JANUARY 2008                                        ISSUE 1



A “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!”  2008 is here and it will be time to start planning our 27th Annual Show!  But, our president Tom Swanson has postponed our first meeting of the year until February.  He felt that the weather has been so unpredictable we should wait until next month.  So, on that note, if you have any new ideas (or old one’s) save them for February.  You will receive a newsletter next month as a reminder.



Since we live in the mid-west, we can’t expect Mother Nature to be good to us all the time.  On the 5th of December, we had a blast of snow that continued with ice and rain through the 8th....the day of our Christmas Party!  Fortunately, there were some “brave souls” who ventured to the country anyway.  In fact, we had almost one hundred people attend through-out the day and evening.  Don, Terry and Clayton Bodine along with Finny Filchak out-did themselves with a fantastic train board.  (If they make it any bigger, we’ll be partying out-side!  And that will really be COLD!!)   The trains were “rolling” from early afternoon to late in the evening.  It was almost impossible to get them to stop for dinner.  There was so much food that it was hard to choose which dishes to try and not over fill your plate!   Door prizes were won by: Mens-Tim Sering, Ladies-Rosie Matul, Boys-Zach Carrell, and Girls- Dana Sering.  A 50/50 drawing was won by Howard Snider and Kathy Olin won  a quilt made and donated by Carol Stout.  Carol had pieced together the quilt using the Illiana T-shirts from previous was lovely.   The evening ended with more bad weather approaching so, with some “holiday hugs” and wishes for a safe and happy new year  (and “careful driving” instructions) we closed another Christmas Party at the Bodine’s.  Thanks to all that made it possible!!



The blacksmiths did not have a meeting in December.  Our next meeting will be January 12th at Crawfordsville to tour the famous Paul Rodkey Military Museum.  It is one of the largest collections of operating tanks in the country.  A pitch-in meal with Rob and Deana Durrett will precede the museum visit.  If interested call Ted Stout at : 765-572-2467 or e-mail:

Submitted by: Ted Stout



Member Cathy Lawhorn is home recuperating after emergency surgery .   Also, John and Penny Carrell’s grand-daughter Dakota was hurt in an accident during the holidays and is also recuperating.  Wishes are for them to get well soon.



Member (and food vendor) Glenda Barnett died on January 1st  and member Mary White passed away on Jan.  2nd.   Also Russell Toney’s  dad  passed away  in December.   Our deepest sympathy goes to their families.

If I  miss anyone who has been ill or passed away it is not intentional.  Please forward this information to me at: phone: 765-294-2768 or        Thank you.




1949 LA CASE - fully restored, needs to be started and sold.  Has always been shedded.

Asking: $1400.00

Two -  LITTLE WONDER PLOWS on steel for restoring - in very good condition or will trade for 2 bottom - 12"  JD PLOW

Please contact: Michael Schoenhals: cell phone: 217-799-3771 after 4:30 P.M. (Illinois time).



Early 1800's - Nine out ten people are employed in farming.  Farming is very labor-intensive.

Good farmers are lucky to harvest two acres in a single day.

1831 - Cyrus McCormick invents the first mechanical reaper .  It increases production sixfold.

1834 - The McCormick Reaper is granted a patent.  The patent cost: $30.00.

1847 - Manufacturing for McCormick’s reaper is centralized in a three-story building in Chicago.

1871 - The Great Chicago Fire destroys the McCormick Reaper Works.  A new plant is built.

1902 - International Harvester is formed by Cyrus McCormick Jr and several other leading

            equipment manufacturers, including Champion, Deering, Milwaukee and Plano.  The new

            company sells tillage equipment, wagons, manure spreaders and hay machines.

1906 - International Harvester enters the tractor market.

1910 - 56 companies claim to be in the tractor business.

1919 - The McCormick Farmall tractor is born.  The Farmall is still considered to be the tractor

            that industrialized the United States, starting in 1922.

1923 - International Harvester introduces the McCormick-Deering 15-30 and the smaller10-20's

1930 - McCormick tractor mfg.  moves into new plant in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England.

1936 - Farmall tractors are painted red for safety reasons, replacing their familiar gray color.

1949 - The Doncaster assembly plant produces it’s first McCormick Farmall M.

1950 - 60's - 70's - Production continues at the Doncaster Works.

1985 - International Harvester Farm Equip. Division is purchased by J.I. Case Company.

1999 - Case Corp.  is purchased by Italian automaker Fiat and merged with New Holland.

2000 - The ARGO Group buys the Doncaster Works assets from Case Corp., and CNH’s

            transmission plant in St.  Dizier, France.

2001 - McCormick Tractors International Ltd. enters into an alliance with Vermeer Mfg.  Co.

2001 - The first United States McCormick tractors are introduced at a presentation in Pella, Ia.       



Tom Swanson will do a presentation to the I.H. (International) Club inviting them to attend our 2008 show.   Members who would like to support Tom and represent our club are encouraged to attend.            


WHERE: Jonathan Byrd Cafeteria                              TIME: Lunch    @ 1:00 P.M.

                 South of Indpls.  on I-65                                         Meeting @ 2:00 P.M.