JULY 2006                                                  ISSUE 6


10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0!

Hello to all fellow Illiana club members.  Yes, the count-down is on as we prepare for our 25th Power Show.  I heartily express a big “THANK YOU” to all of you that are working in every facet of our show to make it a success.  The excitement and anticipation is building as I see our collective plans for the show.  For those of you unable to attend our monthly meetings, we are going to have some new exhibitors.  One will be of special interest to Oliver enthusiasts.  Another new display will be of interest for old and young alike.  I’m not supposed to tell; come

and be surprised and bring the kids and grand-kids!  Let’s all shake the bushes, so to speak -  invite all your friends, neighbors and relatives to come and enjoy a fun day with the family.  Please remember, I welcome your comments and suggestions for making a better show for everyone. 








CAMPING: Contact John Carrell for a camping spot.  The number to call is: 765-793-3282.


EXHIBITORS: All exhibitors need to un-load at the west end of the parking lot and drive along the side of the R.R. tracks to the north-east corner by the saw mill.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

The east drive will be closed off.  Parking of exhibitor vehicles for the duration of the show may be de-toured to the east side of the show grounds to keep the parking area open for visitors.


POT-LUCK  DINNER ON FRIDAY - JULY 21: Carol Stout has announced that the ham and beans will be served this year instead of brats and dogs.  We will be cooking sweet corn and potatoes with the steam engine.  Plan on attending the dinner; bring a dish to pass and enjoy some real good food.  (Like the meals we have before our meetings and special events.)


PIE BOOTH: Marie Nickle will be organizing the pie booth this year.  She will need volunteers to help in the tent, so if you can, please work behind the table for an hour or two some time during the three days of the show.  It’s fun to get a chance to talk to the people who attend our show.....every one loves desserts!!  We need at least two fruit pies from club members and friends.  Cakes, cookies, cobblers, brownies and candy are big sellers also.  REMEMBER: NO


FLOWERS: Even though we have the loveliest show grounds of all (am I bragging or what!),

we would like to make it even better.  We’d like members to loan us your prettiest pots of plants and flowers to set around for everyone to enjoy.  Show us your “GREEN THUMBS!!”


PLACE-MATS AND RAFFLE TICKETS: Place-mats should be distributed to the restaurants now.  People need to be aware of the show dates approaching.  We have some great prizes in our raffle, so now is the time to get out and sell!!   And don’t forget -  we welcome all donations to the raffle—the more prizes, the more winners we have!


DUTCH OVEN COOK-OFF: We’ve changed the day of the Dutch Oven Cook-Off so more folks could enjoy the delicious results.  This year the Cook-Off will be held on Friday afternoon, the 21st of July.  Please bring your supplies, fuel, ingredients and come to the cooking area (near the small building on the hill).  Plan to have your food ready to eat by 5:30 P.M. for the Friday evening bean supper.  Feel free to begin preparations whenever you need, according to the length of cook-time for your dish.  There will be a special table for the Cook-Off entries.  If you don’t mind sharing your recipes, it might be nice to have a copy of the recipe next to your finished product.  So drag out the cast iron, dust it off and join the fun!


TELL US YOUR STORY”: This year we have invited some talented authors to bring their published books to sell during the show.  The books are collections of real life stories and farm related children’s books.  We plan to have a “story time” for the authors to tell you about their books.  If you have a story to is the time to tell it.  Write it down or let Joan Fry know that you want to “tell a story”!  Joan’s phone number is: 765-869-5406 or E-mail:


CHURCH SERVICE: Plan to attend the church service on Sunday at 8:30 A.M.  It will be held in the ladies tent as usual.


WORK DAYS: There were not any scheduled works days planned at the last meeting.  We hope everyone who can volunteer their time can be at the grounds on the week-end before the show (July 15th and 16th).  Of course, any time you can spend is welcomed.  Tom Swanson is planning to be there during the week before also to supervise the activities.

Terry Bodine has repaired all the electric outlets in the show grounds.  Guess what?  Including the club house, you can “plug in” about 250 cords!  (Yes, he counted them as he repaired them.)  He also painted all the electric and water posts excuses for running into them!   But, he noticed that the water facets need to be repaired before show time.  We need some one with some “plumber’s skills” to bring some tools and get them fixed.

Owen Moudy and Pat Conder have been working on the saw mill.  They are hoping to change the direction of the drive belts for the show.

A big thanks to Jim and Doris Manlief.  They have purchased a new tractor to take over the mowing of the show grounds.  Jim has already mowed and the grounds look terrific!


         SEE YOU JULY 21ST, 22ND AND 23RD !!