Another show has come and gone and “What a Show”!  Even Mother Nature cooperated and gave us some terrific weather.  Unfortunately our hardest worker …our President Tom Swanson, was sick and in the hospital and couldn’t be at the show.  Also member Kenny Evans was in the hospital and couldn’t be there either.  We missed both of them and hope they are “on the mend”!


Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for August 15th at the clubhouse beginning at 6:30 P.M.  We’ll start with our carry-in dinner so bring a dish to pass.  There will be a report on the show so try to attend.  SEE YOU THERE!



Hello to all,

     God sometimes puts a little rain in our lives, so we can enjoy the sunshine.  The Illiana Club is pure sunshine for me!  Thank you is not enough for everything everyone did to make the 2011 Show a rousing success.  As I lay in the hospital, I never worried about the show, because I knew you had everything under control.  Again, you have my undying gratitude!

Thank You and God Bless You,

Tom Swanson


AND, one from our VICE-PRESIDENT:

I would like to thank everyone who helped put the power show on this year.  If it wasn’t for everyone pulling together and making things work, it would not have happened.  I am not going to try to name everyone who helped because I will miss someone and make them upset, so THANK YOU to everyone and lets do it again next year!  Hopefully Tom is getting better and will be ready for next year.  If there is anyone who has an idea to make things better, please call a director or an officer and let them know.

See ya soon,

Kenny Short



In 1918, Moline Plow offered farmers the Universal, the first tractor equipped with an electric starter and a headlight.






We’d like to welcome our new members who signed up at the show:  Ed Bane, Indianapolis, In., Griffin P. Barnett, Crawfordsville, In., Ronald Brown, Ohlman, Il., James D. Cawthon, Perrysville, In.,  David Connaway, Frankfort, In., Jack Dalton, Williamsport, In., Carl & Judy Frenzel, Midlothian, Tx., Scott Hiatt, Colfax, In., Jeff Jackson, Brownsburg, In., Jason R. Jordan, Star City, In., John Kummings, Crawfordsville, In., Richard Martz, Peotone, Il., Allen McCloskey, Galveston, In., Tom Miller, Williamsport, In., Ron Pierce, Rossville, Il. and Vincent Silver, Williamsport, In.

Also Don & Camilla Crowder, Covington, In. and Donna Lechlitner, Williamsport  returned as members.  Our club is growing!  It’s exciting to add new members each year. WELCOME TO THE ILLIANA ANTIQUE POWER ASSOCIATION!  We hope you enjoy our club and the activities we plan throughout the coming year.



The blacksmiths of the Rocky Forge outdid themselves at the recent Illiana Antique Power Show near Rainsville.  Our new building was filled to capacity with three setups outside.  What a fantastic job these men did performing for our show visitors, I only wish those who missed it could have seen what went on.  There were 19 Rocky Forge members represented and they were doing many facets of metal work including, blacksmithing, sheet metal, pioneer tools, Lewis & Clark, cooperage and teaching.  Also, Jim Bolen had his rendezvous set up and Dan & Margie Michael set up their large teepee lodge.  All together we had a wonderful successful weekend experience.  Furthermore, Jim Bolen made a garden bench and sold tickets for several months, then he and his wife sold tickets at the show.  He brought in $1046.00, which he donated towards our building fund.  For that we are very grateful.  Good job Jim!  Dominick Andrasani made metal hoops with a metal stick for the kids to roll the hoops.  This is a very old past time that has nearly died, but Dominick has brought it back.  He sold nine of these at $10.00 each and we saw kids (and Dominick) running up and down the show ground roads chasing hoops with a stick.  Another good job…thanks Dominick!

The next meeting will be August 13th at the Rocky Forge building at Rainsville.  Be sure to bring your blacksmithing tools, metal and iron in the hat items.  Also, pack a lunch for this one and we will go to the clubhouse to eat our lunch.     Ted

Submitted by:  Ted Stout





CONTACT:  William Wherrett, 6524 W. 1100 S., Union Mills, In. 46382

Ph:  219-716-3115







Well, the 30th Annual Illiana Antique Power Association Show is history, and speaking for the “Railroad Gang”, what a show it was!  The heat didn’t deter the guys from runnin’ the rails.  In fact, eight engines were on site for the three days.  Stealing the show this year was Steve Dye’s absolutely beautiful 2-8-0 steamer making it’s maiden voyage around the old PC&W….running every bit as good as it looks.  Congratulations Steve,  great job!  Another much welcomed new addition is Tim Sering’s fantastic water tower, which was constantly busy serving up gallons of water for the very thirsty engines.  In addition to Dick Fontaine’s Trench Engine, Charlie Lupinek and Don Evans were giving rides to all who cared to go.  Mine and John Young’s engines spent the whole time lolling in the shade!  Clayton Bodine’s “Jolly Trolley” hauled kids all three days, and Joe Kingsbury and “Illinois Jeff” Large had their sparkling diesel switchers burnin’ up the main.  I want to thank everyone who attended and helped make this year’s show such a success and remember, “Keep a close eye on the water”.  Finny

Submitted by:  Finny Filchak



I’m happy to announce we all survived the Power Show one more year.  Hot, sweaty and tired would be an understatement!  Our club was successful and we celebrated with a lunch at Harrison Hills County Club.  Nine members came and one guest; Joan Fry’s delightful granddaughter, Brittany.  She is a quilter and I expect we will hear great things about her!  We met lots of nice people at the show and several prospective members.  Lots of people were interested in the chair caning.  If everyone brings me a caning job, I believe I’ll be dead long before I finish them!  Upon explaining how much I charged, one fine gentleman told me “I was too cheap!”  I’ve been called a lot of things and cheap is probably one of them.  Anyway, he has me thinking.  Maybe some of you remember the article I wrote about the lovely table runners we all made.  I’m sorry to say, we still have them.  It’s impossible to know what people want. 

Hoping for a guest next month. She is in for a surprise.  We are using small squares and making baby quilts.  Everyone knows to bring their machines or they will be ironing!

We did miss Tom Swanson at the show.  Sure hope he is well.  I think there is lots to do for next year’s show. (I think too much!)  I do have some unrelated news.  One of my tomatoes was ripe on July 20th!  Not a record, but it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  Still in stitches, Sophia

Submitted by:  Sophia Rosa



Club dues for the year run from show to show, so, this year’s dues 2011 – 2012 are due now.  If you haven’t paid at the show send $20.00 to: Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr., Lafayette, In. 47905.  You can also pay at the meetings.  Please don’t let yours expire! Also, camping was $25.00 during the show to help pay for the additional electricity used.  Please send a check to Doris if you missed your payment.  Thanks!




The show is over and what a show we had!  I know we all wished for good weather and boy did we ever get it.  No rain and HOT….this was the first year I can remember with no rain.  I wonder how many miles Ed put on his tractor pulling the water wagon?  We had lots of challenges to over come this year with changing the parking and Tom’s absence, but we did manage to overcome and all turned out just fine.  My thanks to all involved for a job well done!

Now, for a report from the engine area.  We did very well this year.  I think I had room for two more trailers and they were all parked pretty tight.  One thing I look for are new exhibitors and this year we had five.  I think most of the guys we had last year came back.  I always do the engine count at noon on Saturday to get a total count.  This year I wanted to add a new count of how many different makes of engines we are getting.  I think I got it!  By my count, we had 267 gas engines of which there were 45 makes.  Out of the 45 makes, some had several models and sizes.  So we are getting some very good stuff.  Of special note was Rex’s “Lambert”.  This is a “made in Indiana” engine and is fairly rare.  Rex said he thought it had been 15 years since he last showed it.  So, BIG THANKS to Rex for bringing it for us to see.  For me, the high points of this year’s show  were the Lambert, Marvin’s new Ingco, the Bodine’s new steam engine and Steve Dye’s new locomotive.  How about the Rumley?  How long has it been since we had one of those at the show?  We also had four traction engines – two full size and two models.  Another big hit was the Saturday Night Ice Cream Social held by Darrell in the engine area.  I think Darrell made a lot of new friends.  Way to go, Darrell!  Thanks – big time!

Once again, what a great show and thanks everyone!  Later, Tom

Submitted by:  Tom Bastin



Even though we have several “THANKYOU’S” in this newsletter, there are still some that have to be mentioned.


First of all – Thank you:

To Finny Filchak for opening the show each day singing the National Anthem as the flag was raised.  What a great way to start the show!


Next let’s thank Tom Nickle and Art Petty for the good job they did at the gate and all the folks who collected fees as the cars entered the new parking area.  The east parking was a great success!


Thanks to everyone who donated those delicious baked goodies and who worked selling them in the ladies pavilion.  And, didn’t the show grounds once again look fantastic with all the pots of flowers scattered around?  (Not to mention how nice the annuals looked that are planted around the buildings…they’re doing real good.)  Thanks to all for letting us borrow your flowers…we have some terrific green thumb members!



We can’t forget to thank everyone who donated items for the raffle.  Money winners were:  1st-Doris Manlief, Lafayette, In., 2nd-Jon DeFries, Fairbury, Il., 3rd-Terry Stephen, Marshall, Il. 


Our Friday Night Dinner was great thanks to Monique Fontaine and her committee who served ham & beans, corn bread, sweet corn & garlic potatoes cooked by the Bodine’s new steam engine display.  A special thanks to Frank Allen, Covington, In., who donated the potatoes fresh out of his garden!


Thanks to all the exhibitors who un-loaded their equipment out side of the show grounds and kept the traffic problems inside the grounds to a minimum.


We missed our favorite Preacher – Dave Sims on Sunday for church service.  But, Dave’s dad, Larry Sims, did a wonderful job and gave us a lovely service!  It was a great way to Thank the Lord and start the last day of the show.  Thanks, Larry!  (Loved your exhibitor’s card!!)


Of course we have to thank our special lady – Joan Fry – who puts together the special events, writes and prints the booklet for the kids that’s handed out at the gate and always has the material ready for everyone attending the show to sign that eventually is made into a gorgeous souvenir quilt!


The final thank you has to go to our hard working Secretary-Treasurer Doris Manlief.  Let’s face it folks, without Doris keeping the bookwork and finances in order, this club would be lost!  (Unfortunately, Doris is wanting to pass this job on to someone else and retire.  Anyone interested needs to contact Doris if you’d like to “take over”.)  Doris greets everyone with her lovely smile and friendly personality.  And along with husband Jim keeps the grounds mowed and tidy throughout the season.  A special note to Ed & Pat Grubb’s daughter, Gay.   Thank you Gay for helping Doris in the clubhouse …Doris was actually able to get out of the building and enjoy some of the show while Gay substituted inside.


ONE LAST NOTE:  I was asked by Beverly Stockdale (a quilter lady) to put a special THANK YOU in the newsletter to John Carrell.  John changed a flat tire on her car on Friday.  So, thank you John, from Beverly! 



Along with our blacksmiths group who demonstrate at the Indiana State Fair, Kathy Olin will also be there demonstrating her many talents in the Homemaking Building in the Pioneer Village.  So, if you’re at the fair, stop by and say “hi” to some familiar faces!


                    FANTASTIC 2011 SHOW!