his first motorcycle trip.  The tree will be approximately 4 feet tall.  Other craftsman will be demonstrating their talents during the three day event.  Illiana’s own Kathy Olin will head up catering of the noon meal on Saturday.  A follow-up summary will be submitted to the Illiana News after the event.

Submitted by:  Ted Stout



We had a wonderful turn-out of railroaders who attended Fun Day.  There was Dick Fontaine with his WW-I Trench Engine and cars, Clayton Bodine’s “Jolly Trolley”,  Larry Sturgeon’s Diesel Switcher and Tim Sering had his terrific E.J.&E Steam Engine.

John Carrell and Ed Grubb had installed a new motor in Dick’s Diesel Switcher and had a ball running it “through the loops”.  New Club member Jeff Large came all the way from Lockport Illinois with his Diesel Engine.  Unfortunately our “main engineer”, Finny, was unable to attend…he and wife Mariann were both sick the previous week and still under the weather through the weekend.  All the engineers were busy hauling passengers throughout the day.  Everyone had a great time!  Thanks to all who attended.  As Finny would say:  “Keep a close eye on the water”!

Submitted by:  Terry Bodine



We’re proud to announce another new member to our growing membership.  Welcome Jeff Large of Lockport Illinois. 



Don Bodine and Christy Dunbar were married October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) at the Sterling Christian Church in Veedersburg , In. by our favorite minister Dave Sims.

Best wishes to them and many happy years together!



Horse drawn team cultivator, one horse drawn cultivator, horse drawn plow, horse drawn sickle cutter, old Bowens garden tractor, one Dodge pickup bed trailer, one dropped axel for a trailer (with 3 new tires), one old barber chair and one big old bathtub.  Call: 812-478-0103 or e-mail:




As of September 8th, Pete VonStein’s dad was back in the hospital with problems with his blood and with fluid around his lungs.  Hopefully if they can get his blood chemistry to stabilize he should be okay.  His strength is still good but he needs a walker to balance himself.


Member Wanda Campbell’s mother died on September 22nd from breast cancer.  Wanda  and Stan operate their Kettle Korn Food Stand at our show every year and her mother also had a craft booth the last couple years at our show.  Our sympathy to the Campbell family.



If your flat irons are rough and smoky, lay a little salt soaked in kerosene on a flat surface and rub well.  It will keep them from sticking to anything starched and make them smooth.


Sprinkle a little lavender sachet powder under the ironing board cover.  The dampness of the clothes is enough to bring the fragrance into the clothes when ironed.


Spread veils out on the ironing board; pin in place if necessary.  Place on top of the veil a waxed paper—a bread paper will do—press with a moderately hot iron and your veil will look news.  (most women’s hats were decorated with “veils”)


A great time and temper saver is to run a basting thread around the edge of wash neckties before laundering and they will be in perfect shape for ironing.


When covering the ironing board, put the cover on while it is wet.  It will dry and will tighten smooth.


When you have a large ironing to do, just slip off your shoes and stand on a cushion.  See how much more you can do without getting tired.


In cleaning an iron, it should be done while the iron is cool.  Use wood alcohol in one dish and whiting in another.  Keep the alcohol away from fire.  Dip a cloth first into the alcohol and then into the whiting and rub onto the surface of the iron.  Let stand a few minutes until dry.  Then rub off with a cloth.  Repeat if necessary.  The whiting can be bought at any drug store.


Tips from “Henry Hornsbuckle”- Reminisce Magazine 2009


                   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!