MAY 2007                                                    ISSUE 5



The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc.  will be May 21st at 6:30 P.M. at the club house.  Bring a dish to pass for the meal and an item for the merchandise drawing.  The monthly drawing keeps our “mowing fund” active.  SEE YOU THERE!!



This month’s newsletter was printed before the blacksmith’s monthly meeting.  Next month will have an up-date on their activities.



Since postage is increasing again, we a requesting club members who have E-mail addresses to send them to me so we can reduce the cost of mailings each month.  June will be the last month that we will be able to have the newsletter printed free, so we are looking into the possibility of purchasing our own copier.  So, with the combination of these new expenses, it is important to send me your E-mail address.  Dawn Lechlitner has volunteer to help me with this project.

My E-mail address is:      Thanks – Anne Bodine



Mother Nature blessed us with some beautiful weather for our Fourth Annual History Day on May 7th.  After the past three years of rain, cold and windy days, it sure was a welcome change!!  Joan Fry greeted the buses from the Benton County School System and passed out souvenir bags to all the students before they scattered through out the show grounds to various stations.


PLANTING STATION :  Tom Swanson helped each student take a turn planting seed corn in a row.  They were invited to come to the show to see how their crop progresses during the summer.  Don Evans was on hand with his “hand cranked corn sheller” to demonstrate how to get the kernels off the cob for various uses.

WASHING STATION:   Kenny Short demonstrated how clothes were washed by hand on a wash board in early times.  He also had some rug beaters on display.  (Don’t know if he had to use any of them!)  Ed Grubb had his Maytag washing machine a “Chug-Chug-A-Chugging”and

their helpers were John Carrell and Wayburn Norfleet.  THAT SAYS A LOT FOR WOMEN’S LIB.

SAW MILL STATION:   This year, the saw mill was powered by Jim Manlief’s tractor.  John Dillman was sawing cherry and hackberry logs.  Terry Bodine, Tom Nickle, Dick Van Schepen, Howard Snider and Don Jewell helped stack the wood after it was sawed and talked about logging, sawing, and different types of wood


BUTTER MAKING STATION: Art , Helen and Robyn Petty along with Donna Lechlitner explained how to separate cream from milk using a cream separator.  An antique paddle jar creamer was used to make butter.  Various molds and a butter crock was on display.  Some of the butter was used in the club house for the students to taste on their corn bread.

LADIES STATION:   As in the past, Kathy Olin with help from Marie Nickle and Louise Jewell, had students make felt balls.  Carol Stout, Doris Manlief and Virginia Snider explained early cooking methods and natural sweetners while handing out corn bread sticks to munch on.  Students had a choice of tasting: honey, maple syrup, molasses or butter on their sticks.  Pat Grubb passed out bags of pop corn while Jane Reavley showed everyone how to make paper cups from a single sheet of paper and then, enjoy a cold cup of water.

BEE-KEEPER STATION:  John Cunningham (our “honey man” at our show) brought his glass-case display of live bees.  Students were eager to find the “Queen Bee” in the case.  John explained the process of making honey and each student had a “honey stick” in their souvenir bag to take home.

BLACKSMITH STATION: Ted Stout, Charlie Terril and Rob Durrett had a lovely display of items they made to show the students while the forges were fired up.  Rob also dressed in his “Lewis and Clark” costume and spoke of the expedition and his experiences.

GAMES STATION:   Dawn and Michelle Lechlitner showed the students some old fashion games children used to play.  Rolling hoops was one of them and it was a real challenge for some since they were rolling them along the drive-way down hill!!  Needless to say, those hoops got away from a few of them!

TRAIN STATION:   Dick Fontaine had his engine and cars ready for eager riders.  Don Bodine engineered the train with “Mr.  Conductor”,alias Finny, riding in back to keep hands and feet in cars.  Charlie Lupinek and Anne Bodine helped load and un-load passengers.  Dick and Charlie also took turns as “Engineer”.

DULCIMERS STATION: Donna Starry organized her group of players: Lois Miller, Elizabeth Webb and Pete Rollet.  Students joined in singing several of the songs played.


Dave Sims brought his John Deere tractor and kept the students entertained with rides on the “people mover” from the train station to the planting station.  During a break between morning and afternoon sessions, the volunteers enjoyed a quick lunch provided by Donna Starry and Lucy Keller.  Deb Dillman was busy through out the day snapping pictures of all the activities.  We’ll be anxious to see those photos!  There were approximately 260 students in attendance and when the buses pulled out, there were plenty of smiling faces and good-bye waves!!


A special thanks goes to all who helped on the week-end and were un-able to join in the fun on History Day.  Among them were: Alan Stutler , Ken Evans and Steve Dye.  Unfortunately, I’m sure I’ve missed some one so I apologize since it wasn’t intentional.  Glen Lechlitner was there through-out the days, but I wasn’t sure which station he was at.  Doris and Jim Manlief worked awfully hard to get the grounds in “tip-top” shape which made it look like a “city park”!  Jim also baked all the corn bread the students enjoyed.  Another thank-you goes to the ladies who sewed the souvenir bags.  It’s a time consuming job!  And last but not least, a thank-you to Tim Tabert who’s president of the Benton County Farm Bureau that financed this year’s History Day.


Anne Bodine - Committee Member