AUGUST 2006                                          ISSUE 7



The annual meeting will be held on Monday, August 21, 2006 at 6:30 P.M. at the club house.   We will begin with a carry-in dinner, so bring a dish to pass.  Since there are several items on the agenda, we will do a 50-50 drawing instead of the merchandise drawing.




“WOW” - - You did it!!   My sincere thanks to everyone who graciously came and volunteered

to work in any way and every task, to make our “25th Anniversary Show” a success.


A big thank you goes to our exhibitors.  Donnie Fisher’s Oliver display was mind boggling.  We exceeded our goal of 100 tractors and that was great!  We were very blessed by the good Lord with three days of good weather.


I know many of you have ideas and things to discuss at our next meeting.  As you know, I have discussed the need of implementing a five to ten year long range plan for the club.  I would ask you to write down and submit your thoughts for planning and developing a five year goal.  I will collect your papers at the August and September meetings.  Then, we as a board of directors, can meet to look over the thoughts and ideas and take action on ones that are do-able and feasible.  After we get a five year plan finalized, we can begin looking at a ten year plan.


Once again, THANK-YOU for a wonderful show and let’s carry that excitement and enthusiasm  with us as we look forward to next year’s show.  Call those “Case Collectors” to bring their tractors and implements.  MY GOAL IS 150 TRACTORS AND 100 GAS ENGINES ON DISPLAY!!


Tom Swanson,

P.S.  I had a disk made with photos of the show that I will bring to the August meeting and you can E-Mail to everyone that would want a copy.



Sales are winding down!  Several dollars and out-standing books were turned in at the show and a few were sold during the show.  We still have a some left, so contact Anne Bodine if you still need one.  E-Mail : or 765-294-2768.    THEY MAKE GREAT GIFTS!




In last month’s newsletter, we neglected to thank member, Kenny Short, for donating the new refrigerator in the club house.  It sure came in handy during the show.  Thanks Kenny!  And, on the week-end before the show Art Petty hung a new screen door on the club house (supplied by Ed Grubb) and fixed the water faucettes through out the show grounds.  Thanks guys!

Also thank you to all the members who donated the pies, cakes, cookies, etc.  and helped Marie Nickle in the ladies tent.  “A job well done, Marie”!!

And again, the show grounds were “loaded” with some lovely plants and flowers.  Thanks to Donna Starry for the flowers by the entrance and tree stumps and to all who brought pots that were scattered around everywhere.  It sure looked great!!

One of our newest (and younger member) worked so hard before and during the show, she wore me out just watching her!  She was everywhere; helping where help was needed!  She is Donna Lechlitner.  Donna along with her sister, Michelle, also helped us during our History Day.  Thank you Donna and welcome to the club.

Then of course there is Doris who works so hard keeping all the records during the show and through out the year for the club.  We really appreciate all her hard work and dedication!  (Maybe she should ask for a raise?)  Thanks, Doris!

And last but not least, to Ted and Carol Stout who placed the pole with arrows directing to all the activities.  How did Grubb Implement get on there?   It took a lot of work and planning.

The list could go on and on with all the thank you’s, so, to add to what  Tom has already said in his letter:




If you didn’t re-new your membership during the show, now is the time to send your $20.00 to Doris Manlief, 3618 Donna Drive, Lafayette, In.  47905.  Your membership fee helps pay the postage on the newsletter.  And always check our web site:

Pete VonStein does a great job keeping all the news up-dated.....check it out!!



We would like to welcome all the new members who have joined the club: Donna Lechlitner and family, Norm Bastin, Tom Bastin, Larry and Dawn Fulmer, William Mills, John Byroad, Max and Marilyn Garriott, Mike Jernagan, Chris Koon, Michelle McClure, Larry Abernathy, David and Chris Gick, Rolland McKinney, Mike and Marilyn Swanson, Kieth and Mariann Fleckenstein, Brad and Cindi Ellis, Sophia Rosa, Loren Hetrick, Jim and Barb Short, Richard Haga, David and Glenda Barnett, and Mark McGill.  THANKS FOR JOINING AND WELCOME ABOARD!!!