FEBRUARY 2008                                     ISSUE 2



The first scheduled meeting of the Iliana Antique Power Assoc.  for 2008 is February 18th at 6:30 P.M. at the club house.  We will have our usual **carry-in dinner, so please bring a dish to pass.  Also let’s begin this year’s mowing fund with a merchandise drawing and bring something nice for the table.   If there is a question regarding weather conditions on the day of the meeting, check with Tom Swanson @ 765-762-2009 ( or a director) to be sure that there is not a cancellation.



Hello Everyone,

      Doesn’t seem possible that we’re already into the second month of a new year.  How about that Indiana weather!  Sixty degrees one day and zero the next.  Don’t you just love it?  Just think, we have to wait till November to stop hearing the political backbiting innuendos.  Only in America can we spend billions of dollars for hot air and it doesn’t even heat our homes!  Enough said for that subject.

     I have exciting news to deliver.  Our 2008 show will host the Indiana Chapter 7 IH Collectors Club.  They have a membership of over 225 plus.  I want to extend a big thank you to Jim Cunningham for alerting me about inviting them to our show.  Jim is a member of Illiana and Chapter 7 Club and a collector of IH red.

     Check your calendars as I want to set a work day in March to install new kitchen cabinets in the club house and also to get started on the portable building for Kathy Olin to use.  We have a lot to discuss at our February meeting.  Will also set a date for a directors meeting.

     We did not receive a grant from SIA in Lafayette, however, I will be submitting another applicatiion with them in February. 

     As always, with all of your efforts we are going to have a fantastic show in 2008.  I am really excited about it!......Oh yes, my goals for 2008 are 200 tractors total, of which 125 would be IH, and 200 plus gas engines, of which 75 would be IH or Mogul.


Thank you,

Tom Swanson


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**Since our dinners yield such delicious dishes, I’m am requesting a copy of the recipe for the dish you prepare and bring to the meeting.  ( Hand written on a piece of paper is fine.)  Please make a note if the recipe is already in one of our cookbooks and don’t forget to include your name.   I’d like to start a folder for future references and to share the recipes amongst members.  Comments I hear all the time are: “This is good!”, “Who made this?”, or “I’d like the recipe”.  Let’s have some fun and start a folder beginning at this meeting and see if we can add to it each month!      Anne Bodine



Last month’s meeting was arranged and hosted by Rob and Deanna Durrett.  For those of you who missed this meeting, we are sorry because it was a very good day.  Most of us had no idea about building gun turrets for the Navy or that Robkeys collection was so well presented and large.  We had 25 in attendance with a great pitch in meal at Rob and Deanna’s house.  Hats off to those two for such a great day!  We were happy to see guests who came to join the blacksmith group and a couple of guests from the Illiana Steam and Power group  come for the tour.  I would encourage anyone who has never been to the Robkey Military Museum to please go.  It is a first class operation with plenty of funds to support it.  All the tanks and engine powered unites are in running condition and well maintained.  Many of his items have been featured in Hollywood films and some of his items on display are one of a kind.  I would have to say that Montgomery County, Indiana has a true national treasure in the Robkey Museum. 

Our next meeting, for February 9th, will be at Ted’s shop at 9:00 for a day of ideas and black- smithing.  The meeting will be a “Show and Tell” time for each of us to bring something we have made and to show or demonstrate how to make it.   

Submitted by: Ted Stout



Member Alan Stutler’s grandmother, Helen Stutler, passed away Feb.  4, 2008.  Our deepest sympathy is with his family.