Message from the President

Hello to all,

Wow, you all dug in your heels, endured the heat, and put on a terrific show once again. Thank you!

Hosting a show such as ours is like inviting company to your house, and the Illiana showgrounds is our house, so to speak. The public that comes to the show is our guests and I believe our club is good at being great hosts. I sincerely thank everyone for all your efforts before, during, and after the show.

It takes a lot of work to put on this event and many of our membership are not getting younger.

I sincerely thank Dick Salts for his generous donation of gravel for our main driveway and also thank Dave Dalton for hauling and spreading it on no charge.

Marty and his crew once again did an outstanding job serving the public with good food. Also, thank you to Becky and the ladies for selling the pies.

Larry Sturgeon was available at all times helping those who were overheated.

I realize our attendance was down due to the heat, but I am very happy with our show this year.

While working the gate, we heard many positive comments from those leaving.

Once again, as always, a big thank you to Doris for her tremendous job of keeping everything running smoothly and dealing with everyone. Thanks goes to all our exhibitors and that includes all the ones of our club who work tirelessly. Without you, we couldn’t have a show.

See you at our August meeting. I appreciate you all.

Tom Swanson

August 13, 2019