What a GREAT SHOW for 2012!  Be sure to attend the Annual Meeting August 20th at the clubhouse for a report on the show.  We will begin at 6:30 P.M. with a carry-in dinner so please bring a dish to pass.  There will also be a Board Meeting on August 13th at 6:00 P.M. at the clubhouse. 



Hello to all,

     I hope you’ve all had time to rest and catch your breath!  Judging from the many comments I’ve heard, I think it’s safe to say our show was:


 I don’t know if the spelling is right, but you get the idea!  It’s like the old saying, You had to be there and if you weren’t you can’t imagine what takes place on 12 acres in the country.

     I’m very proud of the Illiana Club and the effort that you all put forth to put on a great show for the families to come and enjoy.  How about that Hwy 341 Band?  They have been invited back next year on Friday night.

     It was really nice to hear Finny sing the complete National Anthem over the loud speaker instead of the first five words.  Good Job Finny!  I believe we had the most gas engines and tractors on display.  275 engines – 176+/- tractors.  The village and blacksmiths had a lot of traffic to see and watch the various activities.  Welcome to all of our new members.  We’re glad to have you as part of Illiana!

     A special thank you goes to Kenny Evans for all his effort in bringing 17 tractors (Olivers) to the show.  Also to Chet Powell and his helpers from the gas engine show for getting the Big Cat engine running!  Thank you Russell Waymire for donating this engine to the club.

     I can’t imagine how many miles Doc has hauled happy kids on his train.  I noticed some new trains on the tracks and that is great!

     There are just too many people to mention, but you know who you are and the part you played in putting on this year’s show.  My thanks and gratitude goes to each and everyone.  As always, Doris was busy in the clubhouse keeping things running smoothly.  Thank you Doris!  A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who worked to clean the grounds and put everything away.

     ATTENTION BOARD MEMBERS:    There will be a Board Meeting on Monday, August 13th, 6:00 P.M. at the clubhouse.

     See you all at the Annual August Meeting.

    Tom Swanson





We’d like to welcome our new members who signed up at the show:  Earl Beedle, Williamsport, In., Don Brown, Taylorville, Il., David & Helen Center, Boswell, In.,  Jon DeFries, Fairbury, Il., Greg Eberly, Pine Village, In., Michael Evans, Williamsport, In., Kaitlyn Evans, Williamsport, In.,  Dave & Becky Eveland, Knoxville, Tn., Pete Fisher, Gary, In., John Frischie, Kentland, In., John Gallahue III, Piper City, Il.,  Joe & Alice Geswein, Fowler, In., Chuck Houck, Attica, In., James J. Long, Watseka, Il., Jack McCleverty, Lynwood, Il., Leo Marion, Goodland, In., Chuck & Janice Morgan, Crawfordsville, In., Jerry Price, Waynetown, In., Tony Sage, Vincennes, In., James Schutt – Margo, Emily, Charlie Fry-Schutt, Attica, In., Lee Schweitzer, Tipton, In.,  James K. Scott, Covington, In., Greg Searcy, Rainsville, In., Larry Shafer, Pine Village, In., Barbara Speck, Pine Village, In., Shawn Tweedie, Lafayette, In., George White, Attica, In., Tom & Alice Wright, Bismarck, Il., Gary York, Williamsport, In. and Tony & Elizabeth Ziehmke, Portage, Wi.  WOW!!  WELCOME TO THE ILLIANA ANTIQUE POWER ASSOCIATION!  We hope you enjoy our club and the activities we plan throughout the coming year.



Club dues for the year run from show to show, so, this year’s dues 2012 – 2013 are due now.  If you haven’t paid at the show send $20.00 to: Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr., Lafayette, In. 47905.  You can also pay at the meetings.  Please don’t let your dues expire!  Also, camping was $25.00 during the show to help pay for the additional electricity used.  Please send a check to Doris if you missed your payment.  (All check should be made to: Illiana Antique Power Association.)  Thanks!



Hello, WHAT A SHOW!!!! I would like to thank everyone who helped make this one of the best shows we have ever had.  The School House and the General Store were a big hit, along with everything else in “Swanson Village”.  We have the BEST engine show in the state of Indiana and Illinois as far as I am concerned.  The collection of tractors were outstanding again.  The Kenny Evans family had a really great Oliver collection. (I can’t wait till next year to see what Kenny brings.)  Just everything was BIG this year.  The amount of campers, to the fun at watching the children of all ages – from the youngest to the oldest – light up when they saw something special.  I would like to thank all “the boys and girls” (The Bobby’s and the Bobbies’) for doing trash runs and helping out picking up around the grounds.  I can’t think of, nor do I know all their names, so I won’t even try.   See ya soon, Kenny

Submitted by: Kenny Short







The Illiana Show was a huge success for the Rocky Forge group. We owe a number of participants a big thank you for taking the time and expense to put on a great show in the blacksmith shop.  For fear of omitting anyone I will not try to name all the guys who worked through the heat to entertain our show guests.  I think all of them had a great time and produced some really neat items.  It is always a rewarding experience when we teach potentially new “smiths” and that was no exception with Joe and Joan Fry’s grandson Andrew.  He was a very attentive student and eager to learn.  Andrew is a courteous young man with lots of potential.  We hope to see him at our future meetings.

I want to publicly thank members of the “Rocky Forge” for the marble plaque honoring me as the “Indiana Blacksmith of the Year for 2011”, it is a great honor and I really appreciate this groups acknowledgment of the recognition by awarding such a nice plaque.  It will be prominently displayed in my shop.  Several of the Rocky Forge members will be demonstrating at the Indiana State Fair during August 6th and 7th.  If you are there please look them up and say hello.  They will be located at the “T” intersection on the northeast corner of the Pioneer Village pavilion.  Some of the group will also be demonstrating at the Tippecanoe County Steam and Power Show August 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The next meeting of the group will be 9:00 A.M., August 11th at the blacksmith shop at Rainsville show grounds.   Ted

Submitted by:  Ted Stout



Hi everyone, I’m back!!

What a great show!  I’m afraid however it didn’t start out too great for the old PC&W.  Unbeknownst to us the long hard summer had wreaked havoc on our track!  Sun kinks, bulges, swollen curves and suspected tie shrinkage made the track unusable on Friday, and for the first time we had to throw in the towel.  The rest of the day saw the “Gandy Dancers” at their best, making countless repairs and giving the term “Maintenance of Way” a whole new meaning, with the results being record runs on Saturday, with ten engines polishing the rails and hundreds given rides. New member Mark Baker brought his beautiful wife and beautiful new, long awaited diesel.  And after many hours of repairing rails, he proceeded to then “burn them up”.  Mark and his missus are a welcome and much needed addition to the club, especially the Pine Creek & Western.  However, I’m a little worried about Mark, he actually loves to work on the track!  Thank you God!  Steve Dye really broke in his new steamer by hauling lots of revenue.  What a piece of art!  Sunday’s low attendance forced Doc’s big train onto the siding for lack of passengers, but good ole’ Jeff “Illinois” Large was there to save the day; giving anyone who cared to ride, a trip around the grounds behind his beautiful diesel switcher.  Thanks again Jeff.  I want to thank all of the following for making a tough year just a little easier.  Doc Fontaine, Terry, Donnie & Clayton Bodine, Steve Dye and family, Nathan Bryant, John Young and his hard working son-in-law, Charlie Lupinek and his grandson, and of course Don Evans and his beautiful electric lash-up.  If I’ve missed anyone, please forgive another “senior moment”.  You know you are appreciated, and as always, Don’t forget to always, “Keep a close eye on the water”!

Finny    Submitted by Finny Filchak


What a great show this year……we set records all over the place!  My week started on Saturday, July 7th-14th.  I got to spend all week working on the grounds with Tom, Terry and company.  I think we surely added to the profits of the bar as we ate there every day.  I was kept busy parking campers, vendors and even a few tractors.  One of the highlights of my week was helping to haul in Kenny Evans’ tractors.  I also got to drive his Hart Parr; a first for me.  Another, was being invited to the Dillman’s house for dinner.  Wow! What a meal!  Deb is a great cook and a wonderful hostess.  Did I mention that she also sent home with me all the leftovers?  It seems John doesn’t care for leftovers.  But, I’m sure all will agree the best new thing this year was having Tom Swanson present! (although he did give us a scare!)   NOTE:  Tom was in the hospital just days before the show.  The new layout of the grounds worked great.  The spread out of the tractors pulled people all over.  The A,B,C line up looked very nice and I’m sure Kenny was happy to get all those Olivers there.  Big thanks to Donny for his work on the west end parking.  That worked wonderful.  One other thing, I want to thank you all for, was the new P.A. system.  It was the first time you could hear it all over the grounds.  For the engine area as one would say, “A large time was had by all”.  We had our best showing ever with 275 engines. A huge thanks to Jeff for the 22 engines on his load.  If you’re wondering, it weighed close to 30,000 lbs.  I understand he has 40+ more at home.  He needs a bigger trailer.  We also had several new exhibits one of which was down by me – two brothers 10 and 13 yeas old.  Both left with new toys from Fred V.  The new engine t-shirt sold very well I’m told.  I think they sold out of the larger sizes.  I know I got both!  I hope we can continue this as I do have one in mind for next year already.  It’s a very worthy engine that has graced our grounds many times.  As Tom announced we will feature engines each year.  I’m still looking to break 300 so start planning now what you can bring out next year.  Thanks again to all who help make this the best show I do all year.  Later, Tom

Submitted by:  Tom Bastin



Even though we have several “THANK YOU’S” in this newsletter, there are still some that have to be mentioned. 

First of all – Thank you:

To Tom Nickle and Art Petty for the good job they did at the gate and all the folks who collected gate fees.  The east parking worked great again this year even though we ran out of parking spaces for all the cars on Saturday.  Our show just gets bigger and bigger!

Thanks to everyone who donated those delicious baked goodies and who worked selling them in the ladies pavilion.  Special thanks to Marilyn Hendrickson, one of our Quilter Ladies who sewed us some pretty aprons to wear during the show.  And to the Quilter Ladies who made a quilt to raffle on Sunday and gave us the money they collected!    Also thanks for the lovely flowers scattered around the show grounds.  It’s been a very bad year with no rain, so we appreciate the pots that were brought to the show grounds!

Thanks to all the exhibitors who un-loaded their equipment out side the show grounds and kept the traffic problems inside the grounds to a minimum.


(Thanks You’s continued)


We can’t forget to thank everyone who donated items for the raffle.  Money winners were:  1st - $300.00 Ed Grubb, 2nd - $200.00 Terry Bodine, 3rd - $100.00 Brian Bretz.

Of course we have to thank our special lady – Joan Fry – who puts together the special events, prints the game for the kids that’s handed out at the gate, arranges the Kiddie Tractor Parade with prizes, and always has the material ready for everyone attending the show to sign that eventually is made into a gorgeous souvenir quilt!  (Past quilts were on display at the Ladies Pavilion).  She does numerous jobs behind the scene to….she is one busy lady!  With the new P.A. system, Kenny Short did a fabulous job announcing from the clubhouse…thanks Kenny.  Larry Sims did a wonderful church service on Sunday morning.  It was a great way to thank the Lord and start the last day of the show…thanks Larry.  The final thank you has to go the our hard working Secretary-Treasurer Doris Manlief.  Let’s face it folks, without Doris keeping the bookwork and finances in order, this club would be lost!  (Unfortunately, Doris is wanting to pass this job on to someone else and retire.  Anyone interested needs to contact Doris if you’d like to “take over”.)   Doris greets everyone with her lovely smile and friendly personality.  And along with husband Jim keeps the grounds mowed and tidy throughout the season.  A special note to Ed & Pat Grubb’s daughter, Gay.  Thank you Gay for helping Doris in the clubhouse.

If we missed thanking someone as Finny said “ It was a senior moment!”



Member Tina Biesecker’s dad Lowell R. Holycross passed away on July 8th.  Our sympathy to the Biesecker-Holycross family.


And once again we wish  member Gary Burnell a speedy recovery on another recent surgery.  We missed Gary and wife, Susan, at the show.

As noted previously, Tom Swanson almost missed the show because of his stay in the Indianapolis Hospital and we’re glad that he was well enough to attend.  But, Tom had surgery on July 30th  on his neck and is now at home recuperating.  Let’s hope these are the last of surgeries for these guys!  GET WELL SOON!



Along with our blacksmiths group who demonstrate at the Indiana State Fair, Kathy Olin will also be there demonstrating her many talents in the Homemaking Building in the Pioneer Village.  So, if you’re at the fair, stop by and say “hi” to some familiar faces!



In 1931, Caterpillar Tractor Co. introduced the first tractor with a diesel engine, the Model 65 crawler.


                FANTASTIC 2012 SHOW!