JUNE 2013


The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be Monday - June 17, 2013 at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  Bring a dish to pass for the carry-in dinner.



Hello everyone,

     As I write this note, I can’t believe it, but the show is only 50 days away!  Congratulations to our club member, Jacob Swanson, for earning his Eagle Scout designation.  Jacob, along with his brother Adam, completed several projects at the show grounds to earn his award.  Be sure to check out our totem pole signs that are all repainted.  Thank you Jacob.

     Once again, under the direction of Dave Sims and Joan Fry and with the help of all those that came to put on the demonstrations, our Annual History Day was a HUGH success.  And, thanks to the Stout’s for a delicious dinner served to the club members.

     I am ready to send out invitations to exhibitors for our show.  So, if you know anyone that has not been here with their tractors, engines, etc., give me their name and address as I can mail them an invitation.

     We had a large tree blow down on the grounds, but thankfully, it missed hitting any buildings.  Thanks to John Dillman for cleaning it up.

     See you at our June meeting.

    Tom Swanson



When you are reading this article, the Rocky Forge group and the Indiana Blacksmiths will have completed their annual conference at the Tipton County Fairgrounds.  The past few weeks have found us in the same position as the Illiana members prior to the July Show.  We have all been busy preparing for our annual event with the same issues, enthusiasm and work days as you have for the Illiana Show.  The weather looks like it could be a total wet weekend, but fortunately we are under roof and should fare well.

No decisions have been made as to whether we will have a meeting on our regular date of June 8th…that is to be announced after the conference.

More about the blacksmith and their conference will be in the next newsletter.

Those who participated (Jim Bolen, Brad McCormick, Peter Cooper, Matt M., Rob Durrett, Zach Gaither, Dominic Andrasani and Ted Stout) for History Day felt very good about the day and enjoyed entertaining all those kids.  Kids ask the darndest things!!

Submitted by:  Ted Stout




Dear Club Members,

Living History Day was a great success this year and we even had great weather!  We had 260 students in attendance from five schools including Fountain Central, Covington, Prairie Crossing, Pine Village and Boswell.  There were a total of 22 different stations provided by our club members.  We received many encouraging remarks from students and adults during the day.  I want to share a couple teacher remarks with you as well.


“What an extraordinary visit to Rainsville!  Our PCE fourth grade students had an amazing day participating in your Living History Event.  Please accept our deepest appreciation for such a rewarding learning opportunity for our students.  Our students were still smiling at dismissal when we returned to Prairie Crossing.  Thank you so much for inviting us.  We look forward to this wonderful learning experience again next year.  Many thanks for your incredible efforts and time in planning each station.  Please give your volunteers a pat on the back of sincere appreciation from us.  Just incredible!”

Sincerest Thanks, Prairie Crossing Fourth Grade - Kristie Barr


“Also from Mrs. Stuart-Merryman at Fountain Central (Joey’s teacher).  She shared with me how great she thought our history days are.  Their students attended three field trips this year including the Indy 500 track.  Of the three events she said ours is the best due the amount of history taught and how involved the kids are at each station.  She expressed that the amount of things that we do that are “hands on” learning, is a wonderful experience for them.  Thank you.”


I want to personally thank each of you for helping with this great day.  You all work so hard to make it a great day and to pass on to a future generation the values, lessons and trades of the past.  I feel like Joan and I receive a lot of credit that is really due to all of you as active members in this day.  I look forward to Living History Day 2014 and working with all of you again.  Our tentative spring date will be Monday, May 12, 2014.

Thanks again, Dave Sims


The Fountain County Art Council would like to thank Donna Starry, Betty Pigman and Sophia Rosa for participating at the Covington “Cemetery Walk” on May 4, 2013.  Donna and Betty played their dulcimers and Sophia demonstrated how to cane a chair at the event.  The Cemetery Walk is an annual fundraiser to help support the Fountain County Clerk’s Museum and the Fountain County Genealogy Society. 





Case noted the trend toward smaller tractors as early as 1910.  The “30” in Farmall’s F-30 loosely indicated the horsepower.




JULY 4, 5, 6, 7 – 2013 (weather permitting)

Marion Klutzke : 765-426-8588 (cell) or 765-583-4512 (home)

Location of Wheat Field:  2 mi. south of State Road 26 on 550 West to 75 North, turn west ¼ mi. West Lafayette, In. (follow posted signs)

FEATURING:  8 Allis-Chalmers All-Crop Combines and

Allis-Chalmers Rumley Threshing Machine On Site

Primitive Camping Available w/ portajohns



History Day on the PC&W 2013 has come and gone and was considered quite a success.  The ride was much smoother this year thanks to the efforts of a great track crew who completely raised and re-ballasted a large portion of the Right-of-Way.  Consisting of the Bodines, Steve Dye and newest “workhorse” member Mark Baker, they vastly improved the line.  While all this was going on, Doc Fontaine and Yours Truly, took the “Old Reliable” Trench engine out of winter moth-balls and readied it for another season. 

The big day came with Don Bodine at the throttle, giving Doc a well deserved break from that duty.  Station Master Rolland McKinney once again did a great job of loading and unloading trains and making things just run very smoothly.  The kids were well behaved this year, with “Mr. Conductor” only having to threaten a couple of them with their lives.  Don Evans had his Electric hauling kids all day and Clayton Bodine’s “Jolly Trolley” made endless trips filled with smiling “yung-uns”.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a success.  Well, until next time, take care, and remember to “Keep a close eye on the water”……  Finny

Submitted by: Finny Filchak








We met at Pine Village Community room on May 20th as our regular meeting fell on Memorial Day.  Only ten members were present due to vacations.

Our History Day contribution went very well.  Several children ask some interesting questions.  Each of us had certain talents that we enjoyed demonstrating.  Having the show one week later was supposed to eliminate shivering from the cold, but even that didn’t help.  I took my electric heater, but setting on the porch, the little thing didn’t help much.  I eventually put it under my chair, and since heat rises, you can guess what part stayed warm!

Some business cards for our club may be ready in time for the Power Show.  The cards will be a real asset for getting out information about us.  We are always happy to meet new people that have the same interests as us.

Our “Show and Tell” session was exceptional.  The spiral pillows were a great hit, as many members showed up with more than one.  It seems one member even put a zipper in the back.  Several beautiful quilts were shown plus a very unusual and clever hot pad .  Check it out at the show!

June 24th is the day of our next meeting.  The project is a spiral wreath.  I think it is very complicated.  Guess where that leaves me!

Only weeks to prepare for the show……Sophia

Submitted by:  Sophia Rosa




                  JULY 19, 20, 21, 2013


                     MASSEY HARRIS




 CHRISTMAS IN THE VILLAGE – 12-7 & 8, 2013



NOTE:  Becky is on vacation, so the newsletter is in it’s “old form” this month.