JULY 2007                                               ISSUE 7



A reminder that there is no meeting scheduled for July.  This is the last newsletter before the show!!  We are mailing it early so everyone can mark their calendars for the WORK DAYS!



Alan Stutler and Kenny Short have scheduled July 7th at 10:00 A.M. to cut oats.  All help is needed.  Bring gloves and a pitch fork....this is a big job, so try to help if you can.  Rain date: July 14th - 10 A.M.  Tom Swanson has also scheduled July 14th & 15th as work days.  It was decided for safety reasons to move the covered bridge to a different location away from the R.R. tracks.  This will require many members to help out.  Also, equipment needs to be moved out of the shed, the club house needs to be cleaned, signs need to be set up, etc.  In other words........the grounds need to be ready by show dates!!  Tom is planning to be at the grounds during the week to supervise the activities, so any help & time you can spend is welcome.  PLEASE HELP OUT!



Like everyone else this is a busy time for the black smithing group, lots of festivals and shows to attend or be involved.  The group just came out of the Indiana Blacksmiths June Conference in Tipton, In.  and the Independence Heritage Festival in June.  We are getting psyched up for the Illiana show, followed by our showing at the Indiana State Fair in August.  In between we have several major shows and demonstrations to attend.  Lord I am glad Eli Lilly does not call me in every day!!  Our sign is complete and was on display at both the IBA conference and the Independence show.  We are anxious to have the Illiana folks see it.  Also, worthy of our praise is Dominick Andrasini, one of our members who was the major demonstrator at the Tipton conference on Friday night June 1st.  Looking forward to seeing all of you at the show in July.

Ted Stout 



Now is the time to get those place-mats to the restaurants!  There is a $1.00 discount coupon for the gate admittance on them.  Also, SELL, SELL, SELL all the raffle tickets you can!



On July 17th at noon, Channel 18 from Lafayette will do an interview with Tom Swanson and Kathy Olin.  Try to tune in if you can.  Also listen for our ad’s on local radio stations....KISS

COUNTRY and KOOL OLDIES are just two of the stations to advertise our show.




We’d like to welcome new members to the club: Danny & Susan Owens, Danville, Il., Don & Louise Jewell, Otterbein, In., and Dave & Tara Sims, Veedersburg, In.  WELCOME and see you at the show!!



Member Rolland McKinney’s mother passed away in June.  Thoughts and prayers are with the family.



1.     EXHIBITORS:  All exhibitors need to un-load at the west end of the parking lot and drive along the side of the R.R. tracks to the north-east corner by the saw mill.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  The east drive will be closed off.  Parking of exhibitor vehicles for the duration of the show may be de-toured to the east side of the show grounds to keep the parking area for visitors.


2.     CAMPING: Contact John Carrell @ 765-793-3282 for a camping space.


3.     FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER: We will have a ham and bean dinner with fresh sweet corn and potatoes on Friday night for the vendors and their helpers and for club members and their families.  Drinks will be provided by the club.  A donation of a desert is welcome, but not necessary.  This is for vendors and members only!


4.    PIE BOOTH: Please donate 2 - 4 pies (cakes, cobblers, cookies, etc. are welcomed.)  Mark the item on the cover to make it easier for the person cutting into pieces.  REMEMBER: NO DESSERTS THAT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION.  Marie will also need volunteers to help in the tent.


5.     FLOWERS: Please loan us your pots of plants and flowers to set around the grounds.  We promise you will get them back after the show!


6.     CHURCH SERVICE: Plan to attend the church service on Sunday at 8:30 A.M.  It will be held in the ladies tent as usual.


7.     COOKBOOKS: Please return ALL the cookbooks that have not been sold.  Bring them to the club house to Doris.  We’d like to have them all sold by the end of the show.


8.     AUTHORS: Joan Fry has invited the authors to the show again this year.  Their books are collections of real life stories and farm related children’s books.  One new author to the show has published a couple books on railroad depots of Indiana.  They will be set up in the ladies tent.  Try to catch their story hour!