FEBRUARY 2006                           ISSUE 1



The first meeting of the year for the IIIiana Antique Power Assoc.  will be held February 13, 2006 at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  Mark your calendars because this date is one week earlier than usual!

We will have a carry-in dinner and a merchandise drawing,  so remember to bring a dish to pass and something for the table.  Please try to attend.....this is an important meeting.



We had a good board meeting in January.   John Larson, Warren County Prosecutor and attorney was gracious enough to come and have a question and answer session with everyone concerning our club liability and insurance issues.  A big THANK-YOU to John for donating his time and knowledge with us.


Exciting News!!!  Doris Manlief informed us that our Land Purchase Fund was now at $6500.00 We owe a big THANK-YOU to each and everyone that have graciously given for this.  We also received a $500.00 donation for the land purchase from the Warren County Historical Society.  As of this writing, we are now at $7000.00.  We sincerely thank the Historical Society for their generous donation.  We will gladly accept any donations to complete our goal of $10,000.00.

Send them to Doris Manlief at:  3618 Donna Drive, Lafayette, In.  47905.  See you at our February Meeting.                   Tom Swanson, President.



We have completed another year and have had a very successful 2005.  The show was a success even if we had lots of heat and rain that came at the wrong time.  Getting the young people to man the gates was a wonderful addition and helped the members complete their projects.  We have new officers and they have started us out on a new year with new plans, and hopefully, owning our own land.


The Thanksgiving party at the Stout’s was a great success.  I wonder if we should have it a week earlier so the people that are having their celebrations could attend next year.  The basement of the Stout house was cleaned up and ready for the occasion.  I don’t know where all the food comes from.  The rolls that Millie VonStein bakes always make a big hit!  The pecan rolls disappeared really fast!  I went back for more and they were all gone, just as well, unless Millie takes all of the calories out ahead of time.  Carol and Ted painted more of the basement and took out lots of cabinets, installed more lighting,  and made more room for food, so we can have more space for the next dinner.  (We had three dinners that week and served 145 people).  Lois Wilson




gave a great presentation about the quilts that were used for the slaves to get out to the free world.  Then we had the drawing for the items that we all brought to the dinner and had more goodies to take home.  Jim McDonald let me have his number and I got a great box of Christmas items that I used for the holidays.  I really don’t know how that railroad lantern got on the table, but it just kept jumping down there!  I think this is a great addition to our meetings and also makes money to help pay to have the show grounds mowed in the summer.  I hope everyone enjoys this as much as Ted and I do.


The Christmas party in the Bodine’s machine shed is also one the great parties we have during the holidays.  They really work hard at getting the “ole” shed cleaned up and decorated for Christmas.  The train layout was moved and enlarged and more men were running their trains around and around than we have ever had before.  It was hard to distinguish the men from the boys.  I also have an inside line that there have already been more trains purchased for next year, and it is only January!  I can see why we needed to have another cookbook, since we have some really great cooks in the club, both men and women.  The Bodine’s are going to have to find more room to set the food because the steam and power group sure do like to eat!!  We had a great time that night and then the ice came, but it didn’t ruin our festivities. 


A great big thanks goes to all that presented these parties, and to the ones that prepared the food so we could have such a great holiday season with our friends.  If you weren’t able to attend in 2005, put it on your calendars for 2006 and see what you have been missing!!

Your roving reporter, Carol Stout.



The blacksmiths met at Delta Welding Saturday, January 14th.  The purpose of the meeting was to learn about TIG welding and actually try out some of the TIG welding equipment.  The meeting was well attended and we had a good time.  Two of our members, Russ Neild and Gene Hollingsworth, participated as instructors.  It was fun test driving new equipment.  Some of us met at the Crossroads restaurant for lunch, then adjourned to Ted’s shop for some forging during the afternoon.  Ted made a bowl adze for Rob Durrett using an old claw hammer with the claw part cut away.  The head was forged into the adze.   The next meeting will be February 11th  to tour the ALCOA plant in Lafayette.              Ted Stout.



Marion Klutzke has been named Tippecanoe County 2005 Master Farm Conservationist for his lifetime dedication to soil and water conservation on his farm.  Marion has no-tilled since the 1980's.  He has installed several waterways, rotates crops, and has used cover crops.  Marion retrofitted his corn planter in the 1980's so that he could apply ˝ his nitrogen along with starter.  The nitrogen is incorporated between every two corn rows.  Marion is an avid restorer of Allis-Chalmers  farm equipment and he annually hosts an event where he and other enthusiasts harvest wheat with antique harvesters.   Congratulations Marion!!    (Submitted by Charlie Lupinek.)





The cookbooks arrived a few days before Christmas and a few members were able to have them as Christmas gifts.  They are really nice and we hope everyone will be pleased with them.  We will have them at the meeting, so please plan to attend to pick some up to sell.  If you can’t attend and would like one mailed to you, just drop a note to Anne Bodine at: 1835 W.  SR. 32, Covington, In.  47932  with a check for $10.00 plus $4.05 for S&H.  (The postage has increased since the books were printed so S&H is slightly higher.)  Ed Grubb  generously loaned the club $1500.00 to pay for most of the expenses.  The total cost was $1807.40.  So, we need to get busy and SELL, SELL, SELL!  Remember,  everything over the cost is our profit!

We have already collected over $600.00 with more to send to Doris.  Thanks again to everyone who donated recipes.  And, ENJOY!!              Anne Bodine



I would like to get a women’s auxiliary started.  I think this is the  prime time to get one going.  We are getting ready to start a shelter and I think it is very important that we have a say so in the placement and size of it ;  even if the men are going to build it.  (Also we could find great places to eat as we do this.)  I am willing to get it going until we can have an election of officers, etc.

Carol Stout.


What do you think, ladies??  Call Carol if you have any comments about her suggestions.  Her phone number is: 765-572-2467 or E-mail her at:



We’d like to welcome new members: Ed and Shirley Garrett from Pittsboro, In.  to our club.

Glad to have you aboard!



Our deepest sympathy goes to Mary Ann and Finny Filchak who, in January, lost their young son Jim.  He was only 24 years old.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you!



Long time member Ed Foster recently suffered a stroke.  He is on the road to recovery and we hope to see him back on his feet soon.  Get Well Ed!!  Helen Petty’s mom is in the hospital, so we hope she will be home soon also.








The Pine Creek & Western Railroad meeting notes.           

Members meeting January 22, 2006 at Don Bodine’s shed.  Attending were: Terry Bodine, Tim Sering, Doc Fontaine, Finny Filchak, Don Bodine, Steve Dye, Cliff Hadlock, and Charlie Lupinek.  Members established activities for the year.  Dues were collected from members attending; those unable to attend, please forward your dues to Steve Dye at 7785 S. 500 W., Brook, In.  47922.  Cliff Hadlock (boiler inspector) will conduct boiler inspections as scheduled and provide testing for locomotives visiting as needed.   Doc Fontaine will keep an eye on the grass growth in the railroad area and call upon railroaders as needed for grounds work.  Don and Terry Bodine will handle vegetation growth on the railroads as needed.  Railroad work days have been scheduled for April 16th and April 30th.  Track leveling and ballasting are first on the list.  Cliff Hadlock suggested pursuing the covering of several steaming bays.  During the fun day last year the rain created some difficulty while conducting boiler testing in the open.  The railroaders are going to pursue the possibility of an invitational train meet in the future.  Terry and Don are going to plant additional trees adjacent to the railroad to provide future shade.  Doc Fontaine and Finny Filchak are designing and will be constructing a small locomotive shed at the north end of the railroad yard.  The railroaders voted to donate $200.00 to the Illiana Club towards the purchase of the club property.   Meeting adjourned and there was still time to play with the model trains since Don still had the board set up from the Christmas party.  Afterwards, everyone pitched in and helped “tear it down” till next year.                     Charlie Lupinek.



Jeremiah Eyrich is re-storing a Minneapolis steel water wagon that he purchased last year at the Penfield, Il.  Show.  Don Bodine is also re-storing his Minneapolis steel water wagon that was purchased  new with his 24 H.P. Minneapolis steam engine in 1917.  Tim Sering is building a new 2-8-2 locomotive with tender.  Trucks, frame and tank are completed.  The tank is all brass, riveted and soldered.  Also new are freight cars, a  hopper car, a flat car and caboose.  Steve Dye also has 75% of his locomotive finished.  We are looking forward to seeing these items at the show!!


If anyone has some new projects they are working on, let us know so we can report them in the newsletter.






NOTE: A cookbook will make an extra special

gift for your “sweetie” along with a box of candy and flowers!!



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