MARCH 2015



We’d like to thank Ted and Carol Stout for hosting the February meeting at their lovely home.  There were over 50 members in attendance.  It was good to see Steve and Deb Dye.  Steve said he was doing okay since his surgery last October for a new liver.

The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be held on March 16, 2015 at the club house at 6:30 P.M.  The usual carry-in dinner will be before the meeting, so please bring a dish to pass.  Hopefully the weather will co-operate so everyone can attend!  Vice-President Don Bodine will conduct the meeting in Tom’s absence and requests that both the saw-mill operators and the building committee members attend so we can have a discussion on the new club house.



An unfortunate accident occurred last month in Florida.  Carolyn Swanson tripped and fell.  It was first believed that she broke her arm and when Tom took her to a hospital emergency room, the hospital told them they were “full” and could not admit her!  After calling around they were told that all the hospitals were unavailable.  Poor Carolyn had to wait five days before she could see a doctor!  Well, it turned out that it was her shoulder that was damaged and she had surgery on March 2nd.  She is now recovering and going to physical therapy.  This will delay their return to Indiana until sometime in April.  A “speedy recovery Carolyn!”

Another Note:

Member Jim Lawhorn is recovering from foot surgery this month…get well Jim!


I recently had my mammogram as I have done faithfully every year, for years.  A few days later I was called back for a digital mammogram because they saw something that did not fit the norm. The results of the digital then led me to an ultra sound test, which then led to four biopsy  samples that came back positive for cancer.  The cancer is in each breast and the two lymph nodes that were sampled.  It is called invasive ductal breast cancer.  At this point that is all we know.  From here on we will learn from the surgeon, oncologist, radiologist and any doctor who can get into the insurance pocket.  I will probably need chemotherapy, radiation, PET scan and many other tests and treatments.  I am ready and mentally prepared for a complete mastectomy.  I ask for your spiritual guidance and love for the future.  I also ask and encourage you to get a mammogram as soon as possible.  Carol Stout



Besides comfort, what where some of the other advantages of rubber tires over steel wheels?


Congratulations to Skylar Dunbar (daughter of Don and Christy Bodine) who was First Runner-up in the 2015 Nakota’s Natural Beauty Pageant held in Bismarck, Il. on February 28th.  The Illiana Antique Power Assoc. was her sponsor with a wonderful advertisement for the July Show in their memory book.  (At no cost to the club.)  Check it out on our Facebook page.


This month there were no articles submitted for the newsletter from our “roving reporters”.  Hopefully we’ll have more to report next month!



A 20 to 25% increase in usable drawbar horsepower; 25% fuel savings; 13% savings in time and added wheel weight over the tread.



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SHAMROCKS (three-leafed clovers) are seen on St. Patrick’s Day because St. Patrick used the shamrock as a visual aid to explain the Christian faith.  On March 17th, people wear shamrocks to celebrate the life of St. Patrick and signify their Irish pride.  So,


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