There will not be a November 2010 meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. nor will there be a meeting until March 2011.  This will be the last newsletter for the year.  With the Holidays approaching we’d like to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR.  Have a safe Holiday Season!



There is a new addition in our clubhouse.  Club member John Ohl has made and donated a lovely mirror-sign decorated with the club’s name.  Thanks John….it looks great!


OFFICERS FOR 2010-2011:

The directors have elected new officers.  They are as follows:

Tom Swanson - President

Kenny Short    - First Vice President

Don Bodine     - Second Vice President

Doris Manlief  - Secretary-Treasurer


The club has a DVD of the 2010 Illiana Antique Power Show made by member Mike Schoenhals.  It is available for $5.00 with proceeds going to the club.  If you would like a copy contact Kim Short: Phone 765-583-2991 or e-mail:



Member Bob Folk was recently awarded the “Ernie Award” from the Warren County Community Foundation.  He was nominated by the Williamsport “Friends of the Library” for all his numerous volunteer work.   CONTRALUATIONS BOB!



In the late ‘30’s, Minneapolis-Moline’s U-DLX “Comfortractor” had a cab with roll-up side windows, a heater, radio and cigar lighter.


Thanksgiving’s a season of festive fuss.  First the Turkey is Stuffed and then……’s us!     Dick Haymen, Co. Women Mag.






Hello to Everyone,

     I want to thank Marvin Scott and Marvin Scott Jr. for laying out the new building and digging holes for the poles.  Thanks to Don Dillman for donating poles for the building and to John Dillman for sawing logs for the rafters.  On Saturday, Nov. 6th, a fantastic work crew came and worked to get the framework up.

     Thanks to a generous donation from Kenny Evans and others, we are putting a new metal roof on this storage building which measures 20’ X 45’.

     Also thanks to Kenny Evans for moving over the latest building for the village.  It was formerly used as the Marshfield Post Office.  It will be a little red school house when finished.

     Once again, thanks to all the men who came and worked on the building and thank you to John and Lucille Young for providing lunch for us.  It was greatly appreciated.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each and everyone!

     Tom Swanson

P.S.  See you at Don and Christy Bodine’s for the Christmas Party Dec. 4th and mark your calendars on Dec. 11th and 12th for the “Illiana Christmas in the Village”.  Details in the newsletter.




Wow, would you believe it?  Here it is November again, and time to start building this year’s Christmas toy train layout!  We think this is the 18th year that Terry and Donnie

Bodine and myself have enjoyed creating this annual homage to our lost youth.  What was more exciting to a boy on Christmas morning than the sight of an electric train chugging around the tree?  Well, even though times and tastes have changed dramatically since those days, we keep this tradition alive in hopes of rekindling those feelings in all children of all ages and re-living one of the joys that is part of the wonder of Christmas.  The trains will be running all day at Donnie’s machine shed on Saturday, Dec. 4th.  Please attend and be sure to get your ticket punched for a trip back in time!  If you have trains you’d like to run, bring them along.  See you there and remember,  Keep a close eye on the water”!

Submitted by:  Finny Filchak 




Don’t let aging get you down.  It’s too hard to get up!






We would like to invite anyone who would like to participate to join us for Illiana Antique Power Association’s Christmas in the Village.  Our plan is to decorate the little historic buildings with lights, garland, etc. on December 11-12th between 4:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M.   We will have the people mover and hay wagons to carry folks from the parking lot to the village with luminaries to light the way.  The village will have a toy maker in the red tool shed (Tom Swanson) making stick stars that the kids may take home, decorating gingerbread men in the kitchen, hot chocolate and cider in the milk house, Santa’s “number one look alike” elf in the clubhouse and our own Santa Post Office in Deb’s shed.  Kids could bring their letters for the “real” Santa and we could postmark them with our Illiana Antique Power stamp.  (Maybe even have someone answer the letters???).  Our plan is to put out a donation box and hopefully we will cover the additional electric cost etc.


Tri-County Quilters are decorating their Quilters Cottage.  Hickman Heights Church Choir is being contacted to furnish caroling for the evenings.  We have arranged for Davis Landscaping to bring some balled six foot Norway spruce Christmas trees to decorate and then resell.  Planting for the trees can be arranged.  Photo opportunities will be available perhaps with a professional photographer on hand.  Jim Cunningham is organizing some decorated tractors and machinery.  Tom Swanson has a nativity for the red barn area.  Carolyn Swanson has special plans for the washhouse.  Several other activities may be in the works also but we are waiting to see what happens.  We thought keeping it a bit old fashioned and rustic would fit with our “Antique” group. 


What can you do?  If you want to be in on the excitement, let Joan Fry or Tom Swanson know.  Tell them any ideas that you have.  We can use all sorts of elves.  Do you have any working Christmas lights or green garland you are not planning to use this year?  We probably could use them.  Do you have an old artificial tree you would let us use?  What about wreaths or electric candles?  Outdoor extension cords?


The train guys do their thing and the blacksmiths have their activities….this is your invitation to join the “Christmas Crew”.  Jingle Jingle and a Ho Ho Ho!  Give Joan and Tom a call soon.


Joan and Joe Fry                     765-869-5406

Carolyn and Tom Swanson    765-762-2009


CAP’N STUBBY SEZ  (December 3, 1970 issue)

Here’s some good advise to the kids.  For best results, when you write a letter to Santa, send a carbon copy of it to Grandma.  And some good advise to you parents….be sure you tell your children the true meaning of CHRISTMAS.







This is meant to be a new feature to our monthly newsletter.  I hope to add some information about the engines that have come to our show each year.  Most of our members seem to know a lot about tractors, but maybe not as much about engines or the hobby of collecting them.  Some of the things that “drive the hobby” are the many different makes and types of engines that were made.  There are thousands of makes and a lot of types!  At our show we get a very nice variety from the common to the very rare  from large to the very small models!  Something that I want to do next year is to get a listing of the number of different makes.  This should be an interesting fact for us to use in promoting the show.  As a report from this year’s show, our feature was “Air-cooled Engines”.  Air-cooled includes all the small model types like Briggs & Stratton, Clinton, Lausen and Maytag and a “slew” of others.  Also, most of the major makes of stationary engines also made air-cooled models.  We got a lot of both types this year.  We were hoping to get 275-300 engines since the year before was 267.  But, we missed it…..

we had 245 by my count.  Even though the total count was down, the number of exhibitors was up.  We had ten new “first time” exhibitors.  This is very important as it shows our growth.  If each exhibitor tells someone else  look what happens!  We also had one guy who was at the first Illiana Show but had not been back since.  “Wow”, was he impressed!   Another large accomplishment was to get Kenny and Wendy Wolf back with us.  Marvin Scott and I had been working on him for the last few years.  One comment from a first timer, Jerry Green and his wife Sherry was, “This is the best show we’ve done in a long time!”  I think they will be back. Another nice addition this year was all the model engines.  Not many shows get the number we had!  For those of you who don’t know, most of the models are built by their owners.  This is a very talented bunch of guys and we are very lucky to have them.  I think it would be fun for most of our members to try and learn the names and makes of some of these engines and stop and talk to the guys.  They love to tell about their engines and most have a good story behind them.  As the saying goes, “The more you know, the better it gets”.

Till next time….”Keep the engines oiled and your mag’s dry”!

Submitted by:  Tom Bastin



I am currently “down-sizing” my collection.  I have for sale the following items:

1.      Horse drawn sickle bar mowing machine

2.      Horse pulled slip scoop

3.      Horse drawn two wheel cultivator

4.      Horse drawn walk behind cultivator

5.      Horse drawn walk behind steel beam plow

6.      Well hand pump

7.      Kitchen sink hand pump

8.      Old porcelain bathtub

9.      Old barber chair, porcelain good




10.  Dodge truck bed trailer with 3 spare tires on rims

11.  Trailer axle springs with 3 tires on rims

12.  Ten foot steel wheel flat bed trailer, home made

13.  6’X10’ 2 wheel tilt trailer, wood floor

14.  Four foot pull type lawn roller, home made

15.  Two wheel pull type grass or fertilizer seeder – new

16.  Two 26” boys Schwinn bicycles – one has horn case

17.  Blacksmith’s post vise

18.  Blacksmith’s hand operated wall mount drill press

19.  Old Bolen’s garden tractor – in parts

20.  Wisconsin 3 horse power horizontal shaft gas engine

21.  David Bradley 6 horse power horizontal shaft

22.  Cit Band saw, ¾ horse power 14 inch throat

23.  Drill press, floor model, Guardian power 5 speed  ½ horse power, ½ in. chuck

24.  Five gallon Army gas can

25.  Extension wood ladder, 22 ft.

26.  Lincoln 225 amp ac welder, 220 volt with 50 ft. #8-4 extension cord

27.  Craftsman ½ hp bench grinder on floor stand

28.  Hydraulic one ton floor jack on wheels – new

29.  One half ton floor jack on wheels – new

30.  Reese receiver truck hitch

31.  Trailer hitch with 2 ¼ ball and sway bars

32.  Window a/c unit – 110 volt

33.  Sears wet and dry vacuum – 2.0 hp

34.  5 inch steel wheel dolly

35.  Three 4x4 plexiglass windows

If interested in any items, call Gary @Ph: 812-478-0103   

I have voice mail so please leave a message.



Club dues are due at show time so, it’s time to re-new if you want your membership to be current.  If you are not sure if you have paid for 2010-2011 simply call Doris Manlief @ Phone:  765-742-4922 or E-mail:

 Dues are $20.00 a year (this includes a family membership).  Make check payable to: Illiana Antique Power Assoc. and send to Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr., Lafayette, In. 47905.  The club is trying to cut the cost of postage so if you have an E-mail address please send it to:

If dues are not paid by December 31, 2010 this may be your last newsletter.









October was the 30th anniversary of the Indiana Blacksmith Association (IBA) and a three day celebration was held at Ted and Carol Stout’s on the third weekend of October.  During that time approximately 40 forges were going along with metalsmiths doing copper, brass, sheet metal and engraving work.  Ellsworth Christmas was demonstrating the making of shake shingles from oak billets.  The attendance was very good at around 200 during Saturday, the peak day of events.  A crew that varied from 6 to 10 worked on making an eight foot tall dogwood tree complete with leaves and blossoms for a memorial to one of our elder member’s grandson’s burial site.  The boy was sixteen when he was killed on a motorcycle, so the dogwood tree had sixteen blossoms.

The whole weekend was a great success with visitors from Norway, Alabama, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan and the Illiana Antique Power Association.  Many reported this as the best blacksmithing event they had ever attended.  Kathy Olin and her helpers served a wonderful meal on Saturday with compliments from lots of attendees.  Thanks Kathy, Denny and crew!

The copper weather vane was on display and drew a lot of positive attention and comments.  The winner of the t-shirt quilt was Darrell Schultz of the Purdue Agronomy Dept.  He is also one of the members of the Rocky Forge Blacksmiths.  He donated it back to Ted and he will hang it in his shop.

The next meeting of the group will be November 13th at Ted’s shop with the theme to make crosses, bells and candlesticks to celebrate the upcoming season.  Please feel free to stop and see what’s going on.

Submitted by:  Ted Stout


                                  CHRISTMAS PARTY


                               DECEMBER 4, 2010

                  DINNER AT 6:30 P.M. – BRING A DISH TO PASS

                                             DRINKS WILL BE PROVIDED