JUNE 2010



The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be June 21, 2010 at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  Bring a dish to pass for the carry-in dinner.  This is “COUNT-DOWN TO SHOW TIME!”   Try to attend.  See you there!



Hello to all,

I can’t believe it is June 1st already.  That means our show is only 46 days away!  I’m getting ready to send invitations to exhibitors once again so, if you know of anyone that has tractors, engines, etc. just let me know their names and address’s and I will extend an invitation to them to be a part of our show.  Thanks to all who came and mowed the grounds and worked on the * porch addition.  We can all be proud of our show grounds.  Remember to bring your ads for the program book to the June meeting. See you there!  Congrats to all families with recent college and high school graduations.

Tom Swanson


*Tom (with help from Bob Folk) has worked very hard on the two new buildings at the show grounds.  There is a new “milk house” that was completed and opened for display during History Day.  The porch addition he refers to is on the new “Ladies Quilt House”.  Both buildings are extremely lovely and a great addition to the show grounds!




Tom Nickle and Art Petty need volunteers to help park cars in the parking lot and also to collect gate fees as the cars come in to the grounds.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the clubhouse.  Shifts will be 2-hr. shifts (unless there is a shortage of volunteers that will extend the shifts to 4-hr. shifts) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There will be a tent for taking money and handing out programs.  We need a lot of helpers here…… and women.    Please sign up or call Tom at 765-798-5420 or Art at 765-294-2301 to let them know when you’d like to work.



It’s time to sign-up for a camping space during the show!  John Carrell will be at the June meeting with a sign-up sheet.  Or, you can contact John at 765-793-3282 during the day.

Camping fee is $25.00.  Spaces are limited.




Hi everybody!  Not a whole lot to report this month, but Tim Sering tells me he’s making headway on the new water tower, and, hopefully it’ll be ready for the big show.  Plans are still in place to complete the renovation of the yards by the same time and work days are being planned towards that end.  That’s all for this month, but as always, “Keep a close eye on the water”.

Submitted by:  Finny Filchak



The youngest member to join our club is Daisy Mae Stutler – born March 11, 2010 to Alan and Gretchen Stutler.  Daisy weighed 7 lbs.10 ozs.  Daisy brought her parents to the May meeting and is a real cutie!  Other new members are:  Patrick Oppy, New Richmond, In., Larry & Nancy Rife, Alvin, Il., Russell & Mary Potter, Bismark, Il., Jay Moyar, Attica, In., Michael & Geraldine Park, Cardington, Oh. and William & Pam Miller, West Lebanon, In.    WELCOME!!



The Cockshutt Plow Company of Brantford, Ontario introduced the first continuous or live PTO in 1947.  The earliest known use of the word “tractor” dates to Chicago inventor George Edwards’ 1870 patent application.



Barb Short is recovering from knee replacement surgery while husband Jim is battling lung cancer.  On May 20th Jim Manlief had a new battery replaced in his heart and he’s doing real well.  Dick Fontaine spent June 1st in the hospital for a ruptured vein in his right leg.  Hope everyone is on the mend and will be in great shape by show time!



Three members of the group attended the ABANA Conference in Memphis, Tn. June 3, 4, & 5th.  ABANA is the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America and is a large gathering of blacksmiths with demonstrators from all over the world.  Kind of the ice cream for blacksmiths.  Agriculture around the Memphis area was interesting in that we saw a lot of what appeared to be beans and corn being planted next to some fields of corn that were in the tassel stage.  Rice is a big crop for that area, in fact I-55, the interstate to Memphis, passes through Arkansas which is the largest producer of rice in the U.S.  Several fields were still flooded. 

The next blacksmith meeting will be at Ted’s shop to continue with the weathervane and preparation of the miniature anvils for sale to support the IBA 30th anniversary party in October.  The meeting at Ted’s will not be the usual second Saturday, but will be on June 19th  which is the third Saturday.  The June 12th date conflicts with the Amish School auction near Ferndale or Raccoon Lake Dam.  The auction starts at 9:00 A.M.  If you go, their breakfasts are worth the time, so is lunch and the sweets in between.

Submitted by:  Ted Stout

                                                         FOR SALE


Large Squirrel Cage Fan owned by Illiana Antique Power Assoc.  $1200.00 or best offer

Approximately 14 Ft. Wide by 16 Ft. High

Great for Spark Shows or Power Demonstrations

Call Tom Swanson at 765-762-2009

Picture of the fan can be seen on Web Site:           Click on - For Sale Sign


1948 Ferguson Tractor TE45848         20 H.P.

Converted 6-Volt to 12-Volt                PTO

$1500.00 or best offer.                         Call: 217-446-6344