OCTOBER 2005                                    ISSUE 9



The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc.  will be October 17th at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  We will have a merchandise drawing and carry-in dinner.  So, bring something for the table and a dish to pass.  Our new president, Tom Swanson, has some important issues to discuss.  All members are encouraged to attend.  See you there!



Saturday, September 24th was a beautiful fall day and a few of our members set-up to camp over-night in anticipation of the following day....FUN DAY!!  To prepare the grounds, Ed Grubb got on his tractor and bush hog and mowed the area around the clubhouse.  He also burned some tree stumps.  After supper, we had a wonderful camp fire burning and we all sat around for a good visit.  (No ghosts stories, though!).  Unfortunately, Sunday morning dawned with some awful looking storm clouds.  And, it wasn’t long before the rain started.  As our members arrived, we decided to start pressing some of the apples and soon had about half of them done.  More members arrived and we were able to have a lovely carry-in dinner in the clubhouse.  Don and Camilla Crowder provided some of their delicious pork B-B-Q and home made sauces.  A BIG THANK-YOU FROM ALL OF US!!   As a light drizzle continued, it was decided to finish pressing the balance of apples.  Everyone was able to take some cider home to enjoy.  The railroad guys worked all day in the rain testing their boilers on their engines.  Unfortunately, no one was “fired up” to give rides because of the rain.  Don Bodine had his steam engine running, but, it turned out to be too muddy to move around .    Even though “Mother Nature” didn’t follow through with a beautiful day on Sunday, everyone still had a good time!



Cliff Hadlock, designated boiler inspector, conducted locomotive boiler testing.  Prior to the Club’s annual Fun Day, notice of annual boiler testing to be preformed at the club grounds was mailed to all active members of the railroad group with operating steam locomotives.  Despite the on- again off- again rain of the day, all the live steamers were present except one.  Those that braved the soggy weather received their inspections and tests; all passed successfully.  Members whose locomotives were tested included, Gene Miller, Guy (Finny) Filchak.  Charlie Lupinek, and Richard (Doc) Fontaine.  Joe Kingsbury was also on hand with his locomotive and presented valid in-date inspection papers issued by the Michigan State boiler inspector.  Member Tim Seering did not attend the event, and as a result, his locomotive was unavailable for an inspection.       Charlie Lupinek      


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We want to thank Gary Guthridge for donating the missing plaques for our board in the clubhouse.  Now the board is up-to-date.  Thanks Gary!



We need to schedule a work day to put our picnic tables away for the winter and mulch the leaves.  It would be a good time to plant some new trees around the grounds if anyone wants to donate some.  So, at our meeting....have a date in mind that you are available.






CHRISTMAS PARTY AT BODINES - DECEMBER 3, 2005 (Bring your trains!!)


Dinner at both parties will begin at 6:00 PM.  But, come as early as 2:00 P.M.   Drinks will be provided and bring a dish to pass.  Maps are enclosed in this newsletter.




The Rocky Forge Blacksmiths met at Shane and Karen Stegmierers, near Kickapoo, on Sunday October 8th.  We had a beautiful crisp October day with about 20 members and guest present.  One guest was from near Chicago and two from near Greencastle.  A short business meeting followed by our traditional iron-in-the-hat brought us to noon.  The noon lunch prepared by Karen was one to remember.  She made a creamy beef barley soup, basil pesto, homemade breads, homemade feta and sharp cheddar goat cheese and goat eggs.  I realize goats don’t lay eggs.  These were made from goats milk and gelatin then formed in a mold that made them look like eggs.  (This recipe needs  to be in our book.) Roast pork and other good food was also served.  Thanks Karen for a great experience. 

Shane demonstrated the making of various Viking cooking instruments based on a tool chest discovery made on the coast of Grote, located north of Germany.  Shane is an accomplished blacksmith with a good future.  Thanks to both Shane and Karen for a good day.    

Ted Stout