The annual meeting for the Illiana Antique Power Assoc.  will be Monday,  Aug.  17th at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.  Dinner will be served before the meeting, so bring a dish to pass.  There will be a report on the show and we will  be electing new directors, so try to attend.  SEE YOU THERE!



Hello and greetings to all,

I extend my deepest gratitude and thanks to each and every one of you that contributed to the success of this year’s show.  Literally, dozens of you came and worked to prepare the grounds and to all who came and worked during the show.  It was certainly a job well done!  I have had many people remark that our show is one of the friendliest show around and I really appreciate that.  Hats off to the train men and blacksmith groups, once again, for your displays.  I never saw so many trains that were on the tracks and running.  It was great!  Every time I looked, Finny was a grease monkey.  I hope he got to ride sometime.  And there is just something about that sawmill that attracts crowds to watch Owen and his crew make those boards.  Bill and Bob were a big hit with their new rope making display also.  There is just so many neat things to see and do at our show that all of you can be proud of your part in making it happen.


     REMINDER: Board meeting Monday, Aug.  10th at 7:00 P.M. at the clubhouse


See you at our monthly meeting - Aug.  17th - and once again, thanks to each and everyone!

     Tom Swansom


P.S.  Ed Grubb, you didn’t “hide” the bricks good enough  because I have projects to use them next year.  Ha!



It’s always nice to add new members to our club......we hope you’ll feel part of our extended family and join us in our extra activities through out the year!  John Anderson, Alvin, Il.,  Mark & Dee  Cawthon, Perrysville, In.,   Keith Dauphin, Kankakee, Il.,  Jeff Fischer, Attica, In.,  Bill Folk, Hilton Head, S.C.,   Ludwig & Jan Groen, Fowler, In.,  John & Linda Klemme, Fowler, In.,  Jerry & Brenda Lucas, Williamsport, In.,  Gerald & Amanda Pridemore, Danville, Il.,   Jim Salts, West Lebanon, In.,   Joe & Ottlie Webb, Covington, In.,   Bob & Andrea Yelm, Lombard, Il.





Rocky Forge News For August 2009

Hello everyone, the blacksmiths had a great time during the show and our raffle generated a good portion for our building fund.  Many people visited the building to see what was going on.  The coppersmithing and sheet metal forming sure drew good crowds.  Rob Durrett and his portrayal of the Lewis and Clark blacksmith was also a good attraction.  It was a good show in all respects.  Our next showing will be at the Indiana State Fair on August 10th and 11th, so be sure to stop by the booth if you are at the fair during those two dates.  We are located behind the main Pioneer Village building and across the drive next to the wheelwright shop.  The next meeting of the group will be 9:00 A.M., August 8th at the Illiana show grounds.  We will be black smithing just for the fun of it.

Submitted by: Ted Stout


NOTE:   Kathy Olin will also be at the State Fair demonstrating her many talents in the Homemaking Building in the Pioneer Village.    Kathy has attended the State Fair for many years and will be there for the entire fair dates.  (State Fair Dates: Aug. 7th - 23rd)



WOW!  What a show!  I think I speak for all when I say “We had a ball!”  The yards of the PC&W were a bee hive of activity all through the show with a near record twelve locomotives in action.  Doc Fontaine was, of course, busy hauling an endless stream of passengers around the trackage throughout the festivities, aided by good ole’ Steve Dye, who took regular turns at the throttle.  Charlie Lupinek brought three beautiful engines which ran from dawn to dusk.  Tim Sering once again “graced the rails” with his scratch-built “American”,(what a work of art), and Don “Hard Luck” Evans battled through all kinds of adversity to keep the electrics on schedule.  It was really neat to see John Young’s old steamer once again burning up the rails.  I’m not sure who was having more fun, John or his son-in-law who I understand had a lot to do with it’s rebirth.  Nathan Bryant ran the wheels off of my little Crab, which tickled me to death, and a fellow  from Illinois, whose name escapes me, ran a beautiful little diesel literally all day.  He loved the place and promised to return soon.  Funniest thing.....on Saturday evening, just about night-fall, I swear I saw old Gene Miller under that shade tree right beside the far steaming bay grinning at Cliff Hadlock, who was just going by, laid  out flat on one of Charlie’s riding cars with his hat pulled down over his eyes smiling at the sky!  Nah!  I was probably just tired.  See ya next month.....remember, keep an eye on the water!

Submitted by: Finny Filchak



During the deep recession of the early 1920's, low-priced, mass-produced Fordsons accounted for more than 50% of total U.S. tractor production.



Member Jim Kiger’s mother passed away June 28th after a brief illness.  Our sympathy and prayers are with his family.


John and Deb Dillman’s granddaughter Reagan had surgery July 20th to remove a brain tumor.  Unfortunately it was cancerous.  The doctor was confident that he got all the tumor and a spinal tap showed there were no additional tumors.  Radiation treatments start Aug.  20th for four and a half weeks, five times a week, then chemo for fifty five weeks, once a week.  John and Deb thank everyone for all the support and prayers.  It’ll be a long and strenuous recovery.  Reagan is only 5-1/2 years old.  Please keep her in your prayers.



This club has had many presidents who have worked hard to make our show the “Best in the Mid-West”, but we have a “Gold Mine” in our current president - Tom Swanson.  Tom has worked continuously to improve the grounds, bring new displays and attractions to the show and basically “work his butt off!”  There are not enough thank you’s to cover all his hard work, but we’ll try.......THANK YOU TOM!  You are the greatest!


Next let’s thank Tom Nickle and Art Petty for the great job they did at the gate and all the members (and even one who was a  visitor - namely Debbie Schlenkert from Roscoe, Il.)  who collected fees as the cars drove in.  Unfortunately we lacked in the help department....let’s have more volunteers next year!  It was enjoyable talking to people as they drove in and out, hearing some really good comments about the show.


Thanks to everyone who donated those delicious baked goodies and worked selling them in the new ladies pavilion.  And didn’t the show grounds look fantastic with all the pots of flowers scattered around....especially Deb Dillman’s little building with all her planted ones?!  We can’t forget to thank everyone who donated items for the raffle.  Again we had so many nice prizes this year.


Did you stop to see our new Wash House display?  Isn’t it the most darling addition to our show?  It’s all thanks to Carolyn Swanson.  (who kept Tom busy building the dry sink, hauling items, etc.)  She did a great job...thanks Carolyn!  (Can I hire you for some decorating tips?)  Hopefully you had a chance to attend one of the craft demonstrations and talks that were featured in the ladies pavilion.  Joan Fry organized a great schedule of activities.  Thanks Joan!


Big thanks to everyone who un-loaded their equipment out side the show grounds and kept the traffic problems inside the grounds to a minimum.


And, thank you Dave Sims for the lovely church service.  Mother Nature provided some early rain showers Sunday morning.  When Dave asked if there were any special prayers from those attending, his little boy spoke up and said he had a special prayer - he wished it would stop raining since their tractor’s exhaust was not covered!  What a little guy!  There’s a future farmer there!




Lastly let’s thank the following members: Bob Folk, Tom and Marie Nickle, Kenny Short, Ed Grubb, Tom Swansom, Owen Moudy, Terry Bodine, Don and Clayton Bodine, Art Petty and Denny Olin.  (If I missed anyone, I apologize.)  All of them worked hard to pitch in and put away equipment and clean up on Monday.  Art Petty worked wonders on the saw looks like new!  By afternoon as everyone was leaving the show grounds, once again everything looked like a “peaceful and sleepy park”....ready for the next event to happen.  Isn’t Fun Day just around the corner?



We had a large turn-out of campers this year: members, visitors and exhibitors.  Camping fee if $25.00 if hooked up to electricity - $10.00 for tent camping.  This fee helps pay for additional expenses during the show and improvements on electrical and water systems.  There were new  electrical hook-ups this year thanks to Don Evan’s.  If you haven’t paid for this year, please send a check to Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Dr, Lafayette, In.  47905



Happiness is something we create in our mind,

It’s not something you search for and so seldom find–

It’s just waking up and beginning the day

By counting blessings and kneeling to pray–

It’s giving up thoughts that breed discontent

And accepting what comes as “heaven sent”--

It’s giving up wishing for things we have not

And making the best of whatever we’ve got–

It’s knowing that the future is secure for us,

And pursuing our tasks without fret or fuss–

For it’s by completing what God gives us to do

That we find contentment and happiness to.


Borrowed from: House to House/Heart to Heart, Orchard Hills Church of Christ, Covington, In.






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        FANTASTIC 2009 SHOW!