JUNE 2007                                               ISSUE  6



Our next  meeting before the show will be June 18th at 6:30 P.M. at the club house.  Dinner will be before the meeting, so bring a dish to pass.  Even with so little rain, the grass continues to grow.  So, let’s keep our mowing fund growing also and bring something for the table for the merchandise drawing.  Try to attend......the show is just around the corner!!  SEE YOU THERE!



This has been our first attempt to E-mail our newsletter to club members.  I want to thank everyone who has sent me their address.   Dawn Lechlitner is helping with this project because my “computer knowledge” is very limited!  This will help reduce the cost of mailing and printing  so I encourage everyone to get those addresses to me.  My E-mail is:




Remember, if you are planning to camp during the show, you will need to contact John Carrell for a spot.  John has very limited space available.  His phone number is: 765-793-3282.  (This is Grubb Implement where John works, so contact him during working hours.)  A $25.00 camping fee helps pay for the added electricity.



Show ads are due this month so the books can be printed on time.  Send the information to Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr., Lafayette, In.  47905 if you can’t attend the meeting.  The place-mats will also be available at this month’s meeting and should be distributed in early July.  So, be sure to pick some up and get them to the restaurants!  The raffle tickets are a good source of income, so start selling them now!  We need to cover all our expenses on the raffle before we can show a profit!  All donations of items for the raffle will be appreciated!



Chairperson, Joan Fry has requested that all expenses from the history day be turned in by this meeting.  We need to know the total cost even if you would like to make your expenses a donation to the club.  Benton County Farm Bureau has financed this year’s history day so there are funds available.  This also helps the committee plan for next year’s event.  (Also a “late” thank-you to Wayburn Norfleet who helped during history day and brought his tractor to the grounds for display.)





There are still a few cookbooks that have not been sold.  We would like to have a 100% sales, so, if you still have some please bring them to the meeting or return them during the show to Doris. 

We’d like to be “sold-out” by the end of our show!      Thanks, Anne Bodine



The ladies will be selling pies again this year and would like everyone to donate at least two fruit pies.  Cakes, cookies, cobblers and candy are big sellers also.  We have no way to refrigerate these items at the booth, so please do not bring anything that has to be kept cold.  Also, please mark the item on the’ll make it easier for the person to know what “flavor” to mark on the cut pieces of pies.  Marie Nickle will be in charge again this year and she will need volunteers to help in the tent.  If you can, please work behind the table for an hour or two.



We’d like all our members to loan us your prettiest pots of plants and flowers to set around the grounds again during the show.  In the past, the grounds have “sprung to life” with an array of flowers!!  So plan now and bring a pot or two to show us your “GREEN-THUMBS”!!



Deepest sympathy goes to club members who have lost loved ones recently: Ted Stout - brother,

Joan Fry - mother, Anne Bodine - father, Willis Fry - mother.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them.



Last month’s newsletter was printed before the blacksmiths meeting and an up-date was to be in this month’s news.  But, unfortunately there was a conflict with co-ordinating the printing with the news from Ted Stout.  We apologize and hope to have something to report in next month’s newsletter.



                             150 - TRACTORS

                             100 - ENGINES

Let’s get busy and make sure we don’t disappoint Tom......notify everyone of our show and have them bring their tractors and engines!!


“A garden is half-made when it is well planned.  The best gardener is the one who does the most gardening by the winter fire”    -   Liberty Hyde Bailey