MARCH 2011



WOW!  What a winter we’ve had in Indiana and surrounding states!  Hopefully spring is just around the corner.  The first meeting of the year for the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be March 21, 2011 at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  Bring a dish to pass for the dinner.  Our “snowbirds”, Tom and Carolyn Swanson, are still enjoying their time in Florida so Vice President Kenny Short will be conducting the meeting.  See you there!



There’s some old news to “catch up” on and a new column we hope you’ll enjoy in our first newsletter for 2011.  So, here goes….



Hello to all,

     As I write this, we are having a good dose of “old man winter”.  Received another 3” of snow and we have survived a week of bone chilling temperatures.

     I want to extend a “Big Thank You” to Joan Fry and all her crew for planning and decorating for our “Christmas in the Village” celebration.  The weather was not cooperative but we thoroughly enjoyed it and those that came on Saturday evening simply loved it.  The village was just beautiful all lit up!  Joan has set the date for next year for Dec. 10th & 11th.

     Thanks to the Bodine family once again for hosting our Christmas party.  Lots of trains running and a generous and bountiful carry-in meal was enjoyed by all.  Finny kept trying to give away $50,000 in the drawing but couldn’t get any he said!

     No meeting in Jan. & Feb.  Don’t forget to pass out those business cards with this year’s show dates!

     I am looking forward to 2011 as we have several projects in the fire and hopefully get accomplished.

     I wish for everyone a healthy, prosperous and blessed 2011!

Tom Swanson











The snow was “flying” and the roads were “icy” but several members and friends attended the Christmas Party at Don & Christy Bodine’s.  We estimated that there were around sixty in attendance.  As usual, we enjoyed a delicious meal brought to the party by some of the best “cooks” in the area!  The trains were a constant “whirl” around the tracks for young and old to enjoy.  Winners of the drawings were:  Mens-Jeremiah Eyrich, Ladies-Mary Potter, Boys-Charlie Eyrich and Girls-Marissa LaFoe.  As the party concluded, the roads were clear so everyone had a safe trip home.   Thanks to all who attended.



The first annual Illiana Antique Power Assoc. Christmas in the Village was snowy, rainy, partially cancelled and was an enormous amount of effort by all who participated.  We will call it a success!  The weather was rainy on Saturday afternoon and about forty club members and approximately sixty visitors enjoyed their Christmas experience.  The village looked beautiful.  The luminaria added a storybook touch.  A special thank you to Terry Bodine for hauling hundreds of sand filled milk jugs; loading and un-loading them.

(He didn’t know what he was getting into when he volunteered!)  Another big thank you goes to young Patrick Hegg and his mom April for trying to keep them lit along with the rest of the crew.  Our new Post Office became the direct line to Santa and the North Pole.  Tom’s Toy Shop had some special new decorations and everyone who visited, left with a “chuckle” and a wooden star.  The picture place was beautiful.  The trees will be planted on our club grounds.  Special thanks goes to Sara Davis - Davis Landscaping of Reynolds, In. for donating the trees.   The lighting was perfect for family pictures thanks to Kenny Campfield.  Kathy Olin’s Kitchen was warm and smelled of good cookies.  Jim Cunningham had spent hours getting those reindeer to stand in the stanchions at the milk house.  The hot chocolate really “hit the spot”.  Carolyn Swanson worked her magic in the Washhouse and Deb’s Shed.  The Quilter’s Cottage looked great.  The gals decided that next year they were decorating in September!  The Cottage gave folks a place to get out of the rain.  Everyone’s favorite place was the clubhouse.  All the kids and most of the women wanted to sit on Santa’s lap!  (And, they did!)  The food was wonderful.  We didn’t make a “dent” in the hundreds of gingerbread men Deb Dye made.  Clayton Bodine’s trains were running around Jim Cunningham’s “tractor” tree and through Ginny Saylor’s wonderful little village.  The fireplace was crackling and the Christmas spirit was everywhere.  Tom, Bob and Jim and many others received their reward for the hours they spent on the grounds hanging lights and decorations.  ”Tell the Bodine’s you want something and they will find it!”   We had lights almost as old as the guys hanging them.  And, they worked!  A special thanks to everyone who helped.  THEN CAME SUNDAY!

The snow was blowing, roads were filling up and it was COLD!  Joan made the executive decision to call off Sunday’s Show.  Folks were glad to stay home but everyone agreed Christmas in the Village was a great idea and another way for the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. to use the facilities we have and to serve the community.  Plans are being made for Christmas in the Village II in 2011!

Submitted by:  Joan Fry  



Well here we go again, another year and another show season to get ready for.  I hope everyone had a good winter season.  As for me, I hate winter every year, as it seems to get worse.  Maybe it’s the age thing, I’m not sure.  For this year’s show, we are going to feature engines from Indiana.  There are many that were made here.  Some are very common and some very rare.  One of the rarest is the Bingo, which was made in Flora, Indiana.  They say there is only one known of it’s kind.  When you’re looking at the engines, check the tag or ask the owner where it came from and also what did it do.  When you’re looking around you will see and hear differences in the way the engine runs.  All are sometimes called hit and miss or flywheel engines.  But, all run either hit and miss or throttle governed.  You can tell by the sound they make.  Another interesting thing to look for is all the ways the engines were cooled.  You will see air-cooled, hopper cooled, tank cooled and some maybe screen cooled.  There are just about as many types of ignition used.  You can look for them or ask if you can’t tell.  I’m sure no one knows just how many different kind of engines that were made, but you can get a good idea by looking at the “big yellow book”.  Just ask any engine guy to see one since most of us have them.  I always have mine at the show.  It will keep you busy for a long time.  I’m assuming we are going to have History Day again this year and I would like to see more of the engine guys bring out some to show the kids.  It’s a good story to talk about….all the way’s they were used on the farm and elsewhere.  Well, that’s all for this month.  I hope to see everyone at our first meeting this year.  Till next time…”Get them all oiled up guys, it is almost time.”

Submitted by:  Tom Bastin



The group was very busy during the winter months.  We did a lot of interesting metal work and had fun.  The December meeting was held in conjunction with the Indiana Blacksmiths and we had a large turnout.  Our demonstrator for the day was one of our own members, Harold Frost, who spent many months in the hospital and rehabilitation from bone cancer.  It was a pleasure to have him be able to do a demonstration.  He now lives in Michigan, closer to his family.  The January gathering was also a large meeting with the Rural Smiths of Mid-America.  Both of the meetings were hosted by the Rocky Forge Group in Ted’s shop.  One of our local members and also a member of the Illiana, recently had a liver transplant.  After a very long recovery period time, Jim is now home and slowly regaining his strength.  Our next meeting will be 9:00 A.M., March 12th, at Ted’s shop.  Coffee and doughnuts will be served by 8:30.  The day’s agenda will be open forge with the hope for good weather so we can reshape junk into something artistic or useable.  Lunch will be a pizza party.  As always, Illiana members are welcome to attend or just stop by.

Submitted by:  Ted Stout  Ph: 765-491-2194 






Hi Everybody!

Wow, what a winter, huh?  Well in the immortal words of “Doc” Fontaine, “Can spring be far behind?”  The PC&W members held a well attended meeting in January to conduct business and discuss the future of the railroad.  Spirits were upbeat, and plenty of ideas were discussed, from adding an access from the yards to the main, to Tim Sering’s new water tower, which is an anxiously awaited addition.  It was decided to table most discussion until we could meet at the track to make better informed decisions.  A weather permitting March 12th date was selected to further these ends.  I, for one, can’t wait to get started and hope you all feel the same!  Until then, don’t forget to “Keep a close eye on the water!”

Submitted by:  Finny Filchak



John Byroad was in the hospital Dec. 4th to remove fluid from around his heart and was not able to attend the Christmas Party.  Jan Groen was scheduled for a gall bladder operation on Dec. 30th.  Rudy Groff (who is not a member but has helped at the History Day at the saw mill the last couple of years) was hospitalized in Lafayette.  Hope everyone is doing well and on the road to recovery!  GOOD NEWS:  John & Deb Dillman’s granddaughter Regan has finished her chemo and is doing quite well.


Our hearts go out to Ludwig & Jan Groen who’s daughter passed away Nov. 14th.  She was only 42 yrs old.  Pete VonStein’s father passed away Thanksgiving weekend and Fred VanHook’s father died in Dec.  Our sympathy to all the families.



Hello from Tri-County Quilters!

I have been asked and I accepted the challenge of writing an article for the newsletters.  My quilt club members think I can surely write because I’m a big talker.  Well, we’ll see!

We all love our new building and enjoyed decorating it very much for the show.  This year we will try to do even better.  We are busy making quilts for charity.  Our latest project is a “quilt for valor”.  It goes to a wounded soldier.  We also make book bags for Riley and catheter bags and travel bags for the V.A. in Danville, Il.  Some of our members do more charity projects than others and some hand quilt and other’s machine quilt.  The diversity in our club is nothing short of amazing!  When someone mentions a new idea, we jump on it and all work together.  Three members have long-arm quilting machines.  We meet at the Pine Village Community Room in the Fire Station on the 4th Monday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  We have 14 members.  Most people bring their machines and sewing supplies and, if they don’t, we draft them to do the ironing as punishment!  We accept new members and also guests.  Call me at 765-385-2932 for information.  More next month!

Submitted by:  Sophia Rosa





The Illiana Antique Power Assoc. would like to welcome Harley Wynn from St. Joseph, Il. as a new member to our club!



The first tractor to take and pass the Nebraska Tractor Test was a 12-25 Waterloo Boy N on March 31, 1920


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                                      A LITTLE IRISH HUMOR:


                                                   IRISH ST. PATRICK’S DAY TOAST

                                                   Saint Patrick was a gentleman,

                                                   Who through strategy and stealth,

                                                   Drove all the snakes from Ireland,

                                                   Here’s a toasting to his health.

                                                   But not too many toastings

                                                   Lest you lose yourself and then

                                                   Forget the good Saint Patrick

                                                   And see all those snakes again!


            Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there for you!



                       Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!’

                       HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!