MARCH 2005                                     ISSUE 2



Our next meeting will be held March 21, 2005 at 6:30 P.M. back at our clubhouse.  It  was voted at the February meeting to do a “merchandise” drawing instead of our usual 50/50 drawing.  (We did this at the Stout’s thanksgiving dinner.)  If you’d like to get in on the drawing, just bring a shop or kitchen item to donate to the table.  Home made items are welcomed!  The tickets will be $1.00 a piece or 6 for $5.00.  At the time of the drawing, who ever has the number drawn will get to choose from the table of items.  This goes on until the table is empty.  Nearly everyone gets something from the drawing and the club gets the bonus of all the money.  Even if you forget to bring something, you can still buy a ticket and get in on the fun.  We will have the usual dinner before the meeting, so don’t forget to bring a dish to pass.  Club member Rob Durrett (and also a member of the Rocky Forge Blacksmith Guild) will give a presentation on the Lewis and

Clark Expedition.  So, mark your should be a good meeting!!  You won’t want to miss it.



A big THANK YOU goes to Gary Guthridge for his donation to the club’s building fund.  We still have an outstanding balance on our building and we will except donations at any time.  Donations are tax deductible.



We need all our members to try and sell show ads.  This generates some cash in our treasury before the show.  If you need the forms just contact Pete VonStein and return them back to him.



Tom Swanson will run the wagon sale again this year....every one needs to start gathering their “collectibles” for the sale so we can have a nice selection of items.  This has been a good money making project for us.....remember one person’s junk can be another person’s treasure!!       



A big THANK YOU to Joe and Joan Fry for hosting our February meeting.  Joan served some delicious potato soup and chili.  Set on blue and white checkered table cloths, an assortment of tractors and implements from Joe’s toy collection made some lovely table decorations!  So, again, THANK YOU  -  JOE AND JOAN!!




1 (12 OZ.)  Can fruit pie filling

1-1/4 C.  Bisquick baking mix

1 Tbsp.  Sugar

1/4 C.  Milk

1/4 C Sour cream


Heat pie filling to boiling.  Pour into greased 1-1/2 qt.  casserole dish.  Stir remaining ingredients until dough forms.  Drop by spoonfuls onto hot pie filling.  Sprinkle lightly with granulated sugar.  Bake at 450 for 20 min., or until golden brown.


WOW!!  Doesn’t that sound YUMMY?  That’s just a small sampling of one of the recipes I have so far for the cook book.  I reported at the last meeting that I only had sixty-one recipes.  Well, a few more have “trickled” in.  Thank you to all who have sent them to me, but, I’m still going to keep “bugging” every one for more.  We still have a long way to go.  Please keep digging a little more in your files.  We have such good cooks among us so  I know we can put together an outstanding cook book.  ANNE BODINE, Chairperson.



Sent in by Ted Stout


It was in June 1849 that the first steam thresher was put into operation in Cyrus McAdam’s wheat field, near the Indiana town of Wabash-on-the-Wabash, to the wonder and amazement of onlookers.  This astounding device, without a single horse or oxen attached, harvested, threshed, and bagged 250 acres of wheat, as well as baling the straw, before exploding and killing most of the spectators.  The ruined machine, streaming flaming kerosene, then plunged down Barker’s Hill into the midst of the town, setting afire what it didn’t flatten by it’s sheer size and weight.

Nine years later, another steam thresher was tried out, and it worked just dandy, killing no one for almost three weeks.  It was so tame that some of the local schoolboys got themselves some pipe and tapped steam off the boiler to power their Hoener harmonicas.  The very next year the first Steam-Driven Harmonica Competition was held, with participants  coming as far away as South Bend and New Castle.  And what a time they had!  Terre Haute sent its “80-PSI Marching  Harmonica Band,” which was more than matched by the Kokomo Slide-Valve Melodeon,.” and the “Muncie Steamfitters’ Wind Ensemble.”  The event was such a smashing success that this week has been reserved ever after for the All-Indiana Steam-Driven Harmonica Competition in New Wabash-on-the-Wabash.  Mindful of the festival’s motto: “The Loudest Music This Side Of Judgement Day.”   Hearing protection is suggested!                                                                  



A sad note: John Dillman’s brother Ralph died after a battle with cancer.  Our get well wishes need to go to: Ray Evans, Dick Fontaine’s mom, Anne Bodine’s dad, Deb Dillman and Carol Stout  - who had oral surgery.  (Ouch!)