MAY 2008                                               ISSUE 5     



May 19th is the next scheduled meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc.  Dinner will pre-cede the meeting which will begin at 6:30 P.M. at the club house.  Bring a dish to pass....(don’t forget your recipe!)  There’s only two more meetings till show time so try to attend.



APRIL 2008

The Rocky Forge blacksmiths now have stage one of their new building complete.  It is a very nice looking 36' by 48' by 10.5' pole structure with a 30' by 10' front porch.  Stage two will be to add siding, followed by overhead doors.

We had 25 at the April meeting with full intentions of an open forge time.  Seven forges were set up outside, but Mother Nature saw it differently.  Even though we had to work inside, the coal forge and gas forge were doing steady duty.  There was a group doing metal work, another group doing  lathe work and yet another group trying to get a 3 phase converter setup for the surface grinder.  Everyone was busy and seemed to have a good time.  Iron in the hat brought in $129.00.

Several members of the group demonstrated black smithing to over 150 school kids at the “History Day” at the Illiana Steam and Power Show grounds on Monday, May 5th.  Ted Stout talked black smithing to 12 girl scouts in his shop April 12th and several of the guys taught black smithing to boy scouts from the Crawfordsville area on May 3rd.

Our next meeting will be May 10th at our new building, located about 1.5 miles west of Rainsville, In. or 2 miles east of U.S. 41 on Briscoe Road (Rainsville Road).  A pitch in lunch is planned with Greg Searcy cooking pork tenderloin.  Plan to bring a dish of food that can be shared at the meal.  We will eat lunch in the Illiana club house.

Submitted by: Ted Stout



Sadly we learned that members Owen and Alan Moudy’s mother passed away in April.  Our late condolences to their families.



Long time member, Ed Foster, is at the Woodland Manor Nursing Home, 1212 E.  Main St., Attica, In.  47918.  We’re sure that Ed would love to have visitors or a card from members.  He is doing quite well and content in his new surroundings.


REMINDER:   Contact John Carrell for camping space at 765-793-3282.



Kenny Short will be announcing over the P.A. system all the activities during the show in July.  He would like to get a scheduled of events prepared.  Be sure to let Kenny know if you have an idea or event that needs to be announced.  Contact Kenny at E-mail:



Tom Nickle needs volunteers to help work the gate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the show.  The FFA students will not be helping this year.  Tom will have a work schedule made up so let him know when you want to work.  We will be stopping vehicles as they enter the parking area instead of charging admittance at the covered bridge.  So, help out when you can.  Contact Tom at : 765-798-5420 or at E-mail:



The first BIG THANK-YOU goes to everyone that helped build the kitchen for Kathy and her helpers.  It is fantastic!  It was set in it’s location in time for History Day.


Then our second THANK-YOU goes to members who sewed the souvenir bags that the students received at History Day.  It is a very time consuming job!  Then of course we can’t forget those who baked all the delicious corn bread and popped all the tasty popcorn.  Next we’d like to THANK  all those who helped on our two work days.  The show grounds and club house looked great!  Everyone pitched in to “stuff” the bags and make the sandwiches for the lunch that was served after the students returned to their schools.  Also, THANKS to the hard workers who prepared the railroad track so the train could run the rails smoothly.  And last but not least.....

THANK YOU to members and friends who helped make this year’s History Day a success!!

Every station was safety conscious; making sure students were aware of the dangers while the equipment and machines were running.  But, none of this would have been possible if not for the hard work of Joan and Joe Fry, Alan Stutler and Art Petty.  They were the “driving force” who put all this together.  They deserve a great BIG THANK-YOU!



Please bring a list of all your expenses to the meeting so we can put together a cost sheet  We need to apply for a grant and need to show what was spent on History Day.  This includes fuel, food, all supplies, etc.  Even if you are donating the costs to the club, we want to know how much was spent.  If you want to be reimbursed, please have a separate bill to turn in to Doris.  Joan Fry is also taking names of members who are interested in working on the committee for next year.  Those interested contact Joan at: 765-869-5406 or E-mail at:








                      HISTORY DAY - MAY 5, 2008


“Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day”......that old fashion song should have been the theme song for this year’s History Day.  What a fantastic start for the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. scheduled events for 2008!  Busses from Pine Village and Williamsport schools arrived promptly at 9:00 A.M.   Joan Fry, Alan Stutler and Art Petty greeted the students and passed out the souvenir bags before they scattered through out the grounds to various stations.


DULCIMERS STATION: Donna Starry, Julie Poar, Sam Moore and Pete Rollet entertained the students with some lovely music.  Every one joined in singing several songs.


TRAIN STATION:   Dick Fontaine had his engine and cars ready for eager riders with “Mr.  Conductor, alias Finny Filchak riding in back to keep hands and feet in cars.  Steve Dye assisted as relief engineer and fireman.  Rolland McKinney, Michelle Lechlitner and Anne Bodine helped load and un-load passengers.  Everyone received a “souvenir ticket” and a “Polar Express bell”.


BLACKSMITH STATION: The forges were fired up in the new blacksmith building.  Ted Stout, Dominick Andrisani, Jim Hale, Mark Brier, Charlie Terril and Rob Durrett demonstrated their black smithing talents.  Rob also dressed in his “Lewis and Clark” period costume and spoke of the expedition and his experiences.


WASHING STATION: Kenny Short demonstrated how clothes were washed by hand on a wash board, while Ed Grubb had an antique Maytag washer running.  One student kept “nagging” Ed to let him put the clothes through the wringer.  So, Ed told him, “okay, just pull my shorts out of the washer”.  That ended the “nagging”!  Wayburn Norfleet assisted Kenny and Ed at this display.


LADIES STATION: Outside of the club house Kathy Olin, Marie Nickle, Louise Jewell, Dawn Lechlitner and Jane Reavley helped students make old fashion felt balls.  Inside, Carol Stout, Susan Burnell, Virginia Snider, Doris Manlief and Pat Grubb handed out corn bread, popcorn and cold cups of water.  Students had a choice of tasting: maple syrup, honey, sorghum or butter on their corn bread.  Carol had a lovely display of early cooking utensils and household items.  She explained to the students what they were and how they were used.


STEAM ENGINE AND SAW MILL: Don Bodine with help from Christy Dunbar had his Minneapolis Steam Engine fired up to power  the saw mill.  John Dillman sawed walnut and cherry logs.  Terry Bodine and Tom Nickle explained the history of saw mills, water wheel mills, pit saws and different types of wood.  Gary Burnell and Don Jewell helped stack the wood after it was sawed. 


PLANTING STATION: Don Evans, Roger Evans, Pam Evans and Bob Folk helped students take a turn at planting corn.  Don used his hand cranked corn sheller to demonstrate how to get the kernels off the cob for various uses.  Students grabbed a corn cob as a souvenir.  Don also explained the many uses of corn for foods and fuels.


BUTTER MAKING STATION: Art Petty, Robyn Petty, Joe Webb and Donna Lechlitner explained how to separate cream from milk using a cream separator.  Students took turns at the hand crank.  An antique paddle jar creamer, various molds and butter crocks were on display.  They also made butter shaking small jars of cream and the butter was then used in the club house to taste on the corn bread.


CORN GRINDING: John Carrell along with Jim Manlief and Ken Evans showed the students how ear corn is shelled then ground into corn meal.  Small bags were filled and passed out to take samples home.


BALING STATION: Tom Bastin was busy demonstrating his miniature baler.  Tom explained about various grasses and the gas engine that runs his baler.  He also invited the students to come to the show in July when he makes bales and passes them out to whoever wants to take one home.


Howard Snider was busy ringing the bell by the club house so students could change to different stations and not miss an activity.  Dave Sims brought his John Deere tractor and with help from his son Joey kept the students entertained with rides on the people mover.  Joey was dressed in his John Deere green and yellow cap and gloves.....Joey is four years old and loves tractors!!

Deb Dillman was busy through out the morning snapping pictures of all the activities.  We’ll be anxious to see those photos!   There were approximately 150 students in attendance and when the busses pulled out, there were plenty of smiling faces and good-bye waves.   Art Petty worked with a video crew from Tipmont REMC .  They were filming the History Day and it will  be shown on Comcast Cable and Lafayette’s Channel 18 advertising their “Operation Round-up program.  We’ll let everyone know when it will be broadcast.  The volunteers enjoyed a delicious lunch served by the ladies.  There was not an afternoon session due to a conflicting schedule with the Warren Elementary school.  If I have missed someone who worked at a station, I apologize as it was not intentional.

Submitted by: Anne Bodine