The annual meeting for the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be Monday, August 16th at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  Dinner will be served before the meeting, so please bring a dish to pass.  There will be a report on the show so try to attend. SEE YOU THERE!



Hello to everyone,

WOW!  You did it again.  You put on a terrific show and display for everyone to enjoy.  Mother Nature gave us a lemon on Thursday afternoon but you all pitched in and made lemonade.  My heartfelt thanks to each and everyone for all your efforts in any way that helped to make our show a pleasant outing for our visitors.  We had approximately 190 tractors and 240 engines, plus many small air cooled engines.  What about those Allis Chalmers  exhibitors.  Many thanks to Marion Klutzke for his support and display.  And, thanks to those members who helped him haul his implements to and from the show. 

Our directors will be meeting on Monday August 2nd.  We have a lot on the agenda to discuss.  I have another building donated for our grounds and it will be a little red school house when it’s finished.  If you have related decorations that we possibly could use, see Joan Fry, or Carolyn, or myself and let us know.  Am looking for more buildings of old farmsteads.  The wheels are spinning looking ahead to next year’s show. 

See you in August and thank you to each and everyone..

Tom Swanson



It’s always nice to add new members to our “growing” club…we hope you’ll feel part of our extended family and join us in our extra activities through out the year!  Rick and Kathy Bennett, Kokomo, In., Daryl Bingham, Lake Village, In., James R. Bolin, Hillsboro, In., Nick Bryant, Hillsboro, In., Jim and Denise Ellis, Kingman, In., Ken and Linda Enright, Windfall, In., Steve Fellure, Attica, In., Nathan Daniel Hoelscher, Danville, Il., Brad McCormick, Pine Village, In., Andy McFerran, Lebanon, In.,  Joe Norfleet, Otterbein, In., Marvin and Ruth Scott Sr., Attica, In., Terry Stephen, Marshall, Il., Herman and Vera Tweedie, Monticello, In., Kenny and Wendy Wolf, Peru, In.



OPENING THE SHOW:  Each morning to officially start the show we were blessed with our own member Finny Filchak singing our National Anthem.  For years Finny has sung in numerous Rock ‘n Roll bands.  Later in the day you could catch him riding his newly acquired “Cushman” scooter, zipping around the grounds like he was “16” again and having the time of his life!  Thanks Fin!


The Rocky Forge group met the second Saturday of July to prepare for the Illiana Steam and Power Show the next weekend.  We had an excellent turnout of members for the show and so many visitors in our building there was hardly room to walk down the 12 foot wide aisle.  All of our craftsman were busy doing their demonstrations and talking with people, it was so cool to see it happening.  Examples were Greg Searcy and Randy Padish blacksmithing, Gene Hollingsworth doing metal slapping to form bowls and showing a lady (all day) how to do it.  Peter Cooper was doing his cooperage with a large crowd  observing him, Brad McCormick and his son, Dan Michael and his son, David Childress and Ted Stout were all blacksmithing.  Charlie Terrell, one of our senior members, was making wire chain.  On Friday Dominick Andrasani was forming copper with a good crowd observing.  He made a really nice cross from copper for a gift to his mother in law in Greece.  Jim Bolen had his encampment set up along with his traveling blacksmith shop and he too drew a lot of attention.  Rob Durrett was set up to explain about his four year Lewis & Clark adventure and demonstration of fire starting with flint and striker.  Rob is always a crowd pleaser.   Two of our major attractions were the huge tongs from Kurt Farhenbach and the beautiful copper and stainless steel weather vane made by Gene Hollingsworth, Dominick Andrasani and Ted Stout.  (More on this in a future article).

We were glad to see the many IBA members who demonstrated their support by attending the show.  We even sold some IBA 30 Year anvils and some raffle tickets on the quilt.  Because of the State Fair commitment, there will be no August meeting.  Our next meeting will be September 11th at Ted’s shop with Greg Searcy demonstrating how to make wizard heads and the tools to make them.  We need input from IBA members on what they would like for the 30 year party.  Please call Ted or Carol with your ideas.  While the blacksmiths are working (or playing) we need some ideas on spouse programs.  Remember, this event will go on Friday October 15th, Saturday October 16th and Sunday October 17th.

Submitted by:  Ted Stout,  Ph:  765-491-2194



We had a large turn-out of campers again this year; members, visitors and exhibitors.  Camping fee is $25.00.  This fee helps pay for additional expenses during the show and improvements on electrical and water systems.  If you haven’t paid for this year, please send a check to Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr., Lafayette, In. 47905   Thanks!

Dues are due for this year…they run July 2010 to July 2011…don’t let yours expire!


Art Petty is looking for early pictures of our show grounds.  He’d like to put together a pictorial of improvements through the years.  If you have some to loan (we can get copies made) please contact

Art at: 765-294-2301 or bring them to a meeting.




The children’s pedal tractor parade on Sunday was the cutest addition at this year’s show with Clayton Bodine leading the group.  Clayton turned thirteen on that day (yes, he was still able to pedal) and announced that this was his final ride on his pedal tractor.  Through his early years at the show, Clayton’s put “miles and miles” on that little tractor but is now ready to drive the “big one’s”.  Grandma Anne had to hide the tear that slipped down her cheek!  Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who brought the tractors and children to participate in the first annual pedal tractor event!



Along with our blacksmith group who demonstrate at the Ind. State Fair, Kathy Olin will also be there demonstrating her many talents in the Homemaking Building in the Pioneer Village.  Kathy has attended the State Fair for many years now.  So, if you’re at the fair, stop by and say “hi” to some familiar faces!



Henry Ford moved Fordson production to Ireland in 1928 and didn’t build another U.S. tractor until the 9N in 1939.


It was nice to see Pam Evans attend the show after her extended stay at the Heartland Health Care Center in Paxton, Il.  It’s good news that she’s at home with Don.



Well the old P.C.&W. enjoyed very successful operations during the show with eight locomotives gracing the rails, and I’m sure a record number of riders.  Richard “Doc” Fontaine’s famous old Trench engine was once again the prime mover hauling hundreds of passengers over the three days, with Doc and Steve Dye “Wabashing” that old beauty with a deftness to rival Casey Jones himself!  Other members “Workin’ on the Railroad”, included Charlie Lupinek with his “Old Faithful” Mogul providing rides daily, John Young with his big steamer, Don Evans with his beautiful Electric, Nathan Bryant piloting my B&O “Crab” and of course Clayton Bodine and his yellow “Jolly Trolley” gave many little guys the Grand Tour.

Especially nice this year, was a visit from three members of the Illinois Live Steamers who brought their engines and helped out on Saturday and Sunday transporting the many riders.  These fellows were George Roadcap of Champaign, Steve Eastburn of Urbana and Jeff Large of Lockport, Il.  They brought beautiful equipment and weren’t afraid to use it!  Their help and attendance was greatly appreciated and we hope they come back next year and bring friends.

The train rides were so well received this year, that for the first time in my memory we literally “ran out of gas” on Sunday afternoon and had to leave some tearful youngsters waiting at the station!  But not to fear, for in true railroad tradition the trains ran on time, with Jeff Large and his great diesel making sure everyone got a ride.  Til next time, don’t forget, “Keep a close eye on the water”.

Submitted by:  Finny Filchak



This club has had many presidents who have worked hard to make our show the “Best in the Mid-west”, but our current president – Tom Swanson has worked continuously through out the year to improve the grounds with the lovely buildings (decorated perfectly by his wife Carolyn), bring new displays and attractions to the show and basically worked, worked and worked!  There are not enough “Thank You’s” to cover all his hard work, but we’ll try…….THANK YOU TOM!!  You are the greatest!  And, THANK YOU CAROLYN for sharing him with us!


Next let’s thank Tom Nickle and Art Petty for the great job they did at the gate and all the members who collected fees as the cars drove in for the show.  It was enjoyable to talk to the people as they drove in and out, finding out where they were from and how they liked the show. They still could have used more help to make the shifts shorter, so let’s have more volunteers next year.


Thanks to everyone who donated those delicious baked goodies and worked selling them in the ladies pavilion.  And didn’t the show grounds look fantastic with all the pots of flowers scattered around?!  Thanks for letting us borrow them.  We can’t forget to thank everyone who donated items for the raffle.   Money winners were:  1st-Bill Folk, 2nd-Roger Evans and 3rd-Dorie Benting.


Also thank you to Monique Fontaine for the wonderful ham & bean dinner she served on Friday night along with the scrumptious deserts! M-M-Good!


Big thanks to exhibitors who un-loaded their equipment out side the show grounds and kept the traffic problems inside the grounds to a minimum.


Thank you Dave Sims for the lovely church service.  There were approximately fifty in attendance.  It was a great way to Thank the Lord and start the last day of the show!


THE FINAL THANK YOU has to go to our hard working Secretary-Treasurer Doris Manlief.  Let’s face it folks, without Doris keeping the bookwork and finances in order, this club would be lost!  Doris greets everyone with her lovely smile and friendly personality.  And along with husband Jim keeps the grounds mowed and tidy throughout the season.  (She even has her sisters helping with that job!…how does she do it?!)


Check our web site:    Up-dates on our club’s activities and newsletters are always posted.

Members who have an e-mail address can have the newsletter sent directly to you.  It saves the club printing and postage costs.  Send your e-mail address to Anne Bodine:


                          FANTASTIC 2010 SHOW!