JUNE 2014



The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be Monday – June 16th at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse. Bring a dish to pass for the carry-in dinner.  THIS IS THE LAST MEETING BEFORE OUR JULY SHOW!  So please try to attend.  See you there.



Hello and greetings to all,

     I want to extend a hearty “THANK YOU” to Dave Sims, Joan Fry and everyone that helped in presenting and making our Annual History Day a HUGH SUCCESS!  What a fun filled day and very, very busy with approximately 400 boys and girls in attendance.

     I even accused Tom Nickle of going out on Hwy 41 and stopping traffic to bring in extras.  The weather was great as was our show that day.  Also, thanks to Carol Stout and her helpers for the fine noon meal.

     We are going to have a new display this year thanks to a clever idea and suggestion from Denny Olin.  It will be a “What is it?”  display featuring hand tools or small household gadgets that you have and do not know it’s name or it’s use.  I know I have some items like this myself.  So, everyone start digging through those old bins and drawers and bring your items to the show and the public can look those over and possibly identify them for us.  It should be interesting!

     For those of you that don’t know, a windstorm in April severely damaged our windmill.  Don Evans brought his bucket truck and we took the mill off the tower.  If at all possible, I want to have it repaired in time for our show in July.

     We (Illiana Club) have been asked to display some of our tractors at the Vermillion County Fair in Danville, Illinois the week of June 24 – 28.  If you live in close proximity to the fairgrounds and want to bring your tractor, please let me know.  I will be going in the evenings to pass out our flyers and advance our show.  If you want to help in any way, call me for info.  As of this writing, I am told the tractors would be under roof in a building.  I think this is a great way for us to spread the word about our fine show.  I would appreciate it if someone could make a sign to display “Illinois Antique Power Assoc. – Rainsville, Indiana”.  Also it would be nice to have a display of photos of our show and various activities taking place.

     Show time will soon be here, so wipe the dust off those tractors, engines, trucks and autos and make plans to join us for three days of fun in July.  Hey, all you guys that liked to plow last year - we had a good turn-out and this year I would like to once again have 20-25 tractors and plows lined up in the furrow to get a nice aerial photo on Saturday.  To save room on the grounds, we can park your plow on the wheat stubble till Saturday.  I’m getting excited and hope you are too! 



(letter cont’d)

     We need a Case 16” plow shear for one of our Case plows.  Also, if anyone has any farm related advertising signs or items, we could use them to display in our scale house.  Remember, this is the first building the public sees as they enter our show grounds.  We want to make a good “first impression”!  As always, thanks to everyone for all you do that makes Illiana a wonderful show!

     Tom Swanson




Living History Day 2014 was a wonderful, wonderful day!  Thanks to all of you who were there and worked so hard to make History come alive.  The weather managed to stay almost perfectly dry, the kids were excited, the teachers were thrilled and the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. folks were really on their game.  Even though we have done this before, it seemed this year was especially perfect!  The pictures should be on the website so you can check them out.  Be sure to tell Carolyn Swanson that Tom was really here all day…Deb didn’t know that he and Dave were down in the scale house so he isn’t in a single picture!  The kids loved the noise…Mel’s railroad whistle was a wonderful favorite…Terry’s steam engine whistle was just as great!  The kids loved that they could run around and talk.  Some even came back to the school house to take a spelling test!!  Art and Tom carried all the kids around the grounds in the people movers.  Tom said he thought they might be getting kids off the road because it seemed like there were many more than the almost 400 kids we expected.  The lunch was delicious and we all appreciated the break.  Every station was full of kids all day.  GREAT JOB everyone!!!


Now, guess what???  We have a fall Living History Day coming September 26th.  You can start thinking about fall activities.  Think we can do apple cider??  Maybe make jam or dry apples??  We will have different 4th graders so we can repeat several stations.  Let’s make the 12th Living History Day as wonderful as #11.

Submitted by Joan Fry



1.       Indiana will be 200 years old in 2016.  Do you have some ideas about ways to celebrate?  Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will submit 3 events…Our July Power Show, History Day and Christmas in the Village.  Others???  Let Joan Fry know your ideas.  Warren County is having a brainstorming meeting June 10th.

2.      Our club has lost several special folks during the last year.  It seems we need to find a way to give tribute to these club members for their contributions over the years.  Be thinking and we will discuss possibilities during the next meeting.

3.      If we are going to do a building, we need to collect some fund raising ideas also.  Put your thinking caps on and maybe even think “out of the box”.  You just never know what will pop up!


1.      Club Historian…We have piles of pictures and newspaper clippings.  It would be great if someone would organize them and save them for the future.  Maybe even put everything on a CD????  Your creative juices are what we need.  Illiana Antique Power Assoc. has really accomplished many things and it would be great if we could look back to see where we have been.  Want the Job???  Give Tom a call.

2.      History Day Committee…When the club first began doing History Day, the plan was to  rotate committee members…with the plan that would ensure fresh ideas and reduce the wear and tear on any one person.  Joan and Dave have had “lots of help” but sure could use some additional help with the future planning, school contact and general organization.  Living History Day is meeting goals and is making an educational contribution but…new ideas and ways to make our efforts more effective are what we need.  If you are interested in the “before the big day activities”, let Dave or Joan know.

3.      Doris, our outstanding secretary, would love to apprentice someone who would love to learn all Doris does.  She does a lot!!  Let Doris know if you are interested.  She is easy to work with and the job…can be learned.



The committee members are:  Jan Groen, Ed Grubb, Tanya Olin, Donna Starry, Don Evans, Alan Stutler and Ted Stout.


The committee finally was able to have a meeting on Monday, June 2nd at the clubhouse.  Ted Stout was appointed the committee chair person.  An outline of the process for deciding what we want in the way of a building was started.  It will not be a simple nor short process.   At the November Illiana Club meeting, in Stout’s basement, everyone was given a sheet of paper and asked to make any comments regarding the Illiana Club.  Those feedback notes were most interesting and a lot of input regarding a new clubhouse was made.  We reviewed each of those sheets you filled out and made a list of those pertaining to the clubhouse.  They were incorporated in the list of wants for a building.  We will continue to crank out the ideas, needs and wants so that we can select those that are necessary to design a building to suit our current and future needs as the club grows.  We encourage club members to continue giving input on what you want to see in a new clubhouse building.  Professional help from engineers, builders, electricians, plumbers, etc. will be sought.


As we soon discovered from this first meeting, it will be a process that will take time to sort through.  There are numerous decisions to be made and we trust the final result will be a facility the Illiana group will be proud of and perhaps could rent for community affairs.  We examined the existing building and will be attempting to make a logical decision on just what to do with that building.  There again, if you have input you would like us to consider, please talk with any one or more of the committee members.

Our next meeting has been scheduled for June 23rd.

Submitted by: Committee Chair Person, Ted Stout        Phone:  765-491-2194


Even though we have the Indiana Blacksmith Assoc. annual conference the weekend of June 6th, 7th and 8th, we will still have a Rocky Forge meeting at Ted’s shop on June 14th.  After being at the conference we should all be pepped up and ready to try some of the new techniques we saw demonstrators do.  It is always an exciting time after the conference with ideas floating around in our minds.  We have new books to look at, probably some new tools to play (I mean work) with, some metal from the vendors or iron in the hat drawing and most of all a lot of enthusiasm from seeing the demonstrations and talking with our peers. 


Bring your coal, tools, metal and ideas to Ted’s shop on the 14th.  We will have an iron in the hat drawing so bring goodies for that event.  As for lunch, we will cook hamburgers, so bring a covered dish to compliment the burgers.  Please bring food to help on lunch, it is not fair for those who always bring a nice dish and others bring nothing.  Think a day ahead.  Let’s make  this a fun meeting and get some neat items forged.  If you are new to metalsmithing, just ask and we will help you.  If you are a “seasoned” metalworker, don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

See you all on the 14th.   Submitted by:  Ted Stout



April 28th Meeting:

We met at Pine Village in the Firehouse Community Building.  Ten members, a new  member and two guest participated.  Our new member is Rose Wall from Covington, Connie McIntyre, a former member who now resides in Indy, was guest as was Donna Starry’s Aunt Jane.  Both guest gave advice and help in preparing for HX day. 

All members are aware of their individual roles in History Day presentation for the 4th grade guest.  We had “Sew and Tell”, worked on 4 patches for History Day and on our own projects.   We managed to squeeze in a brown bag lunch and then, back to sewing!


May 19th Meeting:

Nine members and guest Betty McCormick participated in the day.  We had a business meeting and “Sew and Tell” and our guest brought in her “Sew and Tell”….great job!

Report on History Day – great success as usual!  Approximately 400 children came to share and enjoy the day with us.  So many great questions for our quilting group and everyone was very polite and orderly.  They were intrigued with tools that quilters use, many wanted to use the treadle machine, the old electric machine and one young man said, “I want my dad to get me one of these!”,  as he watched the small quilting machine!  That kind of enthusiasm made the day worthwhile.  Very ambitious members fixed a great lunch for all workers, thank you!

Now we start on making bags for the September Hx Day!

Joan made us aware of Indiana’s Bi-Centennial celebration in 2016.  All agreed to participate, even do some hand sewing and dress the part.

Quilt cottage repairs and changes will be scheduled for next month, hopefully finished before the next meeting.    Submitted by: Marsha Watkins



Wasn’t it fun?

History Day went really well for the old PC&W.  What started to be a possible disaster when it was learned that Doc and Donna would not be attending because of a death in the family, soon turned into a “Call to arms”, which was quickly answered by Don Bodine and Jamie Walter who “Wabashed” the wonderful old steamer around the route countless times.  I’m told we transported almost 400 kids over the course of the day!  This gigantic task could not have been accomplished without the badly needed help of John Young and Son-in-law Chuck.  John’s big and powerful electric switcher headed up the nicest consist of brand new riding cars you’ve ever seen, rendered by the skilled hands of John and Chuck.  Again this year Stationmaster Rolland McKinney did his usual masterful job of loading the trains and keeping the young, excited passengers “in check”.  When family business called Rolland away from his post, his duties were quickly taken over by Bob Parsell, who seamlessly filled in.  All of this once again displays what the great camaraderie and fellowship of this organization can accomplish.  Thanks to all for making the railroad look so good this year, and remember to “Keep a close eye on the water!” & nbsp;   Finny

Submitted by Finny Filchak



An ad that claimed, “The machine that will keep the boy on the farm” was used by what tractor company?

Besides the Silver King, what else did Fate-Root-Heath manufacture?

(Answers in newsletter)



There is still time to order the blue polo shirts before the show.  But, they are pre-paid orders only.  Cost is $25.00/each in sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL.  Men or Women’s style.

Send check and orders to: Bob Parsell, 1419 Newsom Drive, Lafayette, In. 47909  Or, call Bob @765-250-3449 for more info.  (Shipping available for an additional $5.00

Bob will have T-shirts to sell at the show.  They are being printed by the same company that the Young’s used.  Prices were not available for this newsletter.



Amanda Hobbs is working on some Post Cards that will be for sale during the show.  She will have some new designs and club members can pre-order them at the June meeting.  Amanda did a wonderful job of the Post Cards that were sold at the “Christmas in the Village” event.   So, look forward to pre-viewing them at the meeting!


For those of you members that are not on E-mail, Annette Miller passed away in May.  It’s a sad time for family & friends.  Our sympathy to the Miller family.



Tom Swanson and Terry Bodine traveled to Delphi Indiana to pick up the timber that was donated to our club by the Carrol County Wabash & Erie Canal Assoc. (Canal Park – Interpretive Center, Dan McCain, President).  This donation was approved by the Canal Society of Indiana headquartered in Ft. Wayne.  Also picked up is the sign that was designed and illustrated by Terry Lacy (who has done extensive work at the Interpretive Center and all through the Canal Park in Delphi) with research and text by Tom Castaldi (Allen County Historian, Ft. Wayne –  Canal Society of Indiana).  This timber was salvaged from the Gronaur Lock near Ft. Wayne.  Terry Bodine has completed a stand for the timber and sign so look for this outstanding new display at the show!



Congratulations to Joy Toney who recently graduated from Ivy Tech Community College and is a nurse at Community Hospital North.  And, also to Christy Bodine who graduated on May 16th from Danville Area Community College.  Great job ladies!



We have added a couple of new members to our club.  Jim Wozniewski, Cedar Lake, Indiana and Caleb and Holly Lynd, Waynetown, Indiana.  “WELCOME ABOARD”!!!!



Tom Swanson – 765-585-8371

Joan Fry – 765-363-5406

Dave Sims – 765-585-1389



1.      Minneapolis-Moline

2.      Locomotives


NOTE:  Becky Eveland is expecting a baby girl on June 23rd  so she is “slightly busy” and took a pass on formatting the newsletter this month.  The best of luck to you Becky!



                                         JULY 18, 19, 20, 2014


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