MARCH 2012



It’s been a l-o-n-g but mild winter in Indiana!  Spring is almost here and to start a new year for the Illiana Antique Power Assoc., our first meeting will be March 19, 2012.  Ted and Carol Stout have graciously invited the club members to their lovely home in West Point.  (The clubhouse is still winterized… water is  turned on.)  We’ll begin with a carry-in dinner at 6:30 P.M. so bring a dish to pass.  The Stout’s will provide the table service and drinks. If we “twist Ted’s arm”, I’m sure he will give us a tour of his fabulous shop and maybe Carol will show us their home which is decorated with antiques and collectables!  Mark you calendars and plan to attend our first meeting of 2012!  See you there.  (Map to the Stout’s is included).



Hello to all and Happy New Year!

     I got back home Dec. 29, 2011.  Praise the Lord, I am doing well, but weak.  Thank you to everyone for your cards, phone calls and most important, your thoughts and prayers on my behalf.  What can I say!  After missing everything in 2011 at Illiana, 2012 has got to be better.

     Wow!  This word describes best the Christmas in the Village Show you folks put on for everyone to enjoy.  My heartfelt thanks goes to all of you for your hours and hours of effort in decorating to make our show grounds so spectacular.  I received some photos in the mail taken by Mary Potter and sent to me from Joan Fry and it looked amazing!

     I want to thank my wife, Carolyn, for her hours of helping in decorating in my absence.  She told me the Saturday night party in the clubhouse was “standing room only” with a ton of good food and fellowship. 

     I have found out over the years that, that is typical for our Illiana Club.  Hope everyone noticed our latest donation of the cider press.  It was so beautifully rebuilt and restored by Terry and Don Bodine.  The cider press was donated to us by the Glover sisters in memory of their parents, Don and Jane Ellen of Liberty Township.  Also. We have a beautiful restored bundle wagon donated to us from my brother, John Swanson and his family.  Our Illiana Club is the recipient of a most generous donation of a new Quonset building from Floyd Hess.  Floyd and his son, Keith, from Westville, Illinois are members

     I am excited and looking forward to 2012.  I have some ideas and projects in mind as I’m sure you do to.

     Once again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone for all your efforts in helping to make Illiana such a good club!

     God Bless,  

Tom Swanson

P.S.  We need binder twine for our binder.


NOTE:  Tom is very modest in all the work he does for the club.  Last fall, Bob Parsell donated a wooden dollhouse to the club.  Tom restored it so well that it looks brand new and Carolyn decorated the inside rooms.  They are two talented people!  It was displayed in the Ladies Quilt Cottage during the Christmas in the Village.  If you missed it then, it will be at our July 2012 Show for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks, Bob, Tom and Carolyn!




On October 29, 2011, Doc McGrady of Hillsboro, Indiana hosted an open house at his newly built post and beam barn.  The barn is filled with Doc’s numerous antique tractors and equipment.  Pumpkin pie and hot and cold cider was served.  Many guests along with several club members enjoyed a delightful evening touring his new barn and antiques.  Thanks Doc. It’s an outstanding building and a beautiful display!



There are no words to describe how beautiful the show grounds looked on Dec. 10th & 11th for the 2nd Annual “Christmas in the Village”.  Club members worked days and days stringing lights, decorating the buildings – the windmill – Don Evan’s locomotive & cars, building the train track, baking cookies, saving milk jugs and canning jars and filling them for the luminary lights, etc.  The weather seemed to cooperate for both days.  (although several thought that a light snow would have been nice).  People started to arrive early but the real show was after dark.  That’s when the show grounds seemed to GLOW in the night!  Saturday evening after the public thinned out, a delicious Chile Dinner was served.  (As Tom described in his letter – It was standing room only!)  Of course we can’t forget to mention that Santa was on hand to pass out candy canes, write in his book what everyone wanted for Christmas and pose for pictures.  And, in each building there was an activity for the children and adults to enjoy.  The biggest disappointment was that Tom Swanson (who worked on the grounds for weeks before the event) could not attend since he “landed in the hospital” in the previous week.  Thanks to all who helped before, during and after!  This is another Club activity that was well received!












March 2012 is here.  I don’t know about you, but I’m still looking for the “BIG ONE  this year…….I won’t use that four letter word!  Looking forward to this year.  I hope to do some new shows.  I try and go to a new one every year.  Last year was Cool Springs and Pontiac.  This year I hope to go to Edinberg and Paducah, Ky.  That is, if Dick B. will allow me in his back yard!  I may need to get a passport.

I’ve heard rumors that we may get 300 engines this year for our show.  Some of our regulars are really pushing for us now.  With our feature engine, I know there are a lot out there.  Plus the way the calendar falls may help us.  Something you should all look forward to; we hope to have Marvin’s big Galloway on a shirt.  This will be a show “first”.  You’ll have to buy two….one to wear and one to save!

If you missed the first L.A.M.E.S. (Lafayette Area Model Engineering Show) show in Lafayette held on February 4, 2012, you missed out on some serious fun.  By my count, we had 78 engines of all types: gas, steam, etc.  I’m pretty sure all had a very large time.  If you like, you can see a video of the show on U-tube on line at: lames2012.  Fred VanHook did a great job as my cameraman!  I hope we can put it together again next year but we will need a new and bigger place.  I am looking!

Here’s looking forward to a great 2012 show season!  So, get out and have some fun and see a new show this year.

Later,  Tom

Submitted by:  Tom Bastin



Hey everybody, long time no write!

Let me get you caught up with the railroader’s activities this past winter.  Of course, we had the electric trains running under the Christmas tree during “Christmas in the Village”, and they were well received by all.  After all it’s just not Christmas without a train under the tree!

Our next project landed us in Lafayette at Tom Bastin’s L.A.M.E.S. Model Engine Show with all the Bodines and myself showing off some of our models.  What a great little show!  It was the “Maiden Voyage” for this show and, man, what a turnout!  Tom was smiling ear to ear!  GOOD JOB TOM!  For video and pictures go to: SmokStak L.A.M.E.S. Model Engine Show.  (Or, Tom’s U-tube info.  It is shown in both sites).

Well, that’s about all I have this trip, but with spring just around the corner, I’ll soon have lots to talk about!  And always remember to “Keep a close eye on the water”.


Submitted by:  Finny Filchak



Rural mail carriers in northern climates used the Minneapolis-Moline UDLX, also known as “Comfortractors”, for winter delivery.





The next Rocky Forge meeting will be March 10th at Ted’s shop.  Coffee and doughnuts will be ready by 8:30, so come early and be ready to forge.  The way this recent weather has been we should be able to work comfortably outside.  The first item on the agenda will be KJ showing us a new gas forge he recently bought that is capable if getting hot enough for forge welding.  (He claims to be welding A-36, rub it in KJ.)  He will bring it to show us how it works.  Ted recently acquired propane cylinders used for fork trucks that he modified for use on a gas forge.  The modification process and the advantages of the cylinder will be presented.  If anyone else has any new tools or things to discuss or show please let me know.  With an open forge time we should work on making tools for the blacksmith shop that we are preparing to raffle. 

Lunch will be cold meat sandwiches, so bring whatever you want to go with the sandwiches and to share.  I’ll bet we get a lot of chips!

We will have our usual iron-in-the-hat drawing so bring some goodies for that drawing.  I need to say that our group still has one of the very best iron-in-the-hat drawings in the state!  Let’s keep up the quality.

At our last meeting with Andy Davis demonstrating Mokume Gane we had a great turnout.  There were 54 at the lunch tables.  His demo and exhibit of knives and swords were really good.  Many of us had our picture taken holding the famous sword Andy made for the movie “THOR”.  Vic Eichorn, Gene Hollingsworth and others had some very nice copper pieces on display.  It was a wonderful day with many visitors from afar and near.  (Don Neuenschwander, Roger and Janet Lorance and Tom and Doc (Vicki) Schertz, et. el.)  We have had some very good meetings, but this one ranks up there very high.  Thanks to all those who helped make it possible.

Looking forward to a good meeting on the 10th and seeing all of you.

Ted and Carol

Submitted by:  Ted Stout




            HISTORY DAY 2012


               SAVE THE DATE – MAY 7, 2012                        


The kids will be there and our job will be to give them a day of experience they will never forget!  Making the past come alive can be fun but we know/remember the amount of HARD WORK that goes along with it.  Plans are being made…..ideas are being taken…..if you have a suggestion or an idea be sure to let Dave and Tara Sims (765-294-4626) or Joan Fry (765-869-5406) know soon.  Many of you already know what you need to do so “gear up” and we’ll talk more at the meeting.  See you then,     Joan

 Submitted by:  Joan Fry








Hello from Tri-County Quilters!

Our club “went all out” for our Christmas party by having it at the Attica Hotel.  We had lots of fun with 14 members present and one guest. 

We are all doing a mystery quilt with Beverly handing out two block pattern each month.  It’s always exciting to see how different the blocks look depending on the colors chosen. 

We have a new member involved in a group making bags and filling them; then given to children that have been taken from a house where “meth” is made.  Each child is given a bag with necessary items.  They also get a quilt, stuffed animal, books, toothbrush and toothpaste and anything to help them.  They cannot take anything with them when they are taken.  We are all helping her with this project.

Our January meeting was on the 23rd and we had a carry-in with everyone bringing a salad.  Lots of food with only one person spilling anything!  She knows who I’m talking about.  We had 10 members present and it wasn’t me this time.

The February meeting went smooth with 11 members present.  “Show & Tell” was quite a show!  Seems as though everyone stayed up nights the whole month to be able to produce so many beautiful things.  Marilyn machine quilts beautifully and brought quilts she had finished for some of our members.  Toward the end of our meeting it seems all of our “rowdy” members (we know WHO we are) all sit together and what one didn’t think of – the other did!  I’m afraid we caused quite a “stir”!  Sorry girls, someone needs to bring some duct tape.  We didn’t get a lot accomplished.  Our goal was to sew all the bags for History Day.*  I think we made 175 or so.  Hopefully, someone else will put the ribbon in them.  We are looking forward to our members from Florida returning.  They are sure to bring some ideas back with them.

Still stitching!  Sophia

Submitted by: Sophia Rosa


*I personally want to thank our quilting ladies ahead of time for making the bags for History Day.  This is quite a project……(and, that means I don’t have to make any!   Anne)



Unfortunately we have lost a few member who have passed away:

John Fisher – November 27. 2011

Gary Guthridge – December 5, 2011

Paul Grubbs – February 26, 2012

Our sympathy to all their families.


Get well wishes to Carolyn Swanson who had a benign tumor removed from her foot while in Florida.  Tom reports that she is doing better now and they will be returning home to Indiana soon.




John and Jessie Byroad          February 2012

Ted and Carol Stout              March 2012



Donna Lechlitner and Jessie Scroggins     February 10, 2012



Clayton Bodine competed at the Armstrong-Potomac High School on Feb. 11, 2012 in Archery Competition.  Clayton scored 278 out of 300 points winning first place in the Jr. High Division.  He came in second overall competing against thirteen Illinois Schools.  Clayton attends Mary Miller Jr. High School, Georgetown, Il.









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