JULY 2009



All members are encouraged to help get the show grounds and equipment prepared for our July Show on Saturday, July 11th and Sunday, July 12th.   Tom Swanson is also planning to be at the grounds during the week of the show (July 13th-16th).  Any help and time that you can spend either on the week-end or through the week is welcome.  Please help out.....there is still a lot to do to get the “Show on the Road!” 



Thank you to all club members who have helped with our new buildings from the Fry Farms.

Things are really shaping up!  We need some old single pane windows (24 x 24- four panes) to complete these projects.  If anyone has some to donate please contact Tom at 765- 585-8371.  We also need some “washing items” to display in the new wash house.  (Old irons, ironing boards, soaps, wringers, etc.)   Kenny Evans has built a “Covered Wagon” to pull around during the show and we need some old tools to hang on it for decorations.  All items will be returned to you after the show if you don’t want to leave them at the show grounds.  Another thank you to the members who helped “put up” the new open shelter along the drive way and who finished putting the pavers by the new waiting station.  A SPECIAL NOTE: Terry Bodine has sprayed around the trees to kill the grass.  Please do not weed-eat around these areas.  Again....Thank you for all your  help and any items you can let us borrow!



Tom Nickle and Art Petty need volunteers to help park cars in the parking lot and also to collect gate fees as the cars come in to the grounds.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the club house.  Shifts will be 2-hr.  shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There will be a tent for taking money and handing out programs.  We need a lot of helpers and ladies.   Please sign up or call Tom at 765-798-5420 or Art at 765-294-2301 to let them know when you’d like to work.



There will not be a Friday Night Dinner this year.  All three food vendors - Marty & Christy LaFoe of Hilltop Catering, Cheryl Turner and Stan & Wanda Campbell - Kettle Korn will be open for business into the evening so there will be food available for evening meals.



When rubber tires were introduced as an option in the early 1930's, they added about $200.00 to the cost of a tractor.



Indiana Blacksmith Association (IBA) held its annual conference at the Tipton County Fairgrounds in June.  Many of the Rocky Forge members participated in the conference, which was a big success.  We had excellent demonstrators, one in particular who has items in museums all over the world and he used Ted’s large power hammer for his demonstrations.  As a result of the conference, the Rocky Forge group did not meet in June.  Our next meeting is scheduled for July 11th  to prepare for the Illiana Show, see you all at the show.    Ted Stout



Just a quickie this month, first of all, thanks to Marty LaFoe and Art Petty for finishing the bricklaying at the new platform.  Great job!  Terry Bodine cleaned up all the leftover and broken brick, and left the area looking “spiffy”.  He and I added sand to the floor to fill the cracks which added the finishing touch.  We then sprayed the shingles and bench with “Thompson’s”.  Boy it sure looks nice!  Once again thanks to all who helped on this project.  Terry and I trimmed trees, picked up branches and mowed the train yard.  We still have a little track repair to do before the show, but all should be ready in time.  Remember, “Keep an eye on the water”.    Finny Filchak



On July 15th at the noon news show, Channel 18 from Lafayette will do an interview with Tom Swanson along with Donna and Michelle Lechlitner.  Try to tune in if you can.  Also see our show in the “Red Power” magazine compliments of member Bob Parsell.



Joan Fry has some interesting crafts and demonstration scheduled throughout the show that will be held in the ladies new pavilion.  Again this year, inserted in the ad book that’s handed out at the gate will be a page for the children.  They will have a tractor to color and be able tp play “Bingo for Buttons”.  Questions and clues will be scattered among the exhibits.  Winners can claim their prize at the Covered Bridge.  Tractor games will be held at 3:30 P.M..  daily all three days of the show.  Peddle tractors for the smaller children will be on hand for them to ride.

Joan says: “Ask for a job.  There is always something to do.....we’ll keep you busy!”



Our sympathy to Jane Reavley who’s husband passed away in June.  Our prayers are with you.



Last year in our June ‘08 newsletter, we had to wish our beloved secretary-treasurer, Doris Manlief good luck as she was scheduled for breast cancer surgery.  It was diagnosed early and she re-covered fully.  Well, one year later to the date, she was told she had cancer in the remaining breast.  On June 16th she went into surgery again and is now recuperating at home.  She is doing great.........what a gal!  But, let us all keep her in our prayers.  We love you, Doris!!



_____1.  CAMPING: The camping spaces are almost full!  Check with John Carrell at 765-793-

                3282 or e-mail at pacarrell@        Camping fee is $25.00.   Summers Camp                       Grounds is also just down the road from the grounds.  Ph.  765-762-2832 


_____2.  PIE BOOTH: Please donate four pies (cakes, cookies, cobblers, etc.  are welcome).

               Mark the items on the cover to make it easier for the person cutting into pieces what

               type of desert it is.  REMEMBER: NO DESSERTS THAT REQUIRE REFRIGER-

               ATION.  Carol Stout is in charge this year and will need volunteers to help in the new

               pavilion.  Let’s help her for an hour or two.


_____3.  FLOWERS:  Please loan us your pots of plants or flowers to set around the grounds.

               We have one of the prettiest show grounds and the plants and flowers make it all

               the lovelier!


_____4.  EXHIBITORS: All exhibitors need to un-load at the west end of the parking lot and

               drive along the side of the R.R. tracks to the north-east corner by the saw mill.

               NO EXCEPTIONS!  The east drive will be closed off.  No parking around Dillman’s

               saw mill.  Empty trailers will be stored in the parking area.


_____5.  GATE HELP: Sign up to work at the gate.  Tom Nickle and Art Petty need volunteers

               for 2-hr.  shifts.


_____6.  CHURCH SERVICE:    Plan to attend the church service on Sunday morning at 8:30

               A.M.  It will be held in the ladies new pavilion.  Dave Sims - Preacher.


_____7.  P.A. SYSTEM:   Kenny Short will be announcing events over the P.A. system.  If

               there is an announcement of interest to you, please let Kenny know.  Contact Kenny

               at 765-583-2991 or e-mail at                               


_____8.  SELL THOSE RAFFLE TICKETS!  We have some nice prizes.  All misc.  donations

               of items for the raffle will be appreciated.  Let’s make some money!!!


We have a few logs for the saw mill.  If anyone has some available that they would like to be sawed please contact Owen Moudy at 765-793-4479.  Logs  need to be moderate in size and no “steel” in them.



Tell your friends & family to get their tractors , gas engines, implements, toys (?) and hobbies and bring them to the show!  They do not have to be restored  to exhibit them.  We want all makes and models.  Let’s have some’s Show Time!!!