JUNE 2006                                            ISSUE 5



Show time is just around the corner!!  This is our last meeting before the big event, so try to attend the June 19th meeting.  As usual our carry-in dinner will begin at 6:30 P.M. at the club house.  Since the merchandise drawing helps pay our mowing bill, bring something for the table along with your dish to pass.  Let’s have a good attendance and SEE YOU THERE!



Remember, if you are planning to camp, you need to contact John Carrell for a spot.  His phone number is: 765-793-3282.  (This is Grubb Implement where John works, so contact him during working hours.)  A $25.00 camping fee helps pay for the added electricity.



We need all the expenses from History Day turned in at this meeting.  Our grant applications require an expense sheet, so please remember to bring this with you. 



If you have cookbooks that have not been sold, we’d like to have them at our show.  You can bring them to the meeting or return them just before show time.  Let’s have a “100%” sales!!



Show ads are due June 19th so the books can printed on time.  Send the information to Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr., Lafayette, In.  47905 if you can’t attend the meeting.  Place- mats should be distributed to the restaurants in early July, so be sure to pick some up if you haven’t done so already.  The raffle tickets are a good source of income, so start selling now.  We had pretty good sales on Memorial Day  week-end at Steam Corner, but we need to cover all our expenses before we show a profit.   Thanks to all our members who volunteered their time on Saturday and Sunday selling tickets and passing out show bills.  It was a “HOT TWO DAYS”!!

The 1st and 2nd prize is 1/4 each of beef.  3rd prize is a Lionel “Polar Express” train set and 4th prize is an Oliver pedal tractor.  Next prizes will be the “collector” scale model tractors and then the numerous misc.  donated prizes.  So, again, SELL, SELL, SELL!



There will be a Friday night pot-luck dinner again this year.  We will be cooking sweet corn and potatoes with Don Bodine’s steam engine.  Bring a dish to pass and enjoy some real good food.  Carol Stout has volunteered to organize the dinner.   An early “Thank-you”, Carol!


The ladies will be selling pies again this year and would like everyone to donate at least two fruit pies.  Cakes, cookies, cobblers and candy are big sellers also.  Please be generous and donate!  This is a good money maker for the club and we appreciate all donations.  Marie Nickle will be organizing the pies and she will need volunteers to help in the tent....if you can, please work behind the table for an hour or two.



In the past our show grounds have “sprung to life” with an array of flowers.  We’d like members to loan us your prettiest pots of plants to set around for everyone to enjoy!  Show us your “GREEN THUMBS”!!  So plan now and bring a pot or two!!



Exhibitors need to un-load at the west edge of the parking lot and drive along the side of the R.R. tracks to the north-east corner by the saw mill.  The east side drive will be closed off.  Pass this information to all exhibitors.



Jim and Kathy Lawhorn welcomed their son Brandon home from Iraq on May 5, 2006.  Their house and yard was decorated with signs, yellow ribbons and flags to show how proud they are of him.  I know  first hand how lovely it looked....Jim and Kathy live right across the road from me!

Let’s pray that the war will soon end and Brandon and all our troops will be home permanently.


June 14th is Flag Day.  A day to fly our colors proudly in honor of our country!  Old Glory is the readily recognized symbol of freedom.  But, do you know what the stars and stripes, and the very colors of the flag represent?  The white stripes signify purity and innocence.  The red stripes symbolize hardiness and valor.  The blue field behind the stars represent vigilance, perseverance and justice.  The stars represents the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial.  The stripes themselves are symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun.   So, fly your flag on June 14th and pledge your allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and say and big THANKS TO ALL WHO ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM!



I recently received an E-Mail from Jim Kuttner of Heritage Metal Art.  He wrote to me, “I have recently started the Heritage Metal Art web site that is devoted to steam engine, threshing scenes and antique tractors and implements cut in metal silhouettes.  It is original artwork I developed and handcrafted for fellow farm equipment enthusiasts.”  You can visit the Heritage Metal Art site at:   Check it out!


And don’t forget to check our own web site at: for all the  up-dated news of our club.



Jim Keith, a professional farrier from Wingate, Indiana and member of the Rocky Forge Blacksmith Guild, was inducted into a prestigious national group called the “Anvil 21 Club”.   He was inducted into the group at the National convention of the American Farriers Association held in Omaha, Nebraska.  The club is reserved for those in the trade who make outstanding contributions to the farriers of America.  Jim who has been a professional since 1972 has made numerous contributions by educating the younger generation.   He is a resident farrier teaching the trade at the Purdue School of Veterinary Science.  Jim is active in many organizations that promote farrier education.  During the fall of 2005 he made a missionary and farrier education trip to Romania.  Several lectures and hands on sessions were held to educate farriers of the region.  On that trip the group passed out over 700 Bibles.  In Romania a Bible costs approximately 1.5 weeks wages.  To his knowledge, there are no Bibles printed in Romania.


Jim has personally experienced the benefits of the “Anvil 21 Club”.  In 1989 he had a severe wreck where he was critically injured and sustained 3rd degree burns over one third of his body.  After two months of hospitalization and nearly one year recovery and therapy he was ready to go back to work.  Since all his tools of the trade were destroyed in the fire he had no tools for his work.  The “Anvil 21 Club” came to his rescue and supplied all the necessary equipment for Jim to return to work.  Most of the time the club is anonymous about their philanthropy; this is the kind of work they do.


The “Anvil 21 Club” started out with only allowing 21 members, but was later changed to allow 39 members.  To be inducted into the club there has to be a death to make a vacancy.  It is a national group, which makes Jim’s appointment a very prestigious award among his peers.


Submitted by Ted Stout, Forgemaster of the Rocky Forge Blacksmith Guild; a Satellite Group of the Indiana Blacksmith Association.



The week-end of June 2, 3, and 4th was the annual conference for the Indiana Blacksmith Association.  The Rocky Forge group nominated one of it’s members, Dominick Andrisani, for the “ Rooky of the Year Award”.  He won the honor and received a nice plaque, two IBA hats and a $500.00 scholarship for any black smithing course of his choice in the U.S.  We are very proud of his accomplishments.  Also, at the conference, the Rocky Forge had one of the highest representations of members as any satellite group in the state.


Another member of the Rocky Forge Guild won first place in the IBA forging contest.  The contestants were asked to make a perfect right hand bend and forge it square with a minimum radius inside and outside.  Shane Stegmierer, who lives at the dead end of old Kickapoo railroad line, won for the 3rd year in a row.   Also, see the news release in this newsletter for Jim Kieth’s accomplishments.


Our next meeting will be at the Independence Heritage Festival on Saturday June 17th.  It’s not a big festival, but we always have a good time and invite Illiana members to drop by  for support of the Independence group.  The July meeting will be our setup for the Illiana Steam Power Show.

Ted Stout



There will be a Dutch Oven Cook-off contest again this year during the show.  Details will be in next month’s newsletter.  Anyone can enter.  So, start planning now for some “camp-fire cooking” fun.  Contact Kathy Olin at: 765-339-7977 if you have any questions.



 President, Tom Swanson would like to see “100 tractors” on display at the show this year in honor of our 25th year.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to bring a tractor or two to the show for three days of family fun!







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