JULY 2010



All members are encouraged to help get the show grounds and equipment prepared for our July Show on Saturday, July 10th and Sunday, July 11th.  Tom Swanson is also planning to be at the grounds during the week of the show (July 12th - 15th).  Any help and time that you can spend either on the weekend or through the week is welcome.  Please help out….there is still a lot to do to get the “Show on the Road!”



Hello to everyone,


     It’s SHOW TIME!  Isn’t it great?   It seems like our show is just like a big family reunion with old friends and collectors sharing stories, showing off their recent purchases with an explanation of “It was so cheap, I just couldn’t say no”.  Something tells me I’ve heard that lie before.  Ha!  The wheat is in the shock.  Thanks to all the men who came and helped on this endeavor.  We cut half the field and left the other half to combine.  If you have an old combine and want to cut some wheat, feel free to do so.  John Ohl helped me install new canvases on the Allis and we hope to have it running for the show.


     There will be no July meeting prior to the show.  I’ll be at the grounds all week beginning Monday, July 12th so if you have any free time I’m sure there will be a job for you in preparation for the show.  Don’t forget pies for the ladies.  Invite everyone you see to come to the finest little power show in the Midwest!  See you at the show and thanks to all of you for your help.


Tom Swanson



Tom Nickle and Art Petty need volunteers to help at the gate.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the clubhouse if you haven’t signed yet.  Or, you can call Tom at 765-585-8371 or Art at 765-294-2301 to let them know when you’d like to work.  We need a lot of helpers here….men and women on all three days.



In 1934, Allis Chalmers introduced the WC, the first tractor specifically designed for pneumatic rubber tires.



The Rocky Forge group met at Ted’s shop on June 19th to work on 30th anniversary anvils for the Indiana Blacksmiths.  We also had several guys forging for the day.  The weathervane project is nearing completion and is looking fantastic!

The weekend of June 25th, 26th and 27th was the annual Indiana Blacksmiths Conference at the Tipton County Fairgrounds.  Our attendance was up nearly 50% and the demonstrations were short of unbelievable.  A demonstration that would interest the Illiana members was a large steam powered hammer.  The hammer was rated at 400# and is owed by Larry Marek of Illinois (a friend of the Bodine’s).  Operating the hammer were three expert power hammer operators from Indiana and Illinois.  The lead operator, Clifton Ralph, is the most respected operator in the county.  He can work magic under one of these beasts and he is 79 years old.  The three of them along with Larry’s crew made a blacksmith post vise with the screw from billets that were 5” by about 16” using a gas forge with a fire box of about 30” by 30” by 48”.  It was an incredible, historic site to witness.

The Rocky Forge group is planning another meeting on July 10th, the Saturday before the show, at the show grounds, to plan and prepare for the show.

One of our members is a metal trades instructor and he had his students restore and paint 10 sections of our metal fence that was all mangled after a car hit it.  They did a great job; it now looks like new, old fence.  Also, one of our members, Rob Durrett, the Lewis and Clark member, won the wire welder from the Delta Welding’s open house.  Congratulations Rob!  Carol Stout won a candle and Ted Stout won a golf bag…anybody want to trade for that bag?  It has been a busy, but fun month!

Submitted by:  Ted Stout



We’d like to thank Tom Swanson, Tom Nickle, Jim Cunningham, John Ohl, John’s grandson and his friend and Terry Bodine for helping to cut the wheat with the binder and shock it.   It’s always a huge and hot job!   Then thank you to all who helped load the wagons. And finally, those who helped Tom finish the buildings with new roofs and porches.  (I apologize, I don’t have everyone’s names.)



The Pine Creek & Western has a brand new storage yards consisting of four yard tracks.  These tracks are much longer than the old yards were.  A lot of time and material has been put into this project.  Steve Dye, Finny Filchak, Tim Sering, Don, Clayton and Terry Bodine have worked on this project with the help of Dick Fontaine and Tom Swanson’s tractors.  Many days were in the hot sun.  Tim Sering says he may have the working water tower finished for the steam locomotives at show time.  Hope we have plenty of trains for the show and nice weather to operate in.  Remember…..”Keep a close eye on Finny, oops I mean, on the water”.

Submitted by:  Terry Bodine 




_____1.  CAMPING:  The camping spaces are very limited.  Check with John Carrell at 

765-793-3282.    Camping fee is $25.00.  (Summers Campground is also just

down the road from the show grounds.  Ph. 765-762-2832.)


_____2.  PIE BOOTH:  Please donate four pies (cakes, cookies, cobblers, etc. are

               welcome).  Mark the items on the cover to make it easier for the person

               cutting it into pieces what flavor desert it is.  REMEMBER:  NO DESERTS    

               THAT  REQUIRE REFRIGERATION.  Carol Stout is in charge and will need 

               volunteers to help in the pavilion.  Let’s help her for an hour or two.


_____3.  FLOWERS:  Please loan us your pots of plants or flowers to set around the

               grounds.  During History Day there were several lovely flowers and plants that

               the students planted around some of the buildings that will be in full bloom!

               But, it always looks so nice to have pots “sprinkled” around the exhibits and it

               makes our show grounds one of the prettiest in the country!


_____4.  GATE HELP:  Sign up to work at the gate.  Tom and Art need all the help

               they can get.  It’s fun meeting and talking to the people attending the show.

               We will have the “Treasure Hunt Game  available for the children to play

               during the show along with the show programs to pass out.


_____5.  P.A. SYSTEM:  Kenny Short will be announcing events over the P.A. system. 

               If there is an announcement of interest to you, please let Kenny know.  Contact

               Kenny at:  765-583-2991 or e-mail at:


_____6.  TAG SALE:  If you have an item for the sale please bring it to the show

               grounds at least a day or more before the show.  Kenny Evans will be in

               charge of the sale this year.


_____7.  CHURCH SERVICE:  Plan to attend the church service on Sunday morning at

               8:00 A.M.  It will be held in the ladies pavilion.  Dave Sims – Preacher.


_____8.  SELL THOSE RAFFLE TICKETS!  We have some nice prizes.  All misc.

               donations of items for the raffle will be appreciated.  Let’s make some money!!


_____9.  FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER:  This year Monique Fontaine has volunteered to

               cook a Ham and Bean supper for the members and vendors.  Joan Fry has a

               Gospel Group scheduled to perform at 7:00 P.M. 


____10.  EXHIBITORS:  All exhibitors need to un-load at the west end of the parking lot

               and drive along the side of the R.R. tracks to the north-east corner by the saw

               mill.  Empty trailers will be stored on the east side of the show grounds. 







On July 8th at the noon show news, Channel 18 from Lafayette will do an interview with Tom Swanson and Bob Folk.  Try to tune in if you can.



We need some extra dry firewood for the steam engines this year.  If anyone has some available, please bring it to the show grounds.  As previously reported in the blacksmith’s news, all of the coal mines in the area have shut down so there is no coal available.

We are missing a “1983” Show Plaque on our board in the clubhouse.  If anyone has one that they would like to donate back to the club, please bring it to the show and give it to Doris Manlief.



Attention:  Grandparents and parents, shine up those pedal tractors and bring them to the show on Sunday, July 18th, along with your favorite boys and girls!  Registration will be in the morning with a parade starting at 1:00 P.M.  Be sure to bring your cameras……it should be fun for the whole family!





A tribute to all Allis Chalmers Dealers will be held on Saturday, July 17th.


Tell your friends & family to get their tractors, gas engines, implements, toys and hobbies and bring them to the show!  They do not have to be restored to exhibit them.  We want all makes and models.  Let’s have some fun…’s SHOW TIME!!!



Exciting news, we again have new members to welcome to our club and one renewal.

John & Carolyn Ohl, Covington, In., Dr. Francis McGrady, Hillsboro, In. and George Sager, Tilton, Il.   Welcome!  See you at the show!





           Ford – Ferguson – New Holland - Shepard





                                          SHOW TIME    


                      Power show time is drawing nigh,

                     Still lots of work to be done, oh my.

                     Come and help, if you can,

                     There is a job for every lady and man.


                    There is painting and cleaning, lots to get done,

                    When we’re all together, it’s so much fun.

                    If you have some extra time, even an hour or two,

                    Come to the grounds and join the crew.


                    So many hard workers, with talents galore,

                    Each year they give of their time and much more.

                    To make the show a great success,

                    The Illiana Power Assoc. members are the best.


                    By:  Carolyn Swanson