February 2005                                         Issue 1



Well, it’s that time of the year.....our first meeting.  Joe and Joan Fry have invited us to their lovely home on February 21.  2005 at 6:30 P.M.  Their address is; 4345 W.  1100 N., Boswell.

They have worked very hard to restore their farm house and have decorated it with family antiques.  As usual, bring a snack and try to attend.  It’ll be a real “treat”!



Last November, Ted and Carol Stout hosted our annual thanksgiving dinner.  Every one got a tour of Ted’s new building.  It’s a dream of a work shop.  He even has an exercise’s so big that while we watched, Ted-on a scooter and Clayton Bodine-on a pedal tractor had a race across and back.  Boys will be boys!!  Carol had the house decorated with pretty fall decorations and the food was fabulous!  We were asked to bring a gift for the 50/50 drawing.  Tickets were sold (with the total money going to the club) and numbers were drawn till all the prizes were gone.  It was a lot if fun.


Then in December it was off to Don Bodines for our Christmas party.  Their train lay-out was set to  run 0-027, S, and G scale models.  Once the transformers were plugged in, the trains never stopped!  Well, we did make them turn them off to eat!  Again the food was delicious!  What a good way to start out the holiday season!


Also in December, a few members toured the canal museum in Delphi Indiana.  Besides the main building, there are several smaller ones.  These were open for crafts and gifts.    It was quite a chilly day, so no one ventured the trails along the restored canal.  (Maybe another trip could be planned for warmer weather.)  After lunch, we “checked out” the few antique stores in town.  (Another incentive to go back.)  Then, back to the museum to finish the day.


In January the railroad members met at Don Bodines to discuss their plans to improve the track at the show grounds.  Railroad club dues were collected by treasurer Don Bodine.    Since the train board was still set up, the trains “were off and running!”  It was agreed to have one last meeting before the board comes down.  (Do you think that’s just an excuse to play with the trains some more?)



A few of our members still need to be in our thoughts and prayers.  Joe Fry, Ray Evans, Jean Wann, Don Crowder, Pam Evans, Dick Fontaine’s mom, and Anne Bodine’s dad.

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Good news–I had a good response in the beginning after I had mailed the recipe forms in our last news letter.  I thank every one who took the time to mail them to me.

Bad news-I don’t have nearly enough to get a good start on the book.  I realize the holidays took up everyone’s time these couple months, but if I don’t receive any more than I have, we will have to cancel the cook book.  Our last book was a pretty good fund raiser and I hate to see it stopped.  So, again, please send some recipes!!  Remember, they do not have to be typed....if you have a photo copy machine available, you can put several on one page.  Or, maybe scan them into the computer.  My E-mail is  LET’S TRY AGAIN!!!  ANNE BODINE



Always  remember to check out our web site.  Pete von Stein has worked very hard to get it off and running.  He has included some very good pictures from our past events.  Our newsletters are also on the web page, so if you misplace one, you can read it on the site.  CHECK IT OUT!!

























CAP’N STUBBY SEZ; Farming gives you plenty of exercise.  You plant your crops, raise your hopes, and push your luck!