The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be a week earlier than usual! 

Ted and Carol Stout have offered to host the meeting on November 12, 2012 at 6:30 P.M. at their lovely home in West Point.  (Map included)  There’s a good chance that a tour of Ted’s incredible blacksmith shop will be included.  Bring a dish to pass: the tableware and drinks will be supplied by the Stout’s and Carol reported that their homemade chicken and noodles will be served!  Be sure to come and enjoy another “fun meeting”!

Stouts Address:  8525 W. 700 S., West Point, In.


A VERY BIG THANKS to the McGrady’s for hosting the October meeting in their gorgeous Post & Beam Barn.  Club members had a chance to view all their antique tractors, car, truck and equipment.  Doc told a little history of how he came about designing and building the barn to display their collection.  Of course, there was plenty of food supplied by all the great “cooks” in our club so no one went home hungry! 

Ed Grubb gave a talk about his recent adventure while he and Pat were in Florida.  It seems that the original steamboat used in the movie “African Queen” has been restored and available for a tourist ride.  The movie starred Humphrey Bogart and Kathrine  Hepburn and now….Ed Grubb!  Since Ed told the owner that he knew a little about steam engines and equipment, the owner put him to work with an oil can!  So, Ed had a “working” boat ride. 

It was a very enjoyable evening!  Thanks again to the McGrady’s!


I would like to apologize to the blacksmith group for not mentioning them in last month’s newsletter.  They had several members present at Fun Day and Brad McCormick made a delicious stew for the dinner.  The blacksmiths are an important part of our club and it wasn’t done intentionally.  Sorry guys!  Anne Bodine



In 1918, Nebraska State Rep. Wilmot F. Crozier was so displeased with his new tractor’s performance that he pushed for mandatory tests of tractors sold in his state.  These standardized tests are still performed around the world.  For many- many years all tractors were rated by how they performed in the Nebraska test.




The next meeting of the Rocky Forge Blacksmith Guild will be at Ted’s shop on November 10th, with coffee and doughnuts available at 8:30.  The agenda for the day will be making an axe, tomahawk or throwing axe of your choosing.  If you have an example, or several examples, please bring them for inspection and possible copying.  Also, bring your coal, metal and tools for working.  I can supply the forges and anvils.  We will have an iron in the hat drawing.  Since Carol will not be available for lunch, we will eat at the famous West Point Steak House or order in pizza, whichever you vote for that day.

The Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be having their November meeting at Stout’s on the Monday following the blacksmith meeting.  That is November 12th at 6:30 for a pitch in meal followed by a meeting to discuss, among other items, the “Christmas in the Village”.  All you blacksmiths are invited to attend.  In case you did not follow the “Christmas in the Village” last year, you missed a nice event.  The show grounds and the blacksmith shop were all decorated with lights and there were events for all ages of visitors.  The blacksmiths need to take a more active role in this event, so I am encouraging you to attend the meeting to find out how we can make our shop more “Christmas”!

At our last Rocky Forge meeting we had a good time with everyone busy making their own things.  Greg Searcy worked on nice wizard and other items, Gary Leman finished an outstanding anvil shaped hardy that also served as a bending fork and Gene Hollingsworth had his planishing hammer, which makes shaping a sheet metal bowl a breeze.  Later in the day several members of the Hoosier Plymouth Club came by to see what we do.  The president said they must have enjoyed the visit because they stayed until 5:00 and do not usually do that.  They were an enjoyable group with some really nice old cars.  We enjoyed having Jim Johnston and Charley Gruell as guests.  Charley spent a lot of time going through Ted’s collection of old tool catalogs from years past.

The month before, several of us met at the Illiana Show grounds for that groups “Fun Day”.  We blacksmithed during the day and Brad McCormick had made a tasty pot of stew on a forge for the noon meal.  Poor Brad got called away for a fire from the Pine Village Volunteer Fire Department right at lunchtime.  (We did save a portion of the stew, but the pot was scraped clean.)

Hope to see all of you and some guests at the next meeting.  If you have any questions please give me a call at 765-491-2194.   Ted

Submitted by:  Ted Stout



Last month Bob Folk had knee replacement on both of his knees.  Bob is currently at St. Vincent Hospital, 412 N. Monroe, Williamsport, In. 47993 for therapy and recovery.  

Hopefully he will be out of the hospital and maybe able to attend our November meeting.

Also, Don Dillman (John’s brother) broke his leg while working cattle last month.

Art Petty suffered a heart attack and is at St. Elizabeth Hospital – East, 1701 S. Creasy Lane, Lafayette, In. 47905.  The doctors placed four stents in Art.

Kathy Lawhorn’s mom was rushed to Champaign, Il. for emergency surgery for a collapsed lung. WHEW!  GET WELL WISHES to all of them!



Tom Swanson has tentatively scheduled a workday weekend on the first weekend of December (December 1st and 2nd). He would like to get the grounds cleaned up and decorated for the “Christmas in the Village”.  It will be discussed at the meeting if an additional workday will be scheduled.



We had our meeting at the Pine Village Fire Station Community Room with eleven members present.  We have a new member who has been a guest several times and has decided she would like to join our club.  She is from the Crawfordsville area and her name’s Harriet.  I’m anxious to hear some new ideas from her. 

Our club is thinking about putting tables in our Quilters Cabin that either fold down or up instead of card tables.  Some talented husbands are being drafted, from what I hear.

We didn’t have a project in October.  We brought our own work to finish.  We decided to have our Christmas Party at Joan Fry’s house and have it catered.  A friend of hers did this for us a couple years ago and it was delicious.  The charity to receive our donation for Christmas will be the Food Pantry.  Every year we try to share our money with someone needy. 

In November we will have a project by Diana.  It is to be paper piecing.  This can be quite tricky, so I must pay attention and refrain from talking so much!

Still trying to sew.  Sophia

Submitted by:  Sophia Rosa


Last month I discussed writing a “Human Interest” story with Anne and she thought it was a good idea.  I am writing it as a tribute to my Mother and all cat lovers.

                                         Little Foster has arrived!

A recent trip to Maurice Foster’s house to pick up a mower has changed my life.  I didn’t want to go since I was trying to “learn how to sew” and I considered that much more important than picking up a mower.  I finally agreed to ride along.  Upon arriving, I always look around and check out his cats.  He pointed to a little spot on the ground and mentioned the mother had five kittens and the rest of the litter was in the barn.  Momma cat had carried this poor, sick, starving, flea covered thing out that morning and dropped it in the dirt.  She left the rest of the kittens in the barn.  They all died.  I walked to it, picked it up and thought “this thing is 95% dead”.  It had sick eyes, running nose and barely could squeak, covered in fleas, it was pitiful at best.  I laid it back down and walked a few feet way.  My mind said, “walk away” but my heart said, “take it home”.  Since we have two four legged felines (girls) at home, I simply knew this was not going to end well.  The fact that my husband didn’t start shaking his head ”NO” was a miracle in itself.  I’m sure he thought it would be dead by the next day.  We loaded up the mower and headed home.  The home of my friend, also a cat lady, was our first stop.  She took one look and thought it was dead.  Upon finding it alive, she told me to feed it first (eye dropper of half & half) and then wash it in dish water with Dawn.  I still can’t believe I didn’t kill it!  The Dawn killed most of the fleas and many baths followed.  I put a box in my workshop with towels and a heating pad.  After bathing and blow-drying till it was completely dry, it looked liked a “dead rat”.  It was then my life-changing event took place.  This little thing had to be fed around the clock every three to four hours.  Every time I went out there I figured it would have died.  It’s weight was a whole 5 ounces.  I had a rocking chair in my shed, so after feeding him, I rocked him and he actually burped!  At 3:30 A.M. I was rocking that kitten!  I put him on KRM and he was purring by the end of week one.  As I rocked him, he purred and I cried.  I had no idea that kittens purred that young.  He started gaining one ounce a week.  After three weeks of going out, (I went out more often just to make sure he wasn’t dead) I brought him in the house, still having no contact with the girls. (Cats).  He soon graduated to a kitten bottle and I must say he can drink from a saucer but he still likes his bottle!  Recently a friend stopped to see him and I fixed his bottle.  Now this woman never cries, but watching his ears twitch when he eats and me burping him, even she got a tear in her eye.  He now weighs seventeen ounces and is learning to play.  The other cats hiss at him, but he tries to be tough and puts his little foot up.  He has stolen our hearts!

The Tribute to my Mother!

When Mom was in the Nursing Home, I was there nearly every day.  We talked about everything.  The one thing that always made us cry was when we started reminiscing about a cat I had in the 80’s & 90’s.  It died when Mother was living with me in 2000.  We cried over that cat like children.  Several times over the years I told my mom when she got to heaven I wanted her to send me a little white long haired kitten with blue eyes.  She said “How am I supposed to do that?!”  Well it came to pass.  Little Foster is snow-white, long-haired and has beautiful blue eyes.  There is a God!  Thanks Mom!

Submitted by: Sophia Rosa









4 – 7 P.M. each day

ADMISSION: Canned Food for the

                       Food Pantry




It’s that of the year to wish everyone:


A Happy Thanksgiving

A Very Merry Christmas

And, A Healthy Happy New Year!


May 2013 bring Joy & Happiness to all!!!!!

Anne Bodine

(I just LOVE this club!)



 NOTE:    It was just reported that Don & Camilla Crowder have been in ill health and are moving from Covington to Hawaii to be with their sons and their families.  Sons Donny and Charley have live in Hawaii for a few years now.  The Crowders  previously owned “Huli-Huli”and catered our show and several events and celebrations in the surrounding areas.  (They catered both our son and daughter weddings!)  Huli-Huli is now owned and operated by Marty & Christy LaFoe.  Good Luck to them in the coming years…we’ll miss you guys!