MAY 2012



The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be May 21, 2012 at the club house.  Bring a dish to pass for the carry-in dinner starting at 6:30 P.M.  See you there!



We met on April 23rd with 12 members present.  Again, we worked on bags for History Day.  Surely they have the 400 needed!  We are going to teach the 4th graders how to sew a 4 patch by hand.  One person will thread needles while the rest of us will be teaching.  I love to see the different personalities in each child.  A pincushion on each table should help in keeping the needles in order.

One of our members, Elaine, and I went to a cabin on the Wabash River and camped (inside) for two days and one night.  We took our sewing machines, fabric and all our supplies plus food and sewed the whole time.  What fun we had!  It’s amazing how much a person can accomplish when not interrupted.  NO cats, NO phone and NO husbands!!

Our building on the show grounds needs a little TLC on the inside.  Sometime over the next two months, we are going to put on our work clothes and give it a “do-over”.  A surprise awaits us all, I’m sure.

Everyone in our club is “busy making things” to show off and brag about in July!  One of our projects involves making large hot pads for the Hanging Rock Campground.

Some “brave soul” suggested at our March meeting to bring a box lunch (in a shoe box) and then draw numbers and trade.  As you can guess, some people went all out!  Not me…my box was wrapped in an old curtain.  I drew Arlene’s and it was decorated inside and out.  Must have weighed five pounds!  All kinds of goodies!  No one went hungry.  In May we are having a carry-in salad luncheon.  One of our members can hardly wait from one month to the next to get together.  She will be happy to know that our meeting  is one week earlier in May due to a holiday.  She is an “easy pleaser”!

I have volunteered to be in charge of the trash removal at the show in July.  After seeing that huge dumpster nearly running over last year, I decided some of that must be worth some money.  I’m sure the club can use all the money they can get.  No doubt only the cans will bring money, but the rest can be recycled instead of going into a landfill.  I will label the barrels so hopefully some people will put things in them correctly.  Since we own rentals, trash doesn’t bother me.  It will be interesting to see what we make.

Still trying to sew,  Sophia

Submitted by Sophia Rosa







The Rocky Forge group planned to have our April meeting at the Boy Scout Camp Krietenstien, southeast of Brazil, to give the scouts hands on blacksmithing instruction.  Mother Nature did not cooperate; we were notified at about halfway point of the trip to turn around and go back home.  Three blacksmiths were already there, but I did not know if any instruction was actually done before cancellation.

Rocky Forge members will be demonstrating for 4th graders at Independence on May 4th and at the Illiana Steam and Power Show Grounds on May 14th.  On the 14th we will have between 300 to 500 kids depending on how many schools participate.

The May meeting will be to host the IBA at Ted Stout’s shop on May 19th.  Our feature demonstrator will be Melvin Lytton, who was a blacksmith for Conner Prairie for several years.  Melvin said he hopes for a good turnout so that he can see some of his old friends.  Also, that day we will have an iron in the hat drawing followed by a short auction of shop items donated by club members to support an addition to the Rocky Forge shop at Rainsville.  If time permits after Melvin’s demo there will be several forging stations available with power hammer capability for your use.  The meal will be a pitch in with drinks, table service and meat provided.  Bring a covered dish (with something in it) to share.  Coffee and doughnuts will be provided after 8:30 A.M., so come early for time to visit.

Ted Stout:  Phone 765-491-2194

Submitted by: Ted Stout



The Pine Creek & Western R.R. received a gift of wood from Boyd Crane and his son for railroad ties.  The wood was osage orange (or, commonly known as hedge). This type of wood will last as ties for more years than the R.R. guys will! 

Don’t forget, we need help for History Day with so many students around the track.  We also need help mowing around the yards with a trim mower.  Remember:  Safety First!


Submitted by:  Terry Bodine  (Finny took another month off)



Marvin Scott received stents in his heart this past month.

Gary Burnell had surgery in Indianapolis on his lower back to relieve severe pain in his legs.  He is now at home with his wife, Susan, recuperating but faces future surgery on his neck.

Get well wishes to them and to everyone we may have missed.



JOHN DEERE CULTIVATOR  (2 row) for A or B        $100.00

Mike Schoenhals   Phone:  217-799-3771 or E-mail:






Hello to all,

     Am enjoying the showers we are finally receiving.  Looking forward to school History Day – Monday, May 14th.  Don’t forget Work Day on Saturday, May 12th.  Thanks to Terry Bodine for spraying the grounds.  Also, a big Thank you to Bill and Shelby Cox for donating the lumber for the floor and porch of the General Store building.  Their gift was given in memory of Mac Swanson.  Thanks to John Dillman for edging this lumber for me.

     Also, for those of you that love gas engines, my good friend Russell Waymire of Attica is having a large auction on Saturday, June 2, starting at 9:00 A.M.  He is selling his collection of 70+ engines.  For information and pictures go to:

     We had a good club meeting and board meeting in April with several topics being discussed.  Thank You Illiana members for all your help in making my job easier! 

See you at Work Day and School Day.




Well, May’s here and there is lots going on:  shows to get ready for, trips to plan and so on.  With that said, this will be a short note. (No, not Kenny!)  For me it’s been a busy time.  I did sell my bus, so no more camper for me!  But, I have been working on setting up my trailer to camp in.  I’ve added a type of kitchen and stuff so it should work out well.

In my last note I told about Dad and me looking for history on the Gemmer Engine made in Marion.  Well we made a little progress.  We found where the factory was but sadly nothing remains.  We did learn some interesting things though.  The buildings, we believe, were used for the Indiana Truck Co. and Crosley Cars were built there.  Dad tells me that my grandfather used to haul the cars at one time.  One other fact was that one of the men involved gave the land for Marion’s largest city park – Matter Park.  I spent a lot of time there as a child.  It even had a small zoo with lions and bears and monkeys!

That’s all for now so I hope to see you all at History Day with a lot of engines to play with.  I’ll be camping for the whole weekend so come out and enjoy the grounds in the spring.  Later, Tom

Submitted by:  Tom Bastin



Ted and Carol Stout will have an open house to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, May 26th.  It will be at their home at 8525 West 700 South, West Point from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Everyone is welcome.  Cards would be appreciated, but no gifts please.  Hope to see you then!