MAY 2005                                         ISSUE 4



Our next meeting will be held on Monday, May 16, 2005 at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  It was voted at the April meeting to have a merchandise drawing, so don’t forget to bring something for the table.  This has proved to be some extra fun and the bonus is that the club gets to keep the money in the treasury!  As usual we will have a dinner first, so bring a dish to pass.  ONLY ONE MEETING LEFT BEFORE OUR SHOW - SO PLEASE BE THERE!!


A special meeting is scheduled for the directors on Thursday, May 19, 2005 at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  John Dillman will be there to answer any questions regarding a new building for the blacksmiths.  It is important that ALL THE DIRECTORS attend.  Bring a snack to munch on.


The Rocky Forge Blacksmith Guild will meet on Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 9:00 A.M. at Ted and Carol Stout’s   It will be an open forge.  Carol will provide sandwiches, so bring a covered dish.



Member Ted Stout spent some time in the emergency room recently, but is doing OK now.  Pam Evans brought her aprons to our history day...glad to see her there!!  Still on our prayers are Ray Evans and Dick Fontaine’s mom.  If there is anyone who needs some cheering up or has been sick, please let Anne Bodine know.  We don’t want to miss anyone.



The cool weather did not stop our “mushroom expert” Deb Dillman this year.  At history day John was asked how many mushrooms Deb had found.  It was over 900!!!  And , she has found some “whoppers” since then.  GOOD GOING DEB!!


Guy “Finney” Filchak’s first official day of retirement was spent volunteering at history day!



A huge  THANKS goes to all members that helped prepare for this year’s history day.  The weather was quite a challenge, since it was so cold and windy all three days!!  But, we managed to get every  thing cleaned up and in good shape before the busses rolled in on Monday morning.

We had a good turn out of volunteers and because I don’t want to miss anyone individually, I’d like to thank everyone as a group.  I am so proud to be a member of this association.

Terry Bodine, President. 

                                                                   - 2 -



     The History Day program on May 2, 2005 was a big success this year with the three elementary schools in Warren County.

     We had over 270 third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades plus their teachers, aides, and even bus drivers enjoying the many activities that took place over the 2-1/2 hour session in both the morning and afternoon.

     The trains were running thanks to Dick Fontaine, Steve Dye,  Finney Filchak , and Charlie Lupinek.  The teachers and the kids were amazed at how such a small engine could carry so many people.  While waiting for the train ride, the dulcimer group led by Donna Starry and friends entertained and educated the children.

     Don Evans and John  Carrell had the corn sheller and corn grinder going all day.  The kids got to shell an ear of corn, take home a corn cob, and get a small bag of corn meal to put in their little draw string bags.  Next to the corn station was Don Bodine’s big Minneapolis steam engine.  That was a big hit for the kids because he let each one “toot” the whistle.

     The Rocky  Forge blacksmiths helping were Charlie Terrel, John Young, Paul Petosky, Pete Rollett, Russ Nield and Ted Stout.  They had two forges going and made nails and hooks.  Their talk was directed toward the need for blacksmiths by the housewife, farmer, carpenter, and sports items.  Also they made a point to mention the contemporary blacksmiths of today and if any one of them would be interested , to look up black smithing and black smithing for kids on the internet. 

     There was a lot of activity around the clubhouse with Anne Bodine and Alan Stutler running the cream separator, making butter and trying to keep the milk warm enough to separate.  Inside the clubhouse, Pam Evans was busy showing the groups her aprons and explaining how they were made and used.  Doris Manlief and Chet Campfield were handing out corn bread and explaining how sorghum, maple syrup and honey were used as sweeteners when sugar was not available.  Pat Grubb was handing out little bags of popcorn while Jane Reavley was showing the kids how to make a paper cup to quench their thirst after eating all the good food.  Lucille Young was helping supply materials needed for the demonstrations done in the clubhouse.

     Outside the clubhouse was Ed Grubb’s Maytag washing machine and Carol Stout’s scrub board.  Ed made sure no fingers went through the wringer when the kids helped.  Kathy Olin and Marie Nickle were doing the popular wool demonstration..  Every child had a nice felt ball to take home.  Station #7 was the saw mill with John Dillman cutting timber, Jim Manlief operating the tractor and Terry Bodine explaining how the wood was used.

     The garden project was handled by Tom Swanson, Joe Fry, and Bill Reese.  Tom had all the students sign the planting sheet so they can check on the progress of the Indian corn and potatoes during our summer show.  After planting, the people carrier operated by Tom Nickle would take the group to the train station.

     Pictures and video were taken by Helen Petty to share with club members and the media.  We have a lot of people to thank for the success of this year’s History Day.  Over 50 volunteers were here on Monday and others showed up Sunday to finish the bags and fill them with goodies.  The number of hours volunteered by the members to get everything ready was greatly appreciated. 


Art Petty, Chairman - History Day Committee