NOVEMBER 2005                                 ISSUE 10


MEETINGS: Just a reminder that there will not be a meeting in November or December.  Our next meeting will be in January 2006.   Terry and I want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a real early MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.  Of course,  we want to see everyone at Stout’s Thanksgiving Dinner and at Don’s shed for our Christmas Party.  More details of the parties are enclosed in this newsletter.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank every one for letting me do this paper.   It’s been fun and I hope you will excuse any “bloopers” that may occur unintentionally.                    Anne Bodine



EXCITEMENT AND ENTHUSIASM, these two words describe what I feel working with you as your new President!  This is my first newsletter for Anne and I’m not the best at sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper.  For some reason, I have for the past thirty-four years, found it easier to express my thoughts by talking and getting paid for it as an auctioneer.


On behalf of all our members, I welcome all our new members and invite your participation and comments in regards to making our club and annual show better in the future.  You’ll discover, as I have, that we have a varied and broad base of talented people ready to share their knowledge of their interests and hobbies.  All of these things coming and working together is what makes for a good family show.  I also want to take this opportunity to invite former members of our club to consider joining our club again and sending your dues.


Well, I started my letter to you with the word “excitement”.  John Dillman, owner of our club grounds and long time contributor and benefactor to our club, has offered to sell the grounds to the club for $10,000.00;  plus we pay for the survey.   The board of directors voted unanimously to accept this and to buy the grounds.  The decision was also endorsed by members at the club meeting in October.


John felt that if the club had ownership of the grounds, we would stand a better chance of securing larger grants in the future for the benefit of the club and community such as our venue of hosting area school children for a day of history.


I realize, as you read this, you’re asking “how are they or we going to pay this?”  The suggestion was made, and I’m forwarding it on to everyone and all members,  that if twenty members gave $500.00, we would have the funds.  As a matter of fact, Ted and Carol Stout were the first to do just that at our last club meeting!



                                                                      - 2 -


I realize we have been bombarded with requests for money the past six months or so.  I’m asking that we all consider the potential of what we have and can become as a club,  and that we will gladly accept any and all donations for this land purchase.


All donations for this purpose will be deposited into a separate bank account and kept until closing of this transaction; hopefully in January or February of 2006.  Any and all above purchase price and survey will be used for maintenance and up-grade on club projects.


For those of you that don’t know, Ed Grubb secured two wagon loads of good, used lumber and we have been doing preliminary planning on using it to help build a permanent ladies shelter for their displays, etc.  and activities at the show.  I know this shelter would be used frequently through-out the years to come.  It would be 30' x 48' with 10' open sides.  It was decided to put this “on hold” till spring, but I would certainly like to see this built before our next show in July.


As we look ahead to our 25th Anniversary Show in 2006, let’s spread the excitement and enthusiasm!!  I look forward to working for and serving as your president and please indulge me, as I don’t know all of you personally, to come and introduce yourself and let’s visit.


MY GOAL:  I’d like to have 100 tractors on display at our 25th show.  If you know any Moline - Oliver collectors, invite them to bring their tractors.  We want other brands also.


VOLUNTEERS:   I  need one or two members at each club meeting,  to come for fun and do a “show and tell”  on your hobby, interest, or what-ever.  I know this will be a fun thing for everyone.  I will do the January meeting myself to show you what I enjoy doing since I re-tired from Auctioneering.


Tom Swanson








Here is a “blooper” I caught after the October Newsletter was already printed.....In the report of our Fun Day, I neglected to thank Don and Camilla Crowder for supplying and donating the delicious B-B-Q and homemade sauces for the dinner!!  I want to apologize and give them a big THANK-YOU.  Some of us were even fortunate to take a sample home with us.  Thanks Don and Camilla!  And, another THANK-YOU goes to member Jim Lawhorn, who donated an air conditioner unit to the club for the clubhouse.  I’m sure it will really be welcome at next year’s show!!! ( What do you think, Doris?)




                                                                         - 3 -





BLACK SMITHING FOR THE WOODWORKER at Ted Stout’s shop near West Point.  There will be demonstrations making woodworking tools, tempering, adding handles, sharpening and use of the tools.  The facility is heated with plenty of space, good fellowship, lunch will be provided, iron-in-the-hat and tailgate sales table or space outside for back of the truck sales are available.  There will be a nice program for the women (or men is interested).  It will be after lunch and is about how quilts were used during the underground railroad days to signal safe houses.  Come to enjoy the day, bring your spouse, things for iron-in-the-hat, things to sell, and show and tell items.  Lunch will be provided, however, if you wish to bring a covered dish it will no doubt be consumed.  Looking forward to seeing all of you on November 19th.

Ted Stout - Rocky Forge



There is a work day scheduled for Sunday, November 6th at 1:00 P.M.  (Come earlier if you want)

“Man Power” is needed to put the picnic tables away along with the wheat drill.  We can get a start on mulching the leaves and Jim Lawhorn has donated some trees to plant.  All help is appreciated!!



A few of the members met to choose a cover for the recipe book.  We hope everyone will be pleased with the design.  It was decided to order 400 copies and it will be sent to the publisher by November 15th.  Hopefully we will have them back before Christmas for some early sales.



There will be a Directors meeting at Ted Stout’s shop on November 20th at 3:00 P.M.  This will be held in conjunction with the Thanksgiving Dinner.  All directors are encouraged to attend.  









Dinner at 6:00 P.M.

Bring a dish to pass

Drinks will be provided


Come early and bring your trains;

“S” and “O” Gauge tracks







NOV.  20TH



Dinner at 6:00 P.M., Come as early as 2:00 P.M.

Meat and drinks will be provided and bring a dish to pass.

PROGRAM: How Quilts Were Used During The Underground

Railroad Days.

There will be a MERCHANDISE DRAWING, so, bring some-

thing for the table.