Do to weather conditions and “Snow birds to Florida” there will not be any meetings scheduled for January and February.  The next meeting for the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be March 15, 2010    A reminder will be sent in the March newsletter.



Would like to thank Tom Swanson, Ed Grubb, Kenny Short and Dick Van Schepen for showing up for our Work Day on November 15th.  We were able to get all the leaves mowed, raked and burned.  This is quite a task with so many trees on the show grounds.

Jim and Doris Manlief – Grounds Crew




Wishing you and yours a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2010! 

     Once again, the Bodine  family  were hosts to a festive Christmas Party for our club.  If anyone left hungry, it was no fault but  their own.  The train crew outdone themselves, as always, with another large display of various track layouts with trains operating for everyone’s enjoyment.  Also, congratulations to Donnie on his purchase of the Case steam engine to add to his collection.  I can’t wait for him to get it “up & running” and hopefully, bring it to the show for all to see.

     I’m looking forward to 2010 and our show with much anticipation and excitement.  Although I hope and pray my January goes better than 2009.  (NOTE: Tom was very sick and in the hospital last January.)  Thanks to everyone for all your efforts and all the changes that took place on our show grounds last year.  We added two more new buildings last fall to be used as an old fashion milk house and one for the ladies quilting club.  For those who weren’t able to attend our last meeting, we are inviting collectors of air cooled engines for display as well as a pedal tractor day w/ parade on Sunday of our show. So, parents and grandparents, bring those boys and girls and their pedal tractors!

I know this will be a fun day for old and young alike.




     Terry and Anne Bodine are stepping down from taking care of the Vendors and we will need replacements for this important part of our show.  We need to finalize this at our March meeting so we can have our contact person and phone numbers on our fliers.

There will be no meetings in January and February.  SEE YOU IN MARCH!


     Tom Swanson


For once, there was no ice or snow on the day of our Christmas Party, December 5, 2009.  Instead, it was a warm and sunny day and we had approximately seventy-five in attend-

ance.  The food was absolutely delicious!  The trains ran constantly stopping only when it was time to eat.  Santa left some presents for the annual drawing and winners were:

Mens – Mike Schoenhals, Ladies – Susan Burnell, Boys – Clayton Bodine and Girls – Shayla Dunbar.  A good time was had by all.  Thanks to everyone who was able to attend  and make the party a success!     



Attica American Legion Post #52 presented Alva Howard Snider with a photo/plaque in honor of his receiving The Purple Heart, The Bronze Star and The Korean Service medal, nearly 58 years after he earned them.  At the original ceremony, they  were presented by Congressman, Steve Buyer, for services, bravery and sacrifice.  Bob Burlington presented Howard with the photo/plaque  on November 2009 Veterans’ Appreciation Carry-in at the Post.  There were around 40 in attendance.  The plaque also said, All our gratitude, The People of the United States of America.  Howard said, “I really appreciated receiving the plaque from Post #52”.  Another plaque will be made to be placed at the Post.

Congratulations Howard!      (Article from The Fountain Country Neighbor 11/30/09)



Well between bad weather and busy schedules, I was not able to get a meeting planned for January.  The calendar tells me that the first two Sundays in February (the 7th & 14th) are also “no – no’s”….one is Super Bowl Sunday and the other is Valentine’s Day.  So, let’s try for February 21st.  The agenda will be the club’s future and any new projects for 2010.  Dues will be due at this time. Meeting time hasn’t been established so I’ll have to let you know  as the date  get closer.  We will meet at Donnie Bodine’s shed so bring your trains…the lay-out is still in operation.  All club members of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. are invited  to attend.  We’ll plan to have an early supper, so please bring a dish to pass.  See you then and remember, “Keep a close eye on the water”.

Finny Filchak



Don Bodine and Christy Dunbar have announced their engagement!

Our best wishes to them! 



Doris Manlief’s brother passed away last fall after an illness.  Our prayers are with her family.  John Dillman had a polyp removed but it was not cancerous…good news , John.

We need to keep John & Deb’s granddaughter, Reagan in our prayers…she has chemo until October and has lost her appetite and has lost weight.  Also John’s brother Jimmy is taking chemo for six months.  Let’s pray for the best for the Dillman family.



The blacksmiths met at Ted’s shop on Saturday, January 9th.  Carol was not available to prepare a meal so Ted had to prepare the meeting, clean the shop and prepare a meal.  As the week progressed prior to the meeting it was a challenge to know whether we would have a meeting or cancel due to the weather.  Finally, Friday at 4:00 P.M. we decided via the internet that a meeting would indeed happen.  Now at this point, do you prepare food for 6 or 26?  Well, turns out we had 24 and enough food for 36.  All that just wore me out!!  The meeting was a big success.  We spent the day teaching the group how to make a nail header and how to make wrought nails.  We had nails of all sizes and shapes pounded out.  Before the meeting, I prepared a “blacksmiths nail post”.  This post is an 8” diameter post on a base and is about 54” tall, sanded to 220 grit and finished with Tung Oil.  The post will be used for all the “smiths” to add a decorative nail and sign a book for their contribution to the post.  The post will then be circulated throughout the state for smiths from other groups to add their nails.  It will also be on display at the Illiana Show, Indiana Blacksmiths Conference, the Indiana State Fair and the very large gathering in Ohio in September.  By summers end I hope there will be over two hundred nails in the post.  At the meeting we also had 3 new people and 5 guests from other blacksmithing groups in Indiana.  The whole day was an excellent event for all of us.  In February we are visiting Harley Chandler’s carriage works near Cincinnati.  He is the country’s leading maker of very high end carriages.  They make all the wood parts, metal parts and wheels.  All components are made on site from scratch.  Then they do all the finish work, painting and striping, etc.  If any of you are interested, please call Ted (765-491-2194).

Submitted by:  Ted Stout 




California Benjamin Holt built the first tracked farm tractor in 1904.  In 1925, his family firm merged with C.L. Best Tractor Co. to form the Caterpiller Tractor Co.



There were no locks on the cabins that our pioneer ancestors built, just a board that operated like a latch on the door.  It had a leather string that went outside through a hole in the door.  When someone pulled the string outside the door would open, and you could lift it from inside easily.  When they pulled the string back inside the house, people outside could not open the door.  This is how they “locked” the door at night.



There will not be a February Newsletter………..

We’d like to wish everyone:


PRESIDENT’S DAY!  See you in March!