MARCH 2010



Well, it’s been a “l-o-n-g   w-i-n-t-e-r” in Indiana!  Hopefully spring is just around the corner! It’s time to start making plans for not only our annual show in July but also for History Day coming up in May.  So, let’s have a good attendance at the first meeting of  the year for the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. scheduled on March 15, 2010.  We’ll begin with a carry-in dinner at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  So bring a dish to pass and we’ll see you there!



Get the mothballs out of your campers (unless you were part of the “snow birds” who headed south for the winter and you’re campers are all ready to “roll again”).  Kenny Short has planned a camping weekend on April 30th, May 1st & 2nd in conjunction with History Day 2010 scheduled for May 3rd.  There will be a charge of $10.00 per night payable to the club (%Doris Manlief) to cover electricity.  All meals will be “on their own” unless it’s decide to do a carry-in on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon.  This will be decided at the March or April meeting.  (WORK DAYS for History Day are planned for May 1st and 2nd.)



Well the PC&W gang finally found a hole in the weather, and managed to have a meeting on Sunday February 21st, with 11 members and guests attending.  The first order of  business was to collect annual dues as the ole’ cash box  was quite depleted.  The discussion turned to future projects, and it was quickly decided that before we start anything new, we should “take care of what we’ve got”, with unending track maintenance taking precedent.  Our new “wish list” consists of relaying the yards, double tracking the north main and building a working water tower to eliminate the long waits while watering the steamers.  A committee of three is to meet in April to inspect the  track, plan a work schedule and co-ordinate any new work.  It’s findings will be taken back to the body for review.  Afterwards, a really good meal was laid out by Christy and Anne, followed by a really good “bull session” complete with an excellent video show courtesy of Don Bodine who was also busy selling the new, improved batch of wheel castings he and Terry have come out with.  Be advised Live Steamers, these are of the highest quality and reasonably priced, ($10.00 each), and available now.  Call Terry (765-294-2768) or Don (765-294-4296).  Well that’s it for this month, but remember to always “Keep a close eye on the water”.

Submitted by: Finny Filchak 




This is the section of the newsletter I really don’t like to write about.  The passing of friends and club members as well as those who are in need of get well wishes.


On January 15, 2010 long time friend and club member Jeff Kindell passed away after being rushed to an Indianapolis hospital.  It was Jeff who donated to the club the oil derrick that’s on the show grounds.  Also, a few years ago, he and long time companion Debbie Sanders sold popcorn and snow cones during the show.  Jeff’s daughter, Becky Story, requested donations be made to the club in memory of her dad in lieu of flowers.

We’d like to thank the Kindell family for their generosity at such a sad time in their lives.

Doc McGrady of Hillsboro Indiana has contacted Terry Bodine and would like to donate

a complete set of Bell City decals for the club’s seperator in memory of Jeff and is willing to help place them correctly on the seperator  He will try to attend our meeting to talk to the club.   Jeff  will be missed by all who knew and loved him.


Last August 2009, Birkey’s Farm Store of Williamsport Indiana held a tractor drive and benefit for their employee Denny Davis who was diagnosed with cancer.  Several of our club members participated in the drive and approximately 150+ tractors did a stop over at our show grounds where everyone enjoyed a delicious meal, drinks and several activities sponsored by the Illiana club members.  On a sad note, Denny lost the battle and died on February 23, 2010 at St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital.  Denny farmed near Perrysville Indiana before he moved to Williamsport and became a salesman at Birkey’s in 1994.  Denny was well like by everyone and will be sadly missed.


Another member, Phyllis Cotton, wife of John - Covington Indiana passed away on February 10, 2010.  John and Phyllis enjoyed displaying their antique car at the show and participated in the past tractor drives sponsored by our club.  Our sympathy to their family.


Member Pam Evans is currently residing at Heartland Health Care Center, 1001 E. Pells St., Paxton, Il. 60957.  Pam spent a week and a half at Carle Hospital in Champaign Illinois before being moved to the center.  Husband Don says she’s is doing better after receiving therapy.  The address is included if members would like to send her a card.

Hope she will be well enough to come home soon.


Ted and Carol Stout joined several members in Florida and attended the Florida Fly-Wheelers show in February.  Well, on their way home both Carol and Ted contacted terrible colds with Ted’s turning into the flu.  While in Tennessee Carol had to call 911 and get Ted to a hospital!  They are now at home and slowly recuperating.  Carol reported  The show was wonderful, but, the travel home was horrible!”  They were never so happy to see West Point again!








When Harry Ferguson was experimenting with his first two-bottom plow that raised and lowered, it was attached to a Ford Model T.




The March 13th meeting of the Rocky Forge Blacksmith Guild will again be on the traditional art to nail making.  In January we had a fun meeting where we made nail headers and nails.  It seems, however, that we made more nail headers than nails.  We started a Nail Post and five people contributed nails.  We would really like to have more nails from our group on the post, so we will dedicate the March meeting at Ted Stout’s shop to getting better at making nails, and we will again encourage each member to contribute at least one decorative nail for the Nail Post.  The post will travel to the IBA conference, or other satellite groups for individuals to place a nail in the post.  We may even take it to SOFA perhaps as the IBA Nail Post and ask others at SOFA to make additions.  Don’t forget to bring iron-in-the-hat items as this is our main revenue source.  Bring a bag lunch (or eat nails), as we will eat in the shop.  See you all on Saturday, March 13th.     P.S. Leave some room in your stomach for chocolate covered donuts, gourmet coffee and nails!

Submitted by:  Dominick Andrisani


NOTE: Dominick has some great pictures from their visit to Harley Chandler’s Coach Shop in Petersburg Kentucky.  I hope the pictures come through to all the members that receive their newsletter by e-mail.  Unfortunately, the pictures will be in black and white when copied and sent in the mail.                                       Anne Bodine