APRIL 2012



The next meeting of the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. will be April 16, 2012 at the clubhouse beginning at 6:30 P.M.  We will begin the evening with our carry-in dinner so please bring a dish to pass.  We’d like to thank Ted and Carol Stout for hosting last month’s meeting at their home.  There was a good turn out of members and everyone enjoyed a tour of Ted’s great shop and their lovely home.  Vice President Don Bodine  did a wonderful job filling in for Tom at the meeting.  Thanks Don!  See you there!



Hello to everyone,

     Spring has arrived early.  The redbud trees along the roads are so nice to see as well as early flowers blooming.  I have even heard reports of mushrooms already.  But, HEY, it’s Indiana and we could have snow next week!

     Thank you Donnie for conducting the March meeting in my absence.  Thanks to Tom Bastin, Jim Cunningham, Joe Fry, Art Petty, John Dillman and Bob Folk for getting the new building in and set.  Also, we appreciate John Senesac of rural Ambia for letting the club have the building.  John also gave us the windmill last year.  I am going to make the new building into a General Store.

     Notice to all directors; I would like to have a directors meeting the week of April 22.  Check your calendars and we will set a date at our April meeting. 

     Looking forward to seeing everyone there.




Well, April is here and I guess we missed the “BIG ONE”.  All you snow bunnies can come home now!

Not much going on with engines just yet, but the swap meets will be starting soon.  There are two note worthy things to mention.  There will be an Aullman Auction in October that will be world class.  We may see the first half a million dollar engine and tractor sold.  The other is that dad and I are on the trail of the factory where the Gemmer Gas Engine was made.  It is somewhere in Marion, In.  My home town!  I’m hoping we can find some trace or at least some remains.

As for me, I’ve been busy trying to sell my bus.  So now is the time if any of you want to speak up, it’s on Craigs list and Ebay.

Looking forward to next month.  I hope we can get a few, or a lot more, engines out for History Day.  Maybe even the two big engines will be running.  One other thing to mention is, I’d like to “plug” the swap meet in Nashville, Tn.  It’s always the first Saturday in May and in the past we have been busy – but not this year - so, maybe go check it out!

That’s it!  So, HAPPY EASTER bunnies to you all   Later, Tom

Submitted by: tom Bastin




Last month’s meeting was an open forge with lots of activity.  Greg Searcy made a very nice hot cut that he donated to our club’s toolbox for raffle.  Guest, John Bennett, donated two pair of tongs for the toolbox.  John assisted a new member, Zachary Gaither, to make a knife from a railroad spike with the antler welding splatter that John is so well known.  KJ helped Zachary put a proper ground edge on the knife.  It turned out to be a very nice piece of work.  Dick Fontaine had an old metal travel trunk meant for a Model T, but too tall for his roadster, so with the help of Gene Hollingsworth they shortened it by 8 inches.  They did such a good job it looked factory made.  Gene does magic with sheet metal.  Many other projects were done that day and we all had a good time. 

The next meeting of the Rocky Forge will be at the Boy Scout Camp southeast of Brazil.  I am not sure of the actual name of the camp, but we will be there to give the Boy Scouts hands on experience at blacksmithing.  After Scout leader, Dan Michael, made a plea for some help we just decided to move our April meeting to that site and help educate the future blacksmiths.  Apparently it will be a large Scouting event with more than 70 Scouts and we are pleased to be a part of it.  Anyone interested in pitching in please give me a call at 765-491-2194.  We will be there at 8:00 A.M. on April 14th. 

The May meeting will be hosting the IBA on May 19th with Melvin Lytton (formerly with Conner Prairie) as our demonstrator.  We will also have iron in the hat and an auction of blacksmith tools, shop tools, shop cabinets, etc.  Don’t miss this one!

Submitted by:  Ted Stout 



The 1921 Samson Iron Horse was designed with many equine characteristics, including optional rein controls and four-wheel drive to replace a horse’s legs.  The name was chosen to appeal to farmers who were skeptical about switching to tractors.



For all those campers that have been “sleeping” though the winter, it is time to WAKE UP!” and join the Illiana Antique Power Assoc. for the first CAMPING WEEK-END of the year!  The dates will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday – May 11th, 12th and 13th with the History Day on the 14th.  There will be a $10.00 a day donation to the club for the cost of electricity.  All payments should be made to the club and given to Doris Manlief (not me or Kim).  All meals will be “on you own” unless there is a decision to have a pot- luck on Saturday or Sunday.  If you all want to have a potluck, let us know so we can get it organized.  If there are any questions you can contact me at 765-583-2991 or e-mail at:   See ya at the camp out or at the next meeting in April.

Submitted by:  Kenny Short



Alan and Gretchen Stutler had a baby boy born March 18, 2012.  Congratulations!  We’ll be looking forward to meeting our youngest member to the club.



Gary Burnell:  Gary is scheduled for surgery in Indianapolis.

Carolyn Swanson:  Carolyn is still recuperating from her foot surgery when she was in  Florida.

Kenny Evans:  Kenny is being treated for cancer.

Barb Short:  Barb (Kenny’s mom) is going to have chemo treatments to remove a small tumor.  The doctor said she would only need three treatments to “knock it out” since they caught it early.

Tom & Marie Nickle had to return from Florida earlier then planned because Tom’s brother had a heart attack.



Our sympathy wishes to the Roger Horn family.  Roger’s mother passed away in March.



A preacher said to a farmer, “Do you belong to the Christian Family?

“No,” said he, “They live two farms down.”

“I mean are you lost?”

“No, I’ve been here thirty years.”

“I mean are you ready for the judgment day?”

“When is it?”

“It could be tomorrow, or even today.”

“Well, when you find out for sure when it is, let me know.  My wife will probably want to go.”—http:/


I’d like to remind club member that if they have an E-mail address please forward it to me at:

Cost of printing and postage keeps going up and receiving an  E-mail would save the club some dollars.  The newsletters are also posted on our Web Site:


Note:  last month’s newsletter reported that History Day was planned for May 7, 2012.  It has been changed to May14, 2012 due to conflicting schedules with the schools.  Plan to help if you can!


We’d like to thank Jim and Doris Manlief and Don and Terry Bodine for picking up sticks, early mowing and spraying around the grounds, railroad tracks, trees and buildings.  Thanks guys!


NOTE:  Railroader’s & Quilter’s did not have a report this month.